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Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
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photo | Brooke Taelor Photography


I’ve lived in Denton for almost 10 years and it’s where my fiancé and I met, playing music together in the wonderful, music scene here. However, I am originally from New England, and my parents and siblings all still live in Connecticut, about 2,000 miles away. I don’t see them often, usually once a year if I’m lucky. Last December, Andrew took me on a trip back up North to see them, and I didn’t suspect a thing, just thought it was great that we’d both get to decorate the Christmas tree together and spend time with my grandmother, who is slowly and sadly drifting into the fog of Alzheimer’s. One morning, he woke me up to go get coffee and a bagel (of course!) and he brought me to the historic town Greene for a walk (it’s like, the Denton Square). It’s where I graduated high school, saw many concerts, met my prom dates and had my first job. It should be noted that it was 12 degrees outside and Andrew is from El Paso! He sat me down on a bench, then he got down on one knee and said, “Heyyyy Katrinaaaa…?” And the rest, of course, was a dreamy blur. The most memorable part was bursting through the door to tell my family and my grandmother being completely lucid. As the disease takes hold, the moments of clarity are more and more rare. That morning, she was 100% there, and she was so happy! It was an incredible moment that I’ll always cherish, especially since she’ll be too ill to make it to the wedding. Then we went for a family walk on the frozen beach and Andrew vowed never to leave Texas again, ha! We can’t wait to get married in May! Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
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photo | Emily Nicole Photo


What I thought was a normal Saturday-night dinner date with Matt turned into the very best Saturday night ever! When Matt was picking me up at my apartment, I met him downstairs like I normally do in the parking garage. As I walked up to the car this particular night, Matt was standing by the passenger door holding a beautiful wooden box (and grinning ear to ear might I add!). As I got closer, I realized the box had our initials/nicknames engraved on the front, ”MT + KT”, (common names our friends call us). I think at that point I was also grinning ear to ear but completely speechless. He opened my door for me and handed me the box as I got in my seat. I think I just started giggling and looking around. When he got in his side, he told me he was going to drive me around a little bit, and I got to pick different things out of the box as he told me to. We started driving (at this point I realized a Go-Pro was attached to the dashboard and my giggling just never stopped). He told me to pull out envelope #1 (out of 6) and read it aloud. With the letter had our pair of fair tickets reminiscing our first real “hang-out” with friends at the fair a couple of years ago. He kept the tickets all this time!! Sweet boy!! So the drive continued through different parts of Dallas as I read each letter aloud, each one containing a sweet little object or keepsake from our dating time (including the first collar of our golden retriever we got together). All the while he’s subtly playing Adele in the background of the car ride while I read everything (my favorite singer and person in the whole world, it’s a crazy obsession). Eventually, we end up in downtown Dallas at this dog park we had gone to before. He said it was his turn to read the last letter. Who knows what he actually said because we were both crying and laughing through his sweet words, it’s all a blur. But he told me after his letter that we had to get out for the last surprise. Soon enough we’re walking up to a cute spot in the park with candles and a lit-up K and M designating our special spot. He got down on a knee so fast and asked me to marry him, I don’t even know if I let him finish! I felt so happy and all of the other (good) emotions. Right away, my parents and his parents and our precious golden retriever came around the corner, everyone was crying and celebrating. Snyder our dog had the whole “she said yes” sign on her neck, that was slightly falling off, it was just the best. We met the rest of our immediate families at dinner and then all of our friends at my parents’ house after that. It was easily the best Saturday-night-date-night ever!! The best part is we have it all recorded from the Go-Pro on a very personal, low-key level just for us two which is just what we wanted for that night.


Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
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photo | Stephanie Brazzle Photography


Our proposal story has two parts to it….

Part 1:

The first part started in Santorini, Greece. On our very last day on our trip around Greece, Dan and I were sitting at the Black Sand Beach in Santorini. We were talking about our future, marriage and spilling out our emotions to each other. And then while we were sitting there, Dan bursts out and says “We should buy a ring”. To my complete excitement and shock I replied, “Wait… now? Here in Santorini?” And before I knew it we were throwing on our clothes and speeding into Fira to go to the market center where all the jewelry stores were in Santorini. Side note, we had to be at our Airbnb in 1.5 hours to make our flight back to the United States.

So here we are speeding through Santorini along the coastline running into the market, hand and hand looking for an engagement ring. After several stores that didn’t quite make the cut, we stopped at one store, Hermes Jewelry, after I noticed a particular ring in the window. I didn’t mention the ring right away but went in to see what they had to offer. The owner of the store was one of the most friendly people we had ever met. He was so excited to celebrate this moment with us and even brought out wine his family had made at their family vineyard. After looking at several rings, he said, “Wait, I have one more to show you that I think you will love”. And, you guessed it he pulled out the ring I originally saw in the window. When I put it on it was like it was made for me, it didn’t even need to be resized. Dan and I cried tears of joy and before we knew it we were running through the market again back to our four wheeler with the engagement ring as the sun was setting. We nearly missed our cab to get to the airport and were literally begging our cab driver to not leave without us yelling “Don’t leave we just bought an engagement ring!!”.

Part 2:

So Dan is super traditional and wanted to make sure he had a chance to ask for my hand in marriage from my dad in person before he officially proposed. So, after him and my dad talked Dan started scheming up the perfect proposal plan. Dan tricked me into thinking that he had a work happy hour in Deep Ellum at Braindead Brewing. I go to a lot of these happy hours with him since we work in the same industry so it wasn’t unusual for him to ask me to come. After showing up I was quickly confused because no one else was there. Dan played it off pretty good explaining the reasons why people had to cancel. So he suggested we find something fun to do since we were already downtown. I immediately blurted out “LET”S GO TO THE STATE FAIR!”. It’s hand’s down my favorite place to go in Texas and since it was right down the street it sounded like a perfect idea to me…. so did it to Dan as that was his plan all along.

We spent the evening riding carnival rides, eating corn dogs and laughing at all the ridiculous carnival games. As the sun was going down Dan suggested we go on the ferris wheel (my favorite part of the whole fair). As we were going to the top I was in awe, like always, of the beautiful view of the city and all the carnival lights surrounding us.

And that’s when it happened.. Dan got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever.


Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
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photo | Rachel Elaine Photography


August 14, 2017 during formal dinner night on our cruise ship Mark got down on one knee in front of my entire family and asked me the easiest question I’ve ever been asked. I was crying and nodding yes before he could even finish asking me the question. It was such a special moment to be surrounded by my family and to be able to spend the rest of our cruise celebrating our engagement with the people we love.


Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
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photo | Autumn Cutaia Photography


Kostas decided to take me to Greece for the vacation of a lifetime! Little did I know I would come back to the states ENGAGED to the love of my life! We landed in Athens where we stayed for a couple of days to check out where his Yia Yia lived and see all the touristy things. We took a short cruise to Santorini which was absolutely breathtaking – the Cyclades, the food and views are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. This all led up to ending our 10 day vacation in Crete, Greece. Crete is very tropical (warm, beautiful clear waters, and MOUNTAINS!) since it’s so close to Africa where you can literally see off the coast. Kostas took me on a horseback ride through the mountains and down to the beach around sunset. We made one lap on the beach and on the way back stopped at a beautiful set up of rose petals, champagne, and Kostas down on one knee. This was the moment I had waited my whole life for! He professed his love to me and asked me to be his wife and of course I said YES!!!! We’ve now been together six years and will be getting married in the fall of 2018.


Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
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photo | Katie Ruther Photography


I am originally from Minnesota, went to Baylor, where I met my boyfriend, and then moved to the wonderful city of Dallas for my career. My brothers followed me to Baylor so my parents finally decided to also move down south – to Frisco! In their new house, they have a big fireplace that was looking sparse. My mother casually told me that she would like our immediate family to do family photos at the Arboretum so she could hang a family portrait above the fireplace. I told my boyfriend I’d be busy Saturday morning with my family but that I wanted to hang out afterwards. (Little did I know, this was my finances idea!) I got to the Arboretum with family, met the photographer, and we started walking through the garden searching for a good spot to take photos. All of a sudden I looked to my left and saw Austin standing at the bottom of the Sunken Garden’s steps. I did a double take and then said, “Is that Austin?” I knew what was about to happen and was so excited, I started running down the steps. Austin asked me to spend the rest of our lives together when I got to the bottom. It was incredible. Then his entire family from California surprised me from behind some trees. It was so wonderful having both of our families together for such a special day! We went on to have a celebration at my parents’ new Texas house with all of our friends and family! www.austinandalex.com

Top 10 North Texas Wedding Scenes from 2017

Monday, January 1st, 2018

Today as we say goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018, we wanted to give a final look back at the top 10 North Texas wedding scenes from the 2017 issues. We looked through the receptions and ceremonies found within the glossies to bring you our favorite over-all scenes (in no particular order) to remember what we love from the past, and to get excited for all of the goodness that is sure to come in 2018! Cheers to the coming new year!

Mansion Glam

Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek | Posh Couture Rentals | Kiss Me For Eternity by Thisbe Grace & Co. | The Color Condition

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Classic Garden 

Jen Rios Weddings | Shannon Skloss Photography | Everly Alaine Florals | Beyond | Posh Couture Rentals | Coral Lane | Culinary Art Catering

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Colorful Summer Soiree

Bridal Boutique | Beautiful Event Rentals | Everly Alaine Florals | Hickory Street Annex | Charla Storey Photography

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Beautiful Bohemian

Omni Fort Worth Hotel | Posh Couture Rentals | R. Love Floral | Stephanie Rose Photography

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Industrial Romance

Posh Couture Rentals | Something Pretty Floral | NBarrett Photography

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Dreamy Barn

The White Sparrow Barn | Hilton Dallas/Rockwall Lakefront | Elisabeth Carol Photography

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Black Tie Affair

Posh Couture Rentals | Beyond | Lauren Peele Photography

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21 Parc Floral & Events | MK Event Boutique | Nicole Berrett Photography

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Tuscan Sunset

The Laurel | 21 Parc Floral & Events | Joseph Mark Photography | Bridal Boutique | Weddings by Stardust | Stardust Celebrations| Hilton Anatole Dallas

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Moody Hues

Lush Couture Floral | Omni Fort Worth Hotel | Shannon Rose Events | Rachel Meagan Photography

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North Texas Wedding Cake and Catering Trends of 2017

Friday, December 29th, 2017

Today we’re looking back at some of our favorite wedding cake and catering trends of 2017, and we have to say this year has been packed full of creative cakes and mouthwatering bites! Enjoy perusing these tasty treat trends from our local North Texas cake bakers and caterers, and if you’re not hungry now, you will be soon!

Tasty Textures

Our North Texas creatives went one step further and added that wow-factor to cakes this year! These tasty textured cakes are as eye catching as they are delicious.

Hopeful Hearth Baking Company | The Empire Room | Joseph Mark Photography

C. Marie’s Sweets | The Empire Room | Joseph Mark Photography

Tart Bakery | The Empire Room | Joseph Mark Photography


Mini Bites

The trend of bite-sized versions of delicious food continues, and we aren’t mad about it. You can’t go wrong with miniature foods full of flavor, whether served as appetizers or as a surprising entree!

Vestals Catering | Hickory Street Annex | Tyler + Lindsey

Gil’s Elegant Catering | Hickory Street Annex | Tyler + Lindsey

Kent Rathbun Catering | Nuvo Room | Kevin + Stephanie Photography


Gold Details

Gold has continued to be a popular statement throughout weddings this year. Add the perfect amount of sparkle to your cakes with this metallic hue!

Loft22 Cakes | Dyan Kethley Photography | Hickory Street Annex | Gold Dust Vintage

Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery | Everly Alaine Florals | Jeff Brummett Visuals

HoneyLove Cakery | W Dallas – Victory Hotel | Jessica Quadra Photography

wedding cake and catering trends

Creme De La Creme Cake Company | Ben Q. Photography | BRIK – Special Events Venue | Beautiful Event Rentals

Wedding Fashion Trends of 2017

Thursday, December 28th, 2017

This year has been full of statement making looks for brides and bridesmaids! Take a look at these wedding fashion trends that have us in style heaven, and stay tuned each day to see what looks we hope stick around for 2018! Check out these gowns and more at any of our local North Texas boutiques. Cheers!

Stunning Sleeves

Don’t be afraid to try something different! From fully covered to lace or sheer, try a stunning long-sleeve gown to see if this style is for you!

wedding fashion trends

Lovely Bride | Brake & Clutch Warehouse | Tyler + Lindsey | Tracy Enoch Photography | WZ Beauty Studio

Stardust Celebrations | Alba Rose Photography | Modern Art Museum of Forth Worth | Tyler + Lindsey | Beauty by Yari

The Bridal Salon at Neiman Marcus | Stephanie Brazzle Photography | The RoseMary Barn Venue | WZ Beauty Studio | R Love Floral | Beautiful Event Rentals

De Ma Fille | Brake & Clutch Warehouse | Tracy Enoch Photography | Tyler + Lindsey | WZ Beauty Studio



Off-the-shoulder sweaters, blouses and now gowns?! This trend is all the rage and here to stay! Show just a hint of skin for a fun and playful look.

Patsy’s A Bridal Boutique | Dyan Kethley Photography | Hickory Street Annex | Jennifer Trotter – Lip Service Makeup

Patsy’s A Bridal Boutique | Dyan Kethley Photography | Dove Ridge Vineyard

The Bridal Salon at Neiman Marcus | Kiss Me For Eternity

Bridal Boutique | Something Pretty Floral | The Styling Stewardess | Elisabeth Carol Photography


Embroidered/Patterned Maids

We have been seeing a lot of embroidered and patterned bridesmaid gowns this year, and we must say, we hope this trend is here to stay! Dress a couple or all of your maids in gorgeous gowns like these.

Bella Bridesmaids | Moss Floral Design | Grand Slam Glam | Tracy Autem Photography | Howell Family Farms

Bridal BoutiqueR Love Floral | A Sea of Love

Bella Bridesmaids | Andrea Elizabeth Photography | Beautiful Event Rentals | 21 Parc Floral and Events | Piazza in the Village

Bella Bridesmaids | Rachel Elaine Photography | Events by Jade | Howell Family Farms | Mia Bridal Couture


Mix-N-Match Maids

While not a new trend, we can’t ignore the growing popularity of the complementing maids. Give your maids the option of color or style to see what works for them (and you) best!

Stephanie Brazzle Photography | The Bridal Salon at Neiman Marcus | Something Pretty Floral

Bella Bridesmaids | Bridal Boutique | Tracy Enoch Photography | Something Pretty Floral | Grand Slam Glam | Beside the Bride

Bella Bridesmaids | Stephanie Brazzle Photography

North Texas Wedding Decor Trends from 2017

Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

Today we’re continuing our recap of all the fabulous trends we’ve spotted in 2017 with gorgeous wedding decor as seen throughout the pages of Brides of North Texas! This year has been full of creative and unique decor all centered around celebration. These are just a few of the decorative trends we loved this year and hope to see carried into 2018!

Acrylic Signage

A new trend this year included using acrylic pieces for all sorts of decor elements, such as signs, menus, place cards and more. These stunning pieces add a unique touch to your wedding no matter what the style!

LaneLove Paper Co. | BRIK Special Events Venue | Ben Q. Photography | Lush Couture Floral | Cloud Creative Events 

Golden Greys | F.I.G. – Fashion Industry Gallery | Joseph Mark Photography | 316 Design Source

Sarah Ann Design | BRIK Special Events Venue | Shannon Rose Events | Posh Couture Rentals | Trisha Kay Photography

MK Event Boutique | Kylie Crump Photography | Coral Lane


Ethereal Fabric

Give your decor that extra something by simply adding delicate fabric! You can easily drape it anywhere – table tops, chairs, tied around bouquets, altars and more.

Cloud Creative Events | BRIK Special Events Venue | Creme De La Creme Cake Company | Ben Q. Photography | Beautiful Event Rentals | Lush Couture Floral | LaneLove Paper Co.

Stardust Celebrations | Something Pretty Floral | Grit + Gold Weddings | Nbarrett Photography

Everly Alaine Florals | Lovely Bride | Shannon Skloss Photography

Tyler + Lindsey | Gold Dust Vintage Rentals 


Luxe Lounges

Lounges have been all the rage this year, and we definitely don’t see this added decor going anywhere in 2018! Show more of your personal style with a luxe lounge, great for photo ops and extra seating. What’s better than that?

Jen Rios Weddings | Posh Couture Rentals | Omni Fort Worth Hotel | Charla Storey Photography

Cloud Creative Events | Ben Q. Photography | BRIK Special Events Venue | Lush Couture Floral | Beautiful Event Rentals

Weddings by Stardust | 21 Parc Floral and Events | Coral Lane | Beautiful Event Rentals | Hotel Crescent Court | Jessica Quadra Photography



This boho chic furniture style has made it’s way into natural and earthy weddings across the metro, and we couldn’t love it more! Whether you’re wanting Tulum vibes or just an eclectic piece, these rentals are the perfect, unique choice!

Kylie Crump Photography | Flourish Floral Design Studio | Coral Lane | The Springs in Denton

MK Event Boutique | Coral Lane | Dallas Arboretum | Kristen Dee Photography | Petals Couture Floral + Event Design | Bridal Boutique | The Styling Stewardess

Rachel Elaine Photography | The RoseMary Barn | Coral Lane