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What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

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Spring is here and you know what that means… it’s WEDDING SEASON! Your mailbox is flooding with wedding invitations and suddenly you feel as though you have nothing to wear. Last spring’s trends left as quickly as they came, and as spring approaches suddenly your closet feels out of date. We know because we’ve been there. Regardless of the dress code or your personal style, we’ve helped by finding the perfect spring wedding guest outfits so you don’t have to! Whether you are looking for an elegant, timeless staple, a dress that screams spring, a romantic look, or something in between, we’ve got you covered! Scroll to find the perfect wedding guest look that will leave you confident and ready to celebrate! Plus, find these looks and more on our!

Funky & Feminine

Both charming and fun, this green floral dress is checking all the boxes on our list of spring fashion trends! There’s no denying green is in this season and the floral pattern, flowing sleeves and smocked top combine to create the perfect fashion forward look. This dress would be perfect for a laid-back outdoor wedding. Pair it with fun sunnies and a delicate bag for the perfect mix of funky and feminine!

What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

1. Green Floral Print Mini Dress | 2. Viva Mules | 3. Air Heart Sunglasses | 4. Juliette Embellished Clutch | 5. Daisy Drop Earrings | 6. Kosas Weightless Lip Color


Charmingly Romantic

Love is in the air and the classic romantic within you cannot contain your excitement. This alluring rose dress is soft, yet flirty and the perfect for an elegant look with lots of personality. The tie waist on this satin high-low dress is sure to flatter any figure and the embossed, subtle floral pattern and keyhole cutout are oh-so-charming. Pair with modern, neutral accessories for a flawless look.

spring wedding outfits

1. Mauve Satin Floral High-Low Dress | 2. Vertigo Cat Eye Sunglasses | 3. Kenley Taupe Heels | 4. Estee & Lilly Top Handle Box Clutch | 5. Deepa Gurnani Bina Earrings |6. Glossier Cloud Paint

Simply Dainty

This light blue dress is airy and fresh and would be perfect for a garden or beach wedding. Looking for a little pattern, but not a fan of the floral trend? Dainty white stripes, a flounce bodice and off-the shoulder sleeves give this midi length dress that special something without being overpowering. Complete the look with dainty accessories and a floral headband!

1. Blue and White Striped Off-the-Shoulder Midi Dress | 2. Daniella Sandals | 3. Meadow Headband | 4. Estee & Lilly Polka Dot Flap Closure Envelope Clutch | 5. Keshi Pearl Wire Hoop Earrings | 6. RMS Beauty Amethyst Rose Luminizer

Understated Glam

For a wedding guest look that is subdued, timeless and sophisticated, check out this gorgeous dove gray dress. There is no going wrong with this dress! Puff sleeves and a deep neckline add a hint of romance to this classy mid-length dress. Headed to a more formal wedding? Add elegant accessories and a classic red lip for a polished look that wows!

1. Shelley Satin Midi Dress | 2. Raleigh Pump | 3. Gwen Bobby Pin Set | 4. Ivory Pearl Clutch | 5. Solar Earrings | 6. Wild with Desire Lipstick


Cool-Girl Chic

Looking to make a statement? The high neck and gorgeous silhouette scream chic and the purple and pink floral print is playful and fashion forward. Is the wedding dress code confusing? Or worse– there is no dress code? This dress is perfect to accessorize up or down so you’ll never be under or overdressed! Construct a cool-girl vibe by accessorizing with modern black shades and edgy accessories!

1. Mauve Floral Print Midi Dress | 2. Yaro Block Heel Sandal | 3. Super Cat Eye Sunglasses | 4. Jewel Clasp Minaudière | 5. Large Angular Hoops | 6. Color Intense Lipstick

Unsure about what outfit is appropriate for the wedding you’re attending? Read our dress code guide here for our tips on each wedding attire style from black tie to beach casual.

From Simple to Memorable: Planning Insight from Rae Lawson

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For planner Randi Yarrell of Rae Lawson Events, her job is about transforming a day into something her couples will never forget, because it’s infused with the things that mean the most to them! First and foremost, that means fostering a sense of teamwork and helping her clients feel at ease. “I have the ability to create a calming presence and environment for any couple to feel comfortable ahead of their big day,” says Randi.

In terms of style, Randi’s edge comes in her unique experience that helps elevate typical wedding designs: Rae Lawson Events is experienced in floral design and has a knack for marrying current looks with timeless elements that will never go out of style. “I would describe my aesthetic as refined and timeless. I seek to give couples an experience that they will be able to look back on for years to come with joy. I tend to stick with classic styles, but what is more important is listening to what a couple is looking for. It is my job to interpret what they describe to me and translate it into a physical manifestation of their vision.”

Scroll down to see a dreamy styled shoot and lavish real wedding, both brought to life by Rae Lawson Events!

A Favorite Styled Shoot

rae lawson dfw wedding plannerrae lawson dfw wedding plannerrae lawson dfw wedding plannerrae lawson dfw wedding plannerrae lawson dfw wedding planner

Photos // Outland Weddings

This scene certainly takes what could be a boring neutral color palette and gives it movement, excitement and life! We love Randi’s use of layers of various textures. “For this boho styled shoot, my favorite detail is the floral. At Rae Lawson Events, we not only excel in wedding planning, but arranging and designing florals as well. The florals are why this shoot jumps out to me, not only as timeless and classic, but also unique. These types of details can transport you from a simple venue to a dream event that everyone will remember for years to come.”


Real Wedding Love

rae lawson dfw wedding plannerrae lawson dfw wedding plannerrae lawson dfw wedding plannerrae lawson dfw wedding planner

Photos // Lavishly Lux Studio

Is this real wedding design not to die for? “This really shows the variety of what we can do to meet the desires of a couple. Leslie and Toben’s lavish multicultural event gives us luxury, without being stuffy. This captivating color palette is so inviting that you can’t wait to hit that great dance floor!”

There’s something to be said for wedding design that makes it hard to tell which year the wedding took place. That translates to timeless design that stands the test of time! How does Rae Lawson Events accomplish this? “We tend not to focus on trends, but rather on creating a once-in-a-lifetime event based on the client’s vision. We aim to turn dreams into realities for the couples we work with. Our goal is to elevate this special day with creativity and resourcefulness.”

Ready to connect with Rae Lawson Events? Reach out via their vendor profile?

How to Have a Sustainable Wedding

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If you’re wanting to know how to have a sustainable wedding, you’re in the right place! We’re sharing our guide to having a sustainable wedding — otherwise known as a green wedding, eco-conscious wedding, eco-friendly wedding or ethical wedding.

Whether you’re wanting a fully sustainable wedding with zero waste or simply looking to be more conscious about your choices on your wedding day, we’ve got you covered. 

sustainable wedding guide

Photo // The True Gem, Kate Panza Photography


Weddings can have a reputation for being wasteful when it comes to things like single-use plastics or paper and carbon footprints, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Today’s couples have the ability to source ethical products and utilize eco-friendly wedding design in a way that wasn’t possible even just a few years ago. 


What does that mean? All of the celebration and none of the guilt. Having an eco-conscious celebration is about more than being trendy. It’s about making decisions that benefit everyone involved from your local community to the world at large — any way you can. 

How do you make your wedding more sustainable? By being purposeful and thoughtful as you plan your wedding. Eco-friendly and sustainable choices are merely about thinking about the impact of your decisions. 

Now that we know it’s possible, let’s dive into some great ideas for how to have an eco-friendly, sustainable wedding. 

Here are a few things you need to know before we get started —

  • Set realistic expectations and don’t try to do all the things on the list. 
  • Prioritize what is important to you and focus on that. 
  • Don’t feel guilty if you’re not having a zero-waste wedding. Do one thing or a few things and feel good about the positive direction. 



Start with Responsible Ring Sourcing 

Before the wedding planning comes the ring, so that’s the best place to start. There are a few ways to be eco-conscious in your ring shopping. 

  • Buy conflict-free diamonds or gems. 

Most jewelers are very conscious of having conflict-free sources, but it’s important to ask and utilize people with transparent — and traceable sourcing such as with the Kimberley Process. The True Gem is our favorite conscious jeweler, and… they’re local!

  • Purchase an alternative stone.

Often referred to as ethical engagement rings, lab-grown diamonds, gemstones and hybrids are considered more earth-friendly. They also prevent unfair labor and mining practices. 

  • Opt for Vintage Rings

One of the most sustainable choices is going vintage with your rings. Whether that’s buying estate jewelry, reworking a family heirloom or purchasing second-hand, this alternative can be a fun (and beneficial) way to breath new life into an old piece for a unique result. 


Keep the Guest List Smaller

This isn’t for everyone, but if you’re interested in having an eco-friendly wedding, a smaller guest list is one of the ways to do it. This reduces waste, carbon emissions and more. Take this opportunity to consider why you are inviting the people you are and if that is still important to you. But don’t go smaller because you think you have to. There are plenty of ways to do good and waste less even with a guest list that tops 300+. 


Make Your Registry Eco-Friendly

Yes, even your registry can be eco-friendly! 

  • Add sustainable items to your registry.

Stasher food bags, reusable straws, ethically-sourced linens and serve ware. These items are readily available on nearly any wedding registry. For heirloom-style items that are ethically-sourced and sustainably made, consider adding a registry as shops like The Dowry — whose whole focus is stocking items like this. 

  • Register for charitable causes — and do good!

This doesn’t have to be the only thing you register for, but consider adding your favorite charity — earth-friendly or some cause you are passionate about. This is a great option for couples who aren’t into getting gifts or already have set up house. Organizations like Greenpeace, Sierra Club and Care International are just some of the numerous organizations you could help. Even better, find non-profits in your area that are doing work you care about. 


Keep Selections Local – From Vendors to Menus to Flowers

We wholeheartedly believe that local vendors are the best vendors, but they’re also often the most eco-friendly choice as well. Local wedding pros and products are sustainable because they reduce carbon footprint. 

There are a few different types of local choices you can make for a more sustainable wedding.

  • Hire local vendors. 

It reduces travel and transportation impact on the environment and they are the best source to know other local wedding vendors to continue making eco-friendly decisions. 

  • Making your wedding menu local. 

Choose caterers that support local farmers, offer fair-trade selections, and ethical sourcing practices. Add more vegetarian options as they create less carbon emissions.

Serve local alcohol from local breweries and wineries. 

BONUS — One sustainable practice when it comes to the menu is to donate extra food. This can’t be done on the fly, so talk to your caterer and wedding planner to see what is possible. This is a simple and practical way to reduce waste — and extend the celebration! 

  • Select florists with sustainable practices. 

This is one of the more direct ways to have a sustainable wedding. Fortunately for couples, there are some amazing alternatives to cut florals — and even if cut florals are important to you, there are ways to still minimize the negative impact on the environment. Many farmer-florists reduce the transportation of international flowers (which can be harmful to the environment) by growing their own flowers locally. You can find local farmer-florists in your area through Floret’s Farmer-Florist Collective here. If you have a green thumb or the time, you can grow your own flowers. 

While it’s much easier to have locally sourced flowers, it may not always be possible. That doesn’t mean you can’t still make sustainable choices. 

Go foam-free. Florist foam is not biodegradable and is made of toxic materials. More and more florists are creating stunning installations while going foam-free. This is a small thing that has a BIG impact. 


Pick an Eco-Friendly Venue

Whether you want to get married in a small garden or a large venue, there are ways to keep your venue section green when it comes to the ceremony and reception. 

  • Opt for an outdoor space.

Cut down on the need for extra decor, heating or air conditioning and get married outdoors. 

  • Select a space that helps the environment. 

Did you know that when you get married in certain outdoor spaces, part of the funds go to support conservation efforts? For example, if you get married in a national or state park, your fee will help maintain and preserve that land for future generations. 

  • Choose a venue with eco-friendly practices and certifications. 

Your wedding doesn’t have to be outdoors to be sustainable.  Having an eco-conscious wedding is about reducing your event’s carbon footprint. When you’re touring venues, ask about the venues green practices. From LEED certifications to Energy Star ratings  — there are lots of ways venues can be environmentally friendly while still housing large-scale events in a beautiful space. And don’t feel like you need to know everything about going green in order for it to be important to you. It’s about making little steps forward. 

BONUS — Consider distance when you are picking your venue. Travel is a big contributor to carbon emissions. A simple way to keep your nuptials more earth-friendly is to think of a location and venue that reduces unnecessary travel. But don’t feel like you can’t have a destination wedding if that’s what you prefer! There are plenty of ways to still go green. 


Go Green with Your Wedding Paper and Signage 

This is one of the bigger waste areas, but you don’t have to go paperless to be sustainable. 

There are a few ways you can have your wedding paper and be green too! 

  • Choose eco-friendly wedding paper. 

Look for companies that use recycled paper, plantable paper or alternative materials. Companies like Paper Culture use all post-consumer recycled paper for invitations and such, so no trees are cut down. Plus, they plant a tree with every purchase. Another version of this option is Botanical PaperWorks creates sustainable seeded paper so it adds value to the environment as it decomposes. See if your invitation designer orders from these brands!

In addition to this, there is a growing number of local companies that can help you find eco-friendly solutions!

  • Use alternative materials in place of wedding paper. 

When it comes to place cards and other day-of wedding paper, your local vendors can offer some creative eco-friendly choices like leaves, stones and more. This cuts down on waste and elevates the level of your wedding design. 


Recycle, Reduce, Reuse When it Comes to Decor 

The decor adds so much to a wedding space, but it can also be a source of waste if you’re not careful.

We’ve got some great ideas for how to make sustainable choices that will have you feeling as good as your wedding looks! 

  • Utilize built-in decor.

Greenhouses full of plants, wineries with stunning vistas, gardens with canopies — look for ways to reduce waste, by selecting locations that come with built-in decor. 

  • Rent as much as possible and avoid single-use products

Instead of using single-use plastic or paper, rent the real thing. Rent your linens, napkins and serveware — and anything else you can. Renting reduces waste and elevates the look of your wedding. 

  • Use decor that you want to keep.

That’s right! Consider selecting items that can be used in your home afterward. 

  • Donate the decor you don’t want to keep. 

Donate the flowers from your wedding to a local hospital, senior care center or homeless shelter. (Most florists are able to help you do this, but it has to be planned in advance.) Donate other items from your wedding decor to Goodwill and other local companies where it can do good! Plus, your donations are tax-deductible, so it’s a win/win situation. 

  • Hire a company that specializes in eco-friendly garbage removal.

Companies like Garbage Goddess or Compostable have made it their mission to help the planet by offering a full eco breakdown service for events including composting and providing carbon emission offsets for their vehicles. 


Select Green Wedding Attire and Beauty Products

Your clothes and how you get ready for the big day can be sustainable too. Even something as small as making more mindful beauty and hair product selections on your wedding day contribute to a better world! 

  • Wear second hand or vintage clothes.

This could be an heirloom dress or suit, or a vintage find. Give life to a well-loved piece and make it part of your story! 

  • Select items you’ll wear again.

Find ways to select items for your accessories, shoes and other attire pieces that you can wear again. Sometimes reducing waste is as simple as reusing something. 

  • Ask your hair and makeup vendors about eco-friendly products and practices. 

If this is an important issue to you, make sure you ask your potential vendors about what kind of products they use. Let them know that eco-friendly, cruelty-free products are important to you. 


Make Your Wedding Favors Fun — and Sustainable 

We’ve talked about a lot of different areas of waste when it comes to weddings, but let’s be honest — many wedding favors go forgotten and tossed, but that doesn’t have to be. Let’s talk about a few ways you can delight your guests and go green at the same time! 

  • Edible favors are a big hit with guests — and the environment. 

After a long afternoon or evening of celebrating, send your guests off with a snack — in eco-friendly packaging of course! Or let them enjoy their “favor” at their table to save on packaging all together. 

Need some suggestions? How about fair-trade coffee, local treats or snack bags?

  • Plantable favors help the environment in a practical way.

Succulents, cacti, herbs and more! These types of favors add beauty to the event and are something guests can enjoy long after the day is over. Plus, if they leave their favor, that’s more for the couple to plant and enjoy or to donate. Waste-free and beautiful! 


Don’t Leave Behind Waste After Your Wedding Exit 

The exit is a show-stopping moment, but the sustainable goal is to have the picture-perfect moment without leaving trash behind. Fortunately, there are some amazing, eco-conscious wedding exit options.

  • Fresh leaves
  • Dried flowers
  • Herbs
  • Flower petals (from a flower petal bar) 
  • Biodegradable confetti 


Your Honeymoon Can Be Sustainable Too 

You don’t have to stop at a sustainable wedding. You can have a sustainable honeymoon too! Remember, being environmentally friendly or eco-conscious is about making mindful decisions. Consider booking your honeymoon with a luxury eco-resort or dive deep into nature at an ecolodge. Do your research or ask your travel agent about sustainable, eco-friendly honeymoon destinations. 



We’ve covered a lot of options for going green on your wedding day, so let’s review a couple of quick pro-tips to keep in mind as you start your sustainable wedding journey. 

  • There’s a lot to remember about eco-friendly, ethically-sourced and sustainable options, but the golden rule is — wherever possible, reduce single-use items, reuse whatever you can and donate the rest. 
  • It’s important to discuss all donation options when it comes to florals and food ahead of time. Don’t wait until the last minute. Make arrangements for these things in advance. 
  • Rent or reuse as much as possible of anything you need for your wedding. That can include everything from flowers to decor and more!
  • Ask your wedding planner or vendors for help when it comes to making sustainable wedding choices. When you make it clear that is a priority for you as a couple, your vendors will make that their priority too! (And it’s great to have a team of experts helping you.)
  • Don’t feel guilty if every item isn’t 100% sustainable. Having a sustainable or green wedding is about being conscious of your decisions. Do the best you can — even if that’s a few small things and be happy because you made steps towards a goal. 
  • Decide what is important to you and prioritize that. Don’t try to do all the things. A sustainable wedding is a positive step, but it’s even more important how you live your life than how you did a single day.
  • When in doubt, go with the seasons. Working with nature’s rhythms and selection food as well as flowers and more in the right season will help you to begin making sustainable choices.


It’s official, you’re an eco-friendly wedding expert! Take it slow, keep it simple, and make mindful choices. Don’t worry about making all the right decisions, just make the best you can and enjoy this special season in your life. 

Take the first step to find amazing local vendors who can help you plan a sustainable wedding by visiting our expert vendor page

How to Help a Friend Getting Married: Wedding Tasks for the Bride’s BFFs

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Your BFF just got engaged and the wedding planning has begun… Wondering how to help with all those wedding tasks, without making things more stressful for your friend? We’ve all said “Let me know if there’s anything I can do!” in an attempt to be helpful, but for a bride overwhelmed by the dozens, if not hundreds of wedding tasks on her plate as her special day approaches, actions speak louder than words. There are certain things any bride would be grateful for her friends to just take the reins!

As a general rule, certain tasks always defer to the maid of honor and/or matron of honor: wedding dress shopping, planning a bridal shower, planning the bachelorette party and general organizing of bridesmaid activities and tasks. If you don’t hold one of those titles, that doesn’t mean your help won’t be welcome! Just be cautious not to step on the MOH’s toes – offer your help to her as well, but trust her to handle the typical MOH duties.

If you’re eager to lend a helping hand, try jumping in to assist on some of the tasks below!

How to Help a Friend Getting Married: Wedding Tasks for the Bride's BFFs

Photo: Stephanie Brazzle Photography

Help Your Engaged Friend by Assisting with These Wedding Tasks

We’re breaking it down by timeline – things a bride will need help with months before, the week of, and the day of the wedding. Ready to pitch in? Let’s get down to business!

Months Before

Bridal shower planning | Check out these blogs for the cutest bridal shower ideas! Offer to jot down a list of who gave which presents to help make the thank you note process easier, and stay to help clean up. These simple gestures can go a long way!

Bachelorette party planning | Whether you choose to host a bach bash in-person or virtually, pitch in with the MOH and make sure ALL the plans are taken care of so the bride’s ONLY job is to show up and enjoy herself!

Come up with hashtag ideas | Every couple needs a hashtag to aggregate social media posts in one easy-to-find place. We can walk you through how to create a great wedding hashtag!

Dress shopping | Wait for an invitation from the bride to go wedding dress shopping – this isn’t something you’ll want to invite yourself along for, as some brides want only family or MOHs to attend. But you can still help the bride find dresses for other events, too! Send her options or offer to go shopping with her to find dresses for all the showers and parties along the way.

Collecting decor | Is your bride BFF a DIY queen? Maybe she’s on the hunt for mercury glass, brass candlesticks or other decor items to use at the reception. Offer to help track these items down and hang onto them until the big day!

Honeymoon ideas | Are you a travel aficionado? Perhaps you went on a romantic getaway recently you know she and her fiancé would absolutely love. Send her a few ideas for resorts with rave reviews, or better yet, send the ideas to her fiancé to help plant a seed, as it’s common for the fiancé to plan this getaway.

Week-Of Tasks

Airport pickup | Does the bride have family coming in from out of town? Offer to transport those folks to and from the airport. It’s a super helpful and kind gesture and a great way to get to know your friend’s loved ones!

Playlist prep | Let the bride know you’ll take care of DJ-ing at the getting ready suite. Make a playlist with all of her favorite jams, bring a portable speaker and make the morning-of extra memorable!

Make a cute slideshow | Are you the tech-savvy friend? Ask the couple’s friends and family to send in any cute (not embarrassing) photos they have of the happy couple and make a slideshow to display at a shower, bridal luncheon or wedding reception.

Plan the pampering | Offer to handle the pre-wedding nail appointment for all the bridesmaids (and make sure the bride isn’t paying for her own). One more thing she can check off her list!

Take care of her fur babies | If you can take on the commitment, offer to pet sit the couples’ pets during the wedding and/or during the honeymoon. They’ll rest easy knowing their pets are in good hands!

Day-Of Tasks

Brunch or lunch | Offer to pick up food for everyone to enjoy in the bridal suite. Don’t forget to grab enough for her family members, too, and definitely don’t forget the champagne!

Record the memories | It can be hard for the photographer to capture every single guest. Offer to snap Polaroids or even use a disposable camera to get fun photos of as many guests as possible (without getting in the photographer’s way, of course) – the bride will surely be glad she has those additional memories!

The little things | Ask the bride a few weeks before the big day if she needs someone to man the guest book or cut/pass out the cake.

End-of-the-night tasks | Especially if the couple opts not to have a day-of coordinator or planner, there are always tasks at the end of the night that must be completed without worries from the couple – things like gathering cards and gifts to take home, bringing the top layer of cake home if they want to save it, handing out tips to vendors and more. Chip in where you can!

No matter what, your engaged BFF simply needs your moral support every step of the way. Give her helpful ideas from time to time, but don’t overwhelm her. Send encouraging texts to let her know you’re thinking of her, book her a massage, bring her coffee or take her out to a dinner where you DON’T discuss any wedding tasks. Whether you’re near or far, your support will mean the world!

Remember, if your BFF is in need of vendor recommendations or inspiration for a one-of-a-kind bash, Brides of North Texas has all the inspo you could ever need. Cheers to wonderful friends!

Name a Better Duo: DFW Wedding Caterers Present Decadent Pairings

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Name some better duos – we’ll wait! When it comes to tried-and-true culinary pairings, it really doesn’t get any better than the dishes below, reimagined and brought to life by some of our favorite top DFW wedding caterers. PB&J, tomato soup & grilled cheese, shrimp & grits and more…just wait ’til you see how these talented caterers put their spin on these fun dishes, turning them into perfectly memorable bites for your wedding guests. What a fun day at The Empire Room in Dallas as these caterers showed off their work and Kelsey LaNae Photography captured all the dishes beautifully.

Remember, the meal you serve at your wedding doesn’t have to be bland or boring. The meal is an opportunity to connect with your guests and show off your personality in a fun, tangible way! Check out our Catering & Bartending Highlight on Instagram for more inspiration from these DFW wedding caterers.

decadent pairings from dfw wedding caterers

The Duo: Truffle & Honey

Whipped local ricotta spoons prepared by Beyond the Box Weddings | white truffle oil, organic Texas honey, lavender, pomegranate seeds, micro crostini and arugula sprouts

decadent pairings from dfw wedding caterers

The Duo: Elotes & Raspados

Mexican street food prepared by Macklin’s Catering Co. | coconut-crusted lobster tacos, street corn elote and mangonada margarita

The Duo: Lamb & Chimichurri

Chimi-chimi pops prepared by Gil’s Elegant Catering | slow-roasted Rockport rack of lamb with spring mint, roasted garlic, first press olive oil and barrel-aged vinegar

decadent pairings from dfw wedding caterers

The Duo: Beet & Goat Cheese

Beet & goat cheese bruschetta prepared by Culinary Art Catering | bruschetta layered with goat cheese and topped with micro greens and walnut

decadent pairings from dfw wedding caterers

The Duo: Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

Mini grilled cheeses with tomato basil soup prepared by Magdalena’s | vegan and dairy-free tomato and coconut bisque with manchego grilled cheese

decadent pairings from dfw wedding caterers

The Duo: Cheese & Fruit

Grazing board prepared by Edison’s Dallas by Eddie Deen & Co. | assortment of gourmet crackers, dried apricots and dates, black olives, brie with honey drizzle, provolone, caprese on a pick with cherry tomato, herb mozzarella and basil, finished off with balsamic vinaigrette spritz along with assorted fresh vegetables, nuts, fresh fruit and Edison’s famous sweet pickles

decadent pairings from dfw wedding caterers

The Duo: Shrimp & Grits

Shrimp & grits bites prepared by Cohost + Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse | Texas gulf coast shrimp, bacon, portobello mushrooms, smoked tomatoes and scallions with cheesy tabasco grits

decadent pairings from dfw wedding caterers

The Duo: Waffles & Bacon

Cinnamon roll waffles & black pepper BBQ bacon prepared by Soulman’s Catering | cinnamon-infused mini waffles, drizzled with maple glaze, paired with savory black pepper barbeque bacon, basted with a duo of barbeque sauce and ranch, topped with fresh, cracked pepper

decadent pairings from dfw wedding caterers

The Duo: Steak & Potatoes

Steak & potato bites prepared by Vestals Catering | Salt and pepper-crusted beef tenderloin with creamy mashed potatoes, crispy onions, dijon aioli and chimichurri

decadent pairings from dfw wedding caterers

The Duo: Peanut Butter & Jelly

Peanut butter & jelly old-fashioned prepared by Modern Pour | Old fashioned with peanut butter infused whiskey and apricot simple syrup with a mini PB&J to garnish

decadent pairings from dfw wedding caterers

The Duo: Tacos & Margaritas

Prickly pear margarita & tequila lime lobster tacos prepared by Food Glorious Food | prickly pear patron margarita paired with lobster, tequila and lime mini tacos

Wondering what type of catering to serve at your wedding? Take our Taste Test here!