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These Florals Bring Wild Romance to an Inspiration Shoot at Margot Hill

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Wild romance is in no short supply throughout this fall inspiration shoot held at Margot Hill Weddings and Events in Malakoff, Texas just southeast of Dallas, where indoor and outdoor wedding scenes alike are sure to steal your heart. The venue’s natural charm and modern-meets-rustic amenities provide ample reason to host your event here, but seeing this whimsy-inspired tablescape laden with feminine details and luxe gold flatware seals the deal for us. Indoor reception dining has never felt more al fresco or timelessly upscale. Ultra-romantic and whimsical in style, these floral arrangements by Root + Bloom Floral Design blend together a wide range of colorful blooms that make a bold statement wherever they are placed. Whether indoors or out, there are so many beautiful spaces around the Margot Hill Weddings and Events property to make your wedding dreams come true. Read on for a note from the venue owner about their vision behind this wild romance infused shoot, and see the gallery for yourself down below. We dare you to try finding a photo that doesn’t have flowers in it. Cheers!

Photo // Krystle Akin Photography

From the venue owner, Abby Misegades of Margot Hill Weddings and Events: “Krystle is amazing at shooting in natural light on real film. This whole shoot was done on film vs. digital. Our inspiration was deep fall – whimsy and romantic.”

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How to Get Your Friends Involved in the Wedding Planning

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Navigating the wedding planning process can be extremely overwhelming for any bride, but starting while you’re still in college can add an extra layer of challenges. One exciting aspect of wedding planning while in college is the ability to have friends around to support you. We have collected some tips to help lessen the burden of planning by getting your friends involved in the wedding planning. Read on!


photo// Bri Costello Photography

Thank Your Friends in Advance

One of the most exciting aspects of planning a wedding is picking your bridal party. When deciding who to round up in your girl squad, remember that your wedding is a time when you can be selfish. Choosing the friends who support and encourage you will ensure that the journey to your big day is a delight! Since your bridesmaids will be helping you prepare throughout your engagement, giving them an intentional present when you ask them is a great way to thank them in advance. One fun idea is to find out their love language and surprise them with a corresponding gift. Examples might be giving a handwritten note to a friend who enjoys words of affirmation or hosting a trip to a local winery for a friend who loves quality time.

Create a Shared Pinterest Board

The season of engagement can go by so fast and Pinterest can serve as an easy way to keep memories from your wedding planning process. Pinterest now has an option to make categories under each board, this is a great way to get your bridesmaids (or other friends) involved in the planning. Each friend can make a collaborative board of what ideas they think you might enjoy. Getting opinions from your besties is an awesome way to discover new ideas. Bridesmaids can also reference the Brides of North Texas Pinterest board for the latest trends.

Prefer Instagram Collections? Great! Start a group chat with your gals and ask your team to share their finds via DM. You can save your favorites to your own Collections on Instagram and reference your “saved”s as you go.

Plan Time as a Group

For many students, college equals extreme busyness, which makes finding time to plan with your girls difficult. One way to combat this is by setting aside a whole day to dedicate to all things wedding. Set up an appointment with a couple wedding dress boutiques or grab lunch and brainstorm bridal shower ideas. Ask your maid of honor or other close friends to join you on a day trip. You don’t even have to travel far; just by setting aside time to be together, you are able to make wedding planning what it should – fun, rather than stressful.

Use Your Network

One of the most exciting parts of college is connecting with different people. The wedding planning process is an amazing time to utilize the relationships you’ve formed over your college years. By asking if anyone in your bridal party has connections to wedding vendors, you may be able to incorporate creative businesses into your big day. Remember there’s no harm in asking, and Brides of North Texas will always have recommendations for you with our amazing list of preferred local vendors.

Make it Fun

The best way to get your girlfriends involved is by making each planning meeting or activity fun. Hosting an invitation stuffing party? Bring a couple bottles of champagne and some snacks to nosh while you get the assembly line going. Visit our Spotify channel to get some activity appropriate jams going (we highly suggest the GRL PWR playlist for a girls’ night in). Have competitive friends? Make it a contest to see who can address the most invitations by the end of the night – with a prize for the winner, of course!

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Warm Cashmere Wedding Inspiration Featuring Earth Tones To-Die-For

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This warm cashmere wedding inspiration is soft, romantic and cozier than your favorite sweater all at once. Captured by Outland Weddings in stunning sepia shades at Reflections Venue & Gardensa palette of porcelain, champagne, umber and ecru allows for an exquisite range of light and dark tones throughout this effortless editorial. An earth-toned invitation suite by MK Event Boutique is just perfect for this organic occasion, and its whimsical script in monochrome palette give it such a romantic touch. Haute Poppies creates the perfect centerpieces with cymbidium orchids, Sahara roses and pale pink dahlias that nest in organic stoneware fit for the occasion. A peachy perfect balloon installation by Pink on the Weekend draws all eyes to the drink station, and we love its whimsical trailing design. Few things are more comfy-cozy than a warm cup of joe, and Nightowl Coffee Cart never misses with their handcrafted beverages, whether caffeine is your thing or not. Clad in an ivory satin Bella Bridesmaids gown, this model looks flawless from head to toe, and her low updo with romantic face-framing pieces draws all eyes to her neutral makeup – both by AW Wedding & Co. Add a few opulent accessories from L’unique Diamonds and Fine Jewelry and she is ready for the red carpet. In all its earth-toned goodness, this warm cashmere wedding inspiration is perfect for an effortless engagement in any season. Read on for a note from Bella Bridesmaids including a cheat sheet on how to shop this look in-store. Cheers!

Photo // Outland Weddings

From Bella Bridesmaids: “To steal this look, ask for Designer: Amsale | Style: Jacinda | Color/Fabric: Ivory Fluid Satin”

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Bridesmaids & Body Positivity: How Picking their Gown Makes a Difference

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As you begin to think about the attire your bridesmaids will be wearing beside you on your big day, have you considered how what they will be wearing will shape their body positivity? Giving your girls the creative freedom to pick their own gown does so much more than just help you (and them) not break the bank, it also gives them a chance to showcase their own preferred style, let their own personality shine through and embrace their individuality. It’s amazing how something as simple as a gown style, fabric color or dress length makes all the difference in the confidence of your bridesmaids – and the more confident they are, the better off they’ll be in celebrating you! Scroll to read how letting your bridesmaids pick their own gown makes a difference in their body positivity. Cheers!

Bridesmaids & Body Positivity: How Picking their Gown Makes a Difference

Photo // Carsyn Abrams Photography

Different dresses to match different body types

Everyone has a different body type and shape that is better showcased in one gown style over the other! Acknowledging that each of your bridesmaids has a different body type is a good starting point for helping them determine what type of gown they should wear for your celebration – one bridesmaid might love a strapless gown, while the other may love one with sleeves. A floor-length gown may look great on one of your girls, while another might love a short or high-low style. Asking these questions right from the beginning shows you are genuinely interested in the well-being of your girls and the gown styles that suite their body shape for better or for worse!

Work with skin tones and hair colors

Just like each girl has a different body type, each of your bridesmaids also has different skin tones and hair colors that go better with different colored dresses! Something as simple as taking your color palette into consideration and asking each girl how comfortable they will be with wearing a shade of a certain color makes all the difference. Your fair-skinned bridesmaid might not like to wear tan, white, cream or light blush because it makes them feel washed out or blend too well with their skin. One of your girls with red hair might not want to wear a bright pink dress. It all depends on your girls and their level of comfort with the colors you’re wanting to pursue!

Use a Bridal Consultant

A bridal consultant will be game for playing mix-and-match with you and your #bridetribe to get the most cohesive (and flattering) look across your bridal party. Local bridal salons come equipped with a collection of designer bridesmaid dresses that typically have a natural capsule-style line, as bridesmaids dresses typically debut in color-coordinating collections by season, with multiple neckline, bodice and skirt styles in the same color or fabric type. A consultant will easily be able to reference these looks and give you side-by-side visuals via gowns in store or via swatches, saving you the hours and hours of endlessly scrolling through your favorite online clothing stores and sending Pins back and forth. Shop locally in our favorite bridal salons here!

Happy bridesmaids, happy bride!

A mix of eclectic, yet cohesive, bridesmaids dresses is trending now more than ever – we absolutely love when we see them in weddings! Letting your bridesmaids pick out their own dresses allows a group of women with different bodies, style preferences and budgets to choose a look they truly love – embracing their own individuality in a beautiful way! It’s honestly in your best interest that your bridesmaids look and feel their best – if your bridesmaids can tell that you have their best interest in mind, they are more likely to have your best interest in mind throughout your whole wedding process. It’s all about creating a positive environment not just for you but also your bridesmaids – and it all starts from the second you ask them to stand up there with you! Plus, giving your bridesmaids a little trust that they’ll find the gown that’s right for them while respecting your desired colors takes a little bit of stress off of you – a win-win!

Look good, feel good: confidence is key!

The confidence of your bridesmaids is what makes them, them! Letting your bridesmaids choose their own gown lets them showcase their own preferred style and lets their own personality shine through. While you’ll know the majority of the people you’re standing in front of on your big day, your bridesmaids may not. It takes a lot of confidence to stand by your side in front of a lot of people they don’t know, so the more confident they are, the better they’ll be able to celebrate you! Wearing clothes that make you feel good about yourself in all aspects is a must – would you have chosen your wedding dress if you weren’t confident in it? But, also, confidence is SO much more than just the gown, hair, makeup and shoes – it’s what truly makes your girls beautiful, so make sure that their confidence shines in the gowns they wear!

You’re ready to find the bridal party attire perfect for each of your individual bridesmaids! Head to our local attire vendors’ page for locations on finding the perfect attire for your big day. Cheers!

Timeless Romance Wedding Inspiration at The Nest at Ruth Farms

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A tasteful blend of rustic and contemporary elements come together in this timeless romance wedding inspiration at The Nest at Ruth Farms where the light and springy mood takes form in a wedding color palette of muted, romantic tones. Wild and overgrown floral design by R. Love Floral steals the show while rustic rentals and décor from POSH Couture Rentals set the stage for upscale reception dining that would fit in any time period. This bride stuns in an A-line gown with delicate lace details as well as a dainty, abstract jeweled hairpin, both from WED Bridal Boutique. Nearly picture perfect, her look wouldn’t quite be complete without an opulent oval diamond from The True Gem in a gold prong setting. Keep scrolling to see all the timeless romance for yourself. Cheers!

Photo // Sarah Lanette Photography

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