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Breathtaking Wedding Inspiration a la Impressionist French Art

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Let them eat wedding cake…or whatever Marie Antoinette said! This elegant wedding inspiration drawn from classic Impressionist French art combines a rustic countryside with a delicate European-inspired palette for the most magical styled shoot planned by House of Tales Events. In beautifully light and airy scenes, Jen Symes Photography captures every intricate detail in digital and film for timeless wedding shots you will treasure forever. A Victorian-esque invitation suite by Brown Fox Creative is made up of the prettiest paperie and floral-embossed wax stamps seal the deal for a striking soiree. There isn’t a more perfect place for this elegant wedding inspiration than The French Farmhouse Venue, where provincial architecture, 1800s-era reclaimed French doors, and the grove of woods surrounding their scenic, double-trunked kissing tree makes for a seriously stunning ceremony setup. Fine china and ornate silverware from POSH Couture Rentals combine with opulent crystal elements creating a dramatic, yet delicate tablescape where a square cake design by Ashton Marie Cakes turns on an edge for a nontraditional twist that doesn’t look overdone – on the topic of sips, HD Liquid Catering creates drinks that look too good to be true, spruced up with floral ice cubes and 17th-century artwork in every craft cocktail. Styled with both soft and full glam hair and makeup by WZ Beauty Studio and clad in exquisite bridal attire from Stanley Korshak Bridal Salon, this model bride shows off a timeless romantic gown as well as a modern bridal jumpsuit with detachable skirt for the stylish bride. She is absolutely the star of the show in this elegant French wedding inspiration! Read on for a note from the planner about the vision behind the design and styling of this impeccably styled shoot. Cheers!

Photo // Jen Symes Photography

From the planner, House of Tales Events: “This French Elegance inspiration shoot portrays a perfect scenario of a film inspired dreamy romantic love story that is at once soft and romantic but with wildly gorgeous moody and bold details. Drawing inspiration from Impressionist French art, the color palette includes touches of dusty rose, mauve, French blue and layers of cream and white. You will be swooning over all the lush florals by Luxe Petals brimming with orchids and roses cascading over the venue’s 1800s reclaimed French church door and embracing the massive double trunked ‘kissing tree’ as the focal point of the ceremony space. House of Tales Events delivers both amour and passion in their modern and romantic bold design perfectly captured by Jen Symes Photography. Viewers ready for adventure will be tempted with a one-way ticket to the French countryside.”

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The Secrets of Creating Cohesive Wedding Day Looks with Artisan Rose Event Co.

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Taking mood boards and color palettes and turning them into cohesive wedding day looks is no easy task, but Artisan Rose Event Co. owner Tara and her team are sharing a few secrets on how they get from A to Z and bring such beautiful wedding day designs to life!

Tara and her team bring a unique perspective to the North Texas wedding planning scene – in fact, Tara’s background is in engineering and project management. Marrying those skills with her creative passions, she started Artisan Rose Event Co. to serve non-traditional couples with non-traditional weddings that express exactly who they are, with deeply personalized and intelligently designed plans every step of the way.

Scroll down to see how Artisan Rose brings all the puzzle pieces together to create cohesive wedding day looks for their couples, like this gorgeous black and gold scene photographed by Opal & Onyx at The Cliff House!

dfw wedding planner artisan rose events

On their planning process:

“We start off by outlining budget, timeline and basic style determinants. This allows us to build the framework and scope of the event before moving into more detailed discussions. We move methodically and strategically, so that by end of the planning process, we end up with a team of vendors who work harmoniously together, with us and with our designs.”

dfw wedding planner artisan rose eventsdfw wedding planner artisan rose eventsdfw wedding planner artisan rose events

The simple secret to creating cohesive wedding day looks:

“Creating cohesive wedding day looks really depends on a few simple ideas: use the color wheel, be aware of your lighting, choose complementary textures and layout the floor plan so that you are directing the guests’ attention effectively.”

dfw wedding planner artisan rose events

dfw wedding planner artisan rose eventsdfw wedding planner artisan rose events

What they hope for their couples:

“It is such an honor to be a part of our couples’ memories of one of the most momentous days of their lives. What we wish for most is that when it’s all said and done, they walk away remembering their experience with us being exciting, eye-opening, stress-free and maybe even a little bit fun!”

dfw wedding planner artisan rose events

dfw wedding planner artisan rose events

Do you feel a connection to Tara’s approach? Shoot the Artisan Rose Event Co. team a message via their vendor profile!

Recapping our Spring/Summer 2021 Mag Release Brunch!

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Connecting with our North Texas wedding community is something we always look forward to, especially when it involves flipping through the oh-so stunning glossy new pages of our Brides of North Texas Spring/Summer 2021 magazine! There’s nothing like a socially distanced brunch, and we truly couldn’t wait to show off all of the innovation and creation displayed by all of our amazing vendors stuffed into the new issue. It’s safe to say we have the best community surrounding us, as we couldn’t have made it through this production season without each and every one of them – they deserved this spectacular celebration! With a few sanitation areas, social distancing practices and personal catering dishes, we were lucky enough to have all the usual details of a normal release event while also being covid-friendly. Scroll to take a look at all of the beautiful details of our Brides of North Texas Spring/Summer 2021 mag release brunch!

Photos // Marissa Merritt Photography

Recapping our Spring/Summer 2021 Mag Release Brunch!

The bright white walls, rustic ambiance and open floor plan of the BRIK Special Events Venue was the absolute perfect space for our socially-distanced brunch celebration! Comfy-cozy velvet lounges stacked with the fluffiest eclectic pillows from Loot Rentals made for a stylish spot for our vendors to kick back and flip through all the pretty details of the shiny new mag. Sleek satin gold linens from POSH Couture Rentals adorned every tablescape, along with fresh bunches of blooms from Camellia Farm Floral in a muted pastel winter palette, bringing in a bit of color to this oh-so cheerful day! This celebration was definitely not lacking on the eats, as Magdalena’s put together scrumptious personal catering boxes of hummus and pita, charcuterie bites, mini quiche and a serving of lemon vinaigrette bowtie pasta – can you say yum? We honestly can’t stop thinking about the wonderful spread of sweets from Uncle Willie’s Pies – and yes, we did take one of each of the fudge brownies, triple berry shortcakes, peach cobblers, chocolate mousses and sweet potato pies. Nightowl Coffee Cart was there to fix all of our caffeine needs, and no brunch is complete without champs and rosé from Bubbles and Brews Brews Dallas! Between chatting with all of our amazing vendors and snacking on all the eats, we took some of the best snaps with Capture Co.‘s photo booth and Satin Pavement‘s boho-chic backdrop, documenting the love that we’ll forever have for our vendor community (check out the virtual photo booth here!). Throughout all the events of the day, DJ Jason Esquire played the best tunes to set the mood for the celebration! A huge thank you to Marissa Merritt Photography for flawlessly capturing all of the details of our release brunch – we couldn’t love all of the photos more – and to The Sinclair Hotel for hosting our team the night before. Cheers!

Ready to get your own copy of the new Spring/Summer 2021 issue? Order online here!

7 Ways to Stay Healthy in 2021

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We’ll be honest, 2020 was a year of unexpected struggles and quarantining at home…but 2021 is a completely different story! This year, with the help of our lovely friends over at Bells and Barbells Wedding Fitness, we’re making 2021 the year of health and fitness. It’s never too late to make some New Year’s resolutions, as everyone works at a different pace to better themselves. From drinking lots of water to finding the right diet for you and your needs, taking small steps to get healthier has never been more easy. Read below about seven ways you can stay healthy in 2021 from Bells and Barbells Wedding Fitness owner and lead trainer, Kat Bahlburg, and don’t forget to check them out for all of your pre-wedding fitness and health needs. Cheers!

(guest post by Katherine Bahlburg of Bells & Barbells Wedding Fitness)

7 Ways to Stay Healthy in 2021

Photo // April Mea Creative

1. Find a Structured Program

The benefit of having a structured wedding fitness program means you’ll be more motivated, more accountable, less likely to miss a workout and less stressed – plus, you’re more likely to meet your goals faster. A lot of time with the uncertainty of 2021 or 2020, just having something that is structured can have so many positive things around it. More and more people are working from home and getting stuck in a rut of snacking all the time and being lazy. When you know you have to see a trainer or go to that structured workout at a specific time, you’ll begin to eat better and get excited more, giving you motivation to leave the house. You get out of the house, you feel better – it’s as simple as that! It not only helps your physical attributes and goals, but your mental health as well.

2. Find the Right Exercise Movements

To be honest, all exercise movements are key because it’s all individual – some brides build muscle quicker in the upper body, while some do in the lower. This is why a structured program is an absolute game changer! With exercise movements, always remember it’s not always about heavier weight and faster movements; it’s about proper form, activating the right muscles, and finding the perfect combination that fits you individually. Another thing is making sure that your program is well-rounded. You always want to make sure that you’ve got mobility, cardio, strength, full-body and targeted exercise. It’s so important to have a balance!

3. Plan a Well-Rounded Exercise Routine

This is a big reason why girls will be wondering why they feel “skinny fat,” where they still carry weight around their midline because their body is under stress. The body needs to balance itself out! Going back to structured programming – dedicating a day to strength, cardio or mobility – is super important. Balance is always key in making sure that the structured program is working for you. One thing that’s super cool about how we operate is even when we meet a bride and design a workout program, our design and creation doesn’t just stop there – we work to constantly improve it. We test measurements to we see what’s working and what’s not, and we’re very quick to modify things. That’s a big reason why our girls see so many results and they love having somebody there that’s helping them learn these new things!

4. Get Started on Dieting

One of the biggest rules of thumb: it’s a process of elimination. Our dietician likes to recommend each week taking out dairy and gluten – things that can typically cause irritation or bloating in order to go super clean. Then the following week, we introduce the items back one at a time, either adding gluten or dairy back and seeing if you are feeling bloated or sick in any way. If you’re not digesting it well, it’s probably not a good idea for you to keep it in your diet. If you don’t notice anything, you’re probably good to go!  This is something a structured fitness and nutrition plan will help guide you though so you can get where you want to be faster, while also learning at the same time, too.

5. Find the Right Diet for You

Fad diets are not sustainable. People will be like “but I lost so much weight,” but a lot of it is taking out a whole entire food group. Not everything is going to be a perfect fit for everyone – that goes for intermittent fasting or other “trendy” diet fads. Everyone is individualized. You really need to get down to the nitty gritty and pay attention to how your body is feeling, and the elimination method will definitely help with this. Focus on balance and focus on eating with intention!

6. Take Vitamins

It’s not always about taking supplements (like fish oil or folic acid for women, which are also good), but also seeking out foods that contain those items as well, because getting them from the source is always the best! Whenever a bride signs up with us, they get a booklet that breaks down veggies, fruits, meat, eggs, dairy – all sorts of stuff that you’ll see commonly in the grocery store – and we list out all the things that you get in those different items. Turmeric is really great for anti-inflammatory, Vitamin C and Elderberry are a really big thing right now (there’s more vitamin C in bell peppers than in oranges!), we definitely always recommend green tea, and cucumbers help with the detox process in your liver. Knowing about these foods and more will help in fueling your body in a healthy way!

7. Drink LOTS of Water!

“Water is life, be the fish, be that little guppy,” – words we tell all of our brides! There are so many benefits to drinking water: it cleanses your body, clears your skin and helps your digestive system. Another important thing to remember is where your water source is coming from. Drinking from the tap is not always the best idea, so we suggest either buying alkaline water or investing in a water purifier. We also suggest doing water challenges with your friends and family to see who can drink the most water in a day – it’s a great way to hold yourself accountable in the fitness journey to your big day!

Thank you to Bells and Barbells Wedding Fitness for tips on staying healthy in 2021! Visit Bells and Barbells’ Brides of North Texas vendor profile here, where you can learn all about their wedding-prep fitness services, personal training plans and customized nutrition services OR click here to book a 15 minute complementary discover call with one of Bells & Barbells‘ wedding fitness specialists.

Make Your Way Through the Day: Color Block Cocktail Hour Inspiration

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Make your way through the day with inspiration for each part of your wedding celebration. You’ve said “I do,” so now it’s time to toast! This color block cocktail hour editorial is full of romantic, boho design perfect for the trendy bride that has an eye for color and bold style, and it isn’t complete without countless craft cocktails from HD Liquid Catering. Florals in desert shades make up artful, crawling installations by TR Floral, and we love how they seem to grow up out of the concrete floor. Jewel-toned art deco arches from Satin Pavement decorate a whitewashed industrial space and add even more warmth and helps to guide guests to their correct seating. Our hearts can hardly handle the juxtaposition of her delicate lace sheath gown from StarDust Celebrations as well as flawless hair and makeup artistry by Tease to Please Hair and Makeup in the raw-edged brick and cement setting of The Ostreum. Organic textures of the venue and floral combine with chic, intentional detail in the welcome signage created by Satin Pavement to create a one-of-a-kind color block bar and lounge area, perfect for your cocktail hour inspiration! Laning Photography perfectly captures the romantic mood through an editorial lens and Silver Bear Creative makes sure you remember every last detail from your big day, especially your trendy and social cocktail hour. Read on for a note from TR Floral and Tease to Please Hair and Makeup about their inspirations behind this cocktail hour editorial. Cheers!

Photo // Laning Photography

Video // Silver Bear Creative

From Ashley with TR Floral: “When choosing my floral types, I wanted to pick florals and colors that would appeal to all seasons, not just fall or spring. With greenery and foliages, I choose a variety consisting of Smilax (a florist staple), Nandina (lighter greenery with hints of red), Magnolia Leaves (green and brown) Grevilia (textured greenery that has a yellow undertone) and agonis (dark, dark purple/black to give it depth). As far as florals go, I wanted to pick florals that were more on the muted side so that the focus would be on the cocktails and signage. I chose Quicksand (dusty pink/tan) Nude Carnations, a muted coral garden rose called Kamala, a gold-toned spray rose, mauve roses, and ivory spray roses. And then lastly, I added pampas grass to give it texture and king proteas for uniqueness. My favorite was definitely the king proteas. I typically only see them in boho bouquets so I wanted to show them in a different, more upscale, editorial light. They are so fun, big and funky!”

From Breanna with Tease To Please Hair and Makeup: “For makeup, my inspiration was the very trendy ‘no makeup, makeup look.’ This look is all about enhancing key facial features that give definition while still looking natural. Fluffy defined brows, full wispy lashes, and glossy pink lips are the stars of the show. For hair, my inspiration was an effortless, simple ponytail. Tousled texture and keeping the hair low on the neck gives the look a trendy feel that isn’t your average ponytail. Adding softness around the face with some face-framing pieces make it bridal perfection.”

Find even more inspiration in our upscale editorials here, or browse through our styled shoots here and have fun daydreaming. Cheers!