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Welcome Bag Essentials: Crafting the Ultimate Goodie Bag

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Welcome bags are arguably one of the most special first things you can do for your wedding guests, and curating the ultimate welcome bag is major. Considering, they are likely the first things your guests are seeing upon their wedding weekend arrival. They’re the best (and we mean the BEST) way to ease your favorite people into your big day. Thoughtful and practical, we’re showing you our all-time favorite welcome bag essentials to help you craft the most perfect personal goodie bags!


What is a welcome bag?

Welcome bags are the optimal “Hi, we’re so glad you’re here with us!” for all your guests. Whether you opt to gift your goodie bags at your dream destination wedding or to surprise your out-of-towners with, they’re a great way to thank your guests for being with you on your special day. Not to mention, added treats, necessities, and additional information on your celebration make their experience all the more unique. Source some local items to further boost and personalize your welcome bags!


Welcome Bag Essentials:

welcome bag essentials for your out of town guests


Sweet or salty, every welcome bag needs some flavor! Understandably, snacks are at the top of the list when it comes to putting together the ultimate goodie bag. Add a touch of yourselves by including your personal favorite snacks. With that, BOOMCHICKAPOP and Milk Bar Cookies are a couple of our absolute must-haves.

BOOMCHICKAPOP | Milk Bar Cookies


Comfort is KEY here. Having your guests feel cozy and at home is sure to inspire all the good vibes for your wedding day. From slippers, to lip balm, there’s no better way to show your guests some love from the get-go.

Disposable Slippers | Lip Balm


A full day of traveling is enough to make anyone feel tired, puffy and tense. Our saving graces include everything from water and hydration packets, to hand sanitizer, to makeup wipes and so on. Having vital necessities to greet your guests is a full-proof way to get guests settled in and prepared pre-wedding day!

Boxed Water | Hand Sanitizer | Shout Wipes | Makeup Wipes | nuun Electrolyte Hydration Packets

Memory Maker

Keep your guests present and in the moment with disposable film cameras. They’re the perfect way to get nostalgically aesthetic memories that you, along with your guests, will hold onto forever. Meanwhile, also keeping your wedding guests engaged throughout your time of celebration.

Disposable Cameras

*Extra tip! Add a personalized note or customized gift to give your guests all the special feels. Beyond this, consider sticking to a color scheme for an elevated theme feel!

Still wanting more unique ideas on what your welcome bag essentials should include? Find and shop more of our very favorite picks here!

Piece of Cake! | How to Order the Right Amount of Wedding Cake Based on Guest Count

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Trying to figure out the right amount of dessert to order for your wedding isn’t always a piece of cake … calculating the right size of wedding cake can be tricky! We’re giving all our best tips for ordering an appropriately sized wedding cake based on your guest count. Let’s get started!

You’ll want to make sure you order enough cake to adequately serve your guests, but without paying for a bunch of extra cake that goes to waste or ending up with a ton of leftovers. A common calculation for wedding cake allows for one slice of bride’s cake per guest and a half slice of groom’s cake. So if you have 100 guests, you’d need 100 servings of bride’s cake and 50 servings of groom’s cake. However, it’s common nowadays for some guests to decline a cake slice, so you can usually get away with ordering enough cake for just 80 percent of guests – remember, that includes ALL the cake you order, whether you do one cake or two (or more!). Always consult with a professional baker to get their opinion, as well!

Cake Serving Size by Tier

wedding cake size by guest count

wedding cake size by guest count


Wedding Cake Tier Combos + Total Servings

wedding cake size by guest count

Questions to Consider When Ordering Wedding Cake:

Are you having one cake or multiple cakes? Remember the 80 percent rule includes enough cake for all your guests between ALL the cakes you’ll have, not just the main bride’s cake.

Are you serving other desserts in addition to cake? If you’re planning on having a full dessert table or serving a different dessert with dinner, you’ll need much less cake. You can probably order about 50 percent cake in this case and fill in with the additional desserts for everyone else.

Do you want to save the top tier of your wedding cake? Many couples choose to partake in the tradition of taking home the top layer of their cake, freezing it, and saving it to eat on their first wedding anniversary. You could also do this with just a couple of slices if you don’t want to save a whole tier!

How is your cake being served? If you’re having a self-serve cake station, you can get away with ordering less cake than if you serve cake with dinner and definitely need a slice for each place setting.

Tips to Save Money on Wedding Cake

Serve smaller slices – Ask your wedding cake baker if smaller slices are an option. Often, cakes are sliced into huge slices that may not get fully eaten. Guests won’t mind a slightly smaller piece and it can help stretch your budget even further.

Create an illusion with “fake cake” – Some couples opt to have a layer or two of “fake cake” (made with styrofoam) so they can have a multi-layer cake for display and for photos, but don’t end up with way more cake than they need.

Utilize sheet cakes – For extremely large guest lists, or if you’re just wanting to stretch your budget, consider having simple sheet cakes hidden away in your venue’s catering kitchen to accommodate for extra servings needed, and then doing a less expensive cake on display, perhaps a smaller cake, or one with a couple of fake layers!

Keep Cost Per Slice and Intricacy in Mind

Remember, most wedding cakes are priced by the slice. Typically, cakes run anywhere from $3 to $8 per slice in this region, but that number can sometimes be $10 per slice or more depending on how labor-intensive and intricate your design may be, or if your baker uses specialty ingredients.

If you’re dreaming of a wedding cake with intricate details, sugar flowers, fondant designs, or non-typical ingredients, expect to pay more than the minimum.

Ready to let them eat cake?! Browse some of our favorite North Texas wedding cake bakers and get ready to savor the sweetest part of the day!

FAQ: What Are the Typical Bridesmaid Responsibilities?

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I’m a first-time bridesmaid in a wedding this fall. What are some responsibilities along with proper bridesmaid etiquette that I should know?

We received this question from a Wed Society Community Member recently, and with so many ladies filling a bridesmaid role (many for the first time), we want to make sure we cover ALL the details for you!

So, what do bridesmaids do, exactly? We covered specific tasks for the bride’s BFFs in this blog, but if you’re looking for the bridesmaids’ general responsibilities, those can differ. A bridesmaid isn’t just a meaningless title – there’s actually quite a bit involved in the role! Let’s review below!

bridesmaid responsibilities

Photo // Chua Lee Photography

Bridesmaid Responsibilities + Etiquette: What to Keep in Mind

A bridesmaid’s duties start as soon as you are asked to fill the role (usually months before the wedding) and extend through the wedding night. Let’s go over all that’s involved in being a bridesmaid!

Show up!

Attend all the things. And there will be quite a few events! Engagement party. Bridal showers (try to at least attend one, if you can’t make multiple events). Bachelorette party. Rehearsal. Rehearsal dinner. Getting ready together. The wedding (a non-negotiable!). Being a bridesmaid will quickly fill up your calendar, but hey – lots of excuses to get dressed up and celebrate a person you love!

The bride may or may not ask all of her bridesmaids to attend dress try-ons and fittings, but if she does ask and you can make one or two trips, it’s a very nice gesture to tag along and offer honest but always supportive, positive advice.

Additionally, the bride may ask certain bridesmaids to take on certain roles within the ceremony or reception (reading passages, giving toasts, etc.). Do your best to cheerfully accept these roles, even if they’re a bit out of your comfort zone.

Budget for Certain Purchases

If you agree to take on the bridesmaid role, you’ll be expected to pay for attire, events and gifts. Realistically, the cost of being a bridesmaids can total several hundreds of dollars, so be prepared to budget wisely! Here’s what you’re expected to pay for and contribute to:

Bridesmaid dress – the bride may give guidelines and let you shop for your own, or she may have a specific style picked out. Either way, in most cases, bridesmaids are expected to purchase their own dress.

Shoes + jewelry – again, the bride may have a certain pair she’d like everyone to wear or she may give a general guideline (nude strappy, black chunky heel, gold earrings). Do your best to find items that fit her wishes.

Professional hair, makeup and nails for the Wedding – if funds for any of these services are an issue, be sure to let the bride know up front and ask if she’s ok with you doing your own. If she does want everyone to have a specific style – especially an updo or intricate hairstyle, it’s best to do all you can to spring for the pro service.

Shower gift – in addition to chipping in funds for the costs of the shower itself, it’s customary for bridesmaids to give the couple a gift at the shower, or contribute to a large group gift.

Wedding gift – don’t show up empty-handed to the wedding, either. Budget for all gifts ahead of time and remember, you can’t go wrong grabbing something directly from their registry!

Wedding weekend transportation + accommodations – be ready to pay for a hotel, flights and/or transportation if the wedding isn’t local, in addition to other travel costs. Lots to budget for, but often an excuse for a fun trip to somewhere new!

Pitch in with Planning (and Paying)

The Maid or Matron of Honor is typically the person to take the lead on planning pre-wedding events to celebrate the bride, but as a bridesmaid, you’re expected to chip in both with the logistics and the funds. Don’t leave all of the prep work to the MOH!

Bridal shower – offer to help the MOH as well as any of the bride’s family members who may also be contributing to shower preparations. You may offer to pay for certain items or chip in a fraction of the overall cost of the event.

Bachelorette party transportation + accommodations + gift – the hallmark event of the bridesmaid role! As a bridesmaid, you’re expected to pay your own way to the bachelorette party and also to chip in for costs of food, decor and activities. Generally, the bride’s costs for this event should all be covered by her bridal party. Budget for a bachelorette gift and if you absolutely can’t make it to the event, still offer to help cover the bride’s costs if you’re able.

Help Where You Can

Above all, bridesmaid responsibilities include being a source of emotional support for the bride! Even if she doesn’t need you to assist with DIY projects, offer to listen to her vent on occasion, offer advice where you can and provide encouragement along the way. As stressful as being a bridesmaid may be, planning a wedding can take a mental toll! It’s always helpful to bear some of that load.

Bridesmaid Etiquette to Remember

Go with the flow: Your suggestions are welcome, within reason, but the bride has the final say on bridesmaids’ attire. Even if it’s not your favorite style, it’s one night of wearing something that makes your friend happy. Worth it!

Make friends! This isn’t your reality TV version of The Bachelorette. Although your bride friend may have bridesmaid friends from many different eras of her life, which means you may not know everyone or immediately hit it off with everyone, it’s important that you do your best to be friendly and engage with the group.

Know the plan and help keep the day on track: the wedding day will follow an itinerary to keep things on schedule. Be helpful to the bride, her family and her vendors she’s paying quite a bit of money for by being on time, not complaining when it’s time for photos and having a cheerful attitude throughout the day. This means assisting with setup and cleanup as well, if needed!

Keep the dance floor going: there’s nothing more awkward for a couple (and their band or DJ) when the dance floor is noticeably empty. Take the lead as a bridesmaid, grab some hands and get out there and DANCE!

Looking for more guidance as you join your BFF in this special season? Our Community over on Wed Society is filled to the brim with helpful tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts, plus all the answers you could ever need from our expert team of wedding editors who have been there, done that! Whether you’re a bride or a bridesmaid, this Community is for you!

How to Include Guests from Afar: 7 Virtual Wedding Ideas

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2020 and 2021 certainly changed the way we think about celebrating weddings and made virtual celebrations a totally normal practice. Even as the pandemic dissipates, you may have important guests that can’t make it to your actual wedding, but still want to celebrate with you from afar, and it’s so important to include these folks and make them feel just as important and appreciated as you do your in-person guest list! Read on for our best virtual wedding ideas to to celebrate your wedding with guests both near and far!

How to Include Guests from Afar: 7 Virtual Wedding Ideas

Photo // Nicole Lea Photography

1. Live Stream

The most important component of celebrating with guests from afar! Whether you choose Google Hangout, Facebook Live, Instagram Live or Zoom, you’ve got plenty of free options to let guests watch your ceremony and reception no matter where in the world they are. Make sure your guests are on mute so there aren’t any background noise issues. If you’re using a streaming service with a code or meeting ID, you’ll definitely want to include that on the invitation as well. A unique, eye-catching backdrop is another way to jazz up what guests see on the screen of your live stream.

Start streaming before the processional so guests don’t miss a single moment, and ask your officiant to specifically welcome guests celebrating from afar so they feel included! Don’t forget to live stream major reception events, as well, like first dances, cake cutting and toasts! It’s helpful to say goodbye to virtual guests and thank them before “dismissing” them, so they don’t feel like they have to linger. Including a live stream itinerary with your invitation suite is also a helpful way to set virtual guests’ expectations and help them follow along.

Pro tip: add a QR code on your invitation to send guests straight to your live stream!

2. Video Messages

Invite guests celebrating from afar to pre-record video messages and send them to someone (maybe a task for your tech-savvy maid of honor or best man) to compile into one big video with well-wishes from all of your virtual guests. This would be so cute to play during cocktail hour or during dinner!

3. Playlist

Help set the mood on your wedding day with a link to your wedding day playlist (another great place to utilize a QR code or Spotify code). Include a mix of upbeat songs, slower songs and songs that represent your own love story! Guests celebrating with you from afar can jam out the day of your wedding and keep the mood going even after the big day! Take it one step further and make things interactive – keep your virtual wedding guests engaged throughout the wedding with a Bingo card that has them listening for certain songs or watching for certain fun occurrences.

4. Virtual Guest Book

Send out a separate card with your invitation suite (along with an addressed, prepaid envelope) asking for guests to write their advice and well-wishes down before signing the card. Many companies offer services where they’ll digitally compile these notes into a printed keepsake, as if each guest actually signed a physical guest book!

5. Custom Recipe Cards

Another wonderful idea to include with your printed invitation suite (definitely still send printed, mailed invitations to all guests, regardless of whether they’ll be celebrating virtually or not – it helps to set the tone for your day!), a custom recipe card could include the instructions to make your signature cocktail or even your dessert! That way, guests can prep ahead of time and partake in elements of your wedding that engage all the senses, in addition to having a cute keepsake to remember your day. So fun!

6. Care Packages

Show guests celebrating from afar that you care with a thoughtful package mailed to them the week of your wedding. Include non-perishable snacks, individually wrapped desserts similar to what you’re serving in person, favors that carry on your wedding theme, handwritten notes thanking them for celebrating with you, props for a virtual photo booth and even mini champagne bottles to toast from afar!

7. Virtual Photo Booths

Speaking of virtual photo booths, this is one of those virtual wedding ideas we just LOVE! Companies like Capture Co. Photo Booth offer a virtual photo booth where friends and family can access a link and take photos with the wedding frame design that will be added to the wedding photo booth gallery. They’ll be able to feel as if they’re right there at the reception with you!

capture co virtual photo booth

Bonus Tip: Hire a professional emcee with the technical experience to keep your virtual wedding celebrations running smoothly. This person should have a lively personality to keep virtual guests engaged and feeling included throughout your whole event, but also the know-how to set up cameras and computers correctly as well as handle any live stream technical issues that come up. This will be an investment you and your virtual guests will be glad you made!

Virtual celebrations help ensure your guests can stay safe while celebrating from afar – needing some ideas to help make sure your guests stay safe while they’re celebrating alongside you? Check out our ideas to keep guest safety top of mind!

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for the Bride Who Loves Flowers

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Calling all cottagecore, boho brides and flower childs tying the knot! We’re all about wedding sustainability and eco-friendly gift ideas are just one small way to reduce the impact your big day will have on the planet. The challenges of COVID-19 brought out ingenuity in Raquel and Rebecca of R. Love Floral, whose blooming idea is a total game-changer! Earthy Girl Gifts by R. Love Floral is a line of self-care products and presents made from reimagined, recycled and repurposed natural materials. We’d love to know more about these hand-crafted creations, so we asked these floral pros for the inside scoop. They explain Earthy Girl Gifts, the creation process, plus where the concept came from, down below. Read on!

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for the Bride Who Loves Flowers 

 You use the phrase “reimagined, recycled and repurposed” – what exactly does that mean?

This means that you take what is existing in wedding waste and repurpose it into something beautiful that can be recycled and made into something new. 

What are some ways I can be sustainable with my wedding flowers?

Sustainability with your flowers can come in many forms on your wedding day. First, you can choose to be more minimal and meaningful in your wedding floral designs. Choose arrangements and installations that have an impact but can be repurposed from the ceremony to reception space. You can also use living plants as part of your wedding décor. Gift them to friends and family after the wedding or plant them in your own garden to keep your wedding day flowers for years to come. Choose flowers that are in season, and bonus points if you can get locally grown and sourced flowers to reduce your carbon footprint even further. Most people don’t know that flowers are shipped overseas on planes and driven hundreds of miles in trucks to get to your wedding day. Using a local florist who sources from small, local farms will surely make a sustainable impact on your big day! Don’t forget you can recycle or reuse your wedding day flowers for brunch the next day. Have a party after the wedding and deconstruct them to make into smaller bouquets for family or leave around town to brighten someone’s day. Better yet, let R. Love Floral turn your wedding day flowers into eco-friendly gifts and keepsakes. 

How does R. Love Floral repurpose/reuse their wedding florals?

R. Love Floral has created custom eco-friendly, recycled and handmade gifts using leftover wedding flowers, paper and even wax from candles that would otherwise end up in the landfill. What once started as a beautiful handmade card set has grown into a whole Earthy Girl Gift line. We have created and curated the perfect gift box that can be given to the mother of the bride, grandmothers, sisters or bridesmaids. Once your wedding is over you can save a few floral arrangements and ship to us to preserve as gifts and keepsakes.

Tell us about the eco-friendly gifts R. Love Floral creates?

Our first Earthy Girl Gift was the floral paper card set. Rebecca, Raquel’s mother, created her own formula using recycled paper from the studio and dried florals that otherwise would have been trashed. It was pure magic and a hit with our brides. After that, the ideas started rolling and we now create bookmarks, floral sachets, floral and Epsom salt bath teas, wax ornaments, gift tags, votive candles, smudge sticks, custom linen sprays and dried/pressed floral art. The ideas are endless, so if you have a special request to preserve your wedding flowers, just send us a note! We can also repurpose your bridal shower flowers before the wedding – and how fun would it be to have custom thank you cards from your flowers!

How customizable are Earthy Girl Gifts?

Earthy Girl Gifts are 100% customizable! Choose flowers, colors, and fragrances for any Earthy Girl Gift. Shop our line of in-stock handmade products or send us your event/wedding blooms and let us create one-of-a-kind gifts and keepsakes for you and your loved ones!



Where did this idea come from?

Once upon a time, a wedding florist dreamt of more. As she cut and styled her blooms, the thought of these pretty petals living out their gorgeous glory for that one special day broke her heart. Raquel, who grew up in her mother’s garden, studied botany in college and developed a deep and passionate love for flowers. Almost a decade later, she sought a solution to the heartbreak – a way to preserve the petals and recycle those roses. Handing her mother, a lifelong artist, a box of dried petals, she asked a question. “Mom, do you think you can make paper from these petals?” “Sure, I’ll give it a try.” Excited for a creative challenge and curious about the process, she researched the paper-making process and began developing her own recipes. A few months later Becca felt like she had something to show her daughter. Raquel, who loved the floral cards immediately began gifting them to her brides and fellow vendors. They knew they had something good and proof of concept.  Fast forward to the pandemic, R. Love Floral decided to pivot as many small businesses did in the wedding industry in 2020 and voila. Earthy Girls Gifts was born!  Earthy Girls Gifts is the brainchild of Raquel and her mother Rebecca, the maker behind each handmade gift. Together their mission is to repurpose and reimagine wedding and event flowers. 

Connect with vendor R. Love Floral via her vendor profile here, or shop Earthy Girl Gifts here. Cheers!