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Find Your Ideal Engagement Ring Style with Our Handy Guide

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If you can envision your sweetheart getting down on one knee and saying YES to forever with your favorite person, you’ve probably already started thinking about your dream engagement ring. Rocking that sparkly new ring is oh-so-exciting, but the choices can be overwhelming!

If you’re not sure which style would suit you best, scroll through our handy (no pun intended) guide for more info on all the most popular engagement ring and wedding band styles. Whether you plan to go ring shopping together at a local North Texas jewelry store or just want to give subtle hints and let your S.O. surprise you, we hope this guide helps!

engagement ring styles - gemstone cuts

The Most Popular Engagement Ring Gemstone Cuts

Round cut: a classic circle shape also known as “standard round,” this cut flatters all fingers and because of the cuts made to the diamond and the way light reflects off those facets, is also the most sparkly!

Cushion cut: somewhere between a circle and a rectangle, the cushion cut has rounded edges and corners and offers exceptional brilliance with a vintage aesthetic. This style is flattering on wider fingers.

Oval cut: a universally flattering cut for any hands, ovals have great brilliance and uniqueness.

Princess cut: the square shape that looks great on any hands, the princess cut can be both classic or contemporary, depending on how it’s set.

Emerald cut: with its mirror-like, elongated rectangular cuts, the linear facets on emerald-cut diamonds create eye-catching flashes of light rather than a typical dazzling sparkle. This cut is totally vintage in nature and has a finger-elongating effect.

Asscher cut: known for its exclusive X shape, the Asscher cut is similar to the emerald cut because of its mirror-like, step-down facets and overall brightness, rather than sparkly brilliance. This cut is perfect for the bride who appreciates Gothic or Art Deco style.

Pear cut: another elongating style, the pear cut resembles a teardrop and offers a dainty, timeless look.

Marquise cut: similar to a football shape, the marquise cut is less popular and a great choice for the bold, one-of-a-kind bride!

PRO TIP: Keep in mind that elongated cuts like oval, pear and marquis will offer more bang for your buck, as the surface area is large compared to the actual carat size. You’ll be able to get a larger-looking diamond for a lower price.

engagement ring styles - ring settings

The Most Popular Engagement Ring Settings

Solitaire: the most popular, classic style where the diamond shines alone on a simple metal band and is held up by metal claws known as prongs (typically 4 prongs, but for larger stones, 6 prongs is a great choice and offers extra security).

Cathedral: in this style, the metal of the ring swoops up on each side to “meet” the diamond, accentuating the height of the stone and offering a gradual ascension, rather than the striking-ness of a pronged solitaire.

3-Stone: a timeless setting for the classic bride, 3-stone can work beautifully with round cut, princess cut or emerald cut stones, featuring 2 equal-size smaller stones flanking a larger stone in the center. Extra-dazzling!

Channel Set: similar to the pave style with tiny diamonds all in a row along the band, the channel setting has a line of small stones set in between metal “walls”, so the top of the stones are flush with the metal and the sides of the diamonds are protected.

Baguette: a twist on the 3-stone style, the baguette is a vintage-inspired style where tapered, horizontal stones flank the center stone.

Halo: with an outline comprised of either pave-set or channel-set smaller stones around the main stone, a halo (or double halo, or triple halo!) is a great way to create the appearance of a larger diamond without the price tag.

Alternative Gemstone Colors for Your Engagement Ring

Wanting something that feels more like YOU and less like everyone else? Consider a colored stone instead of a diamond! Show off your personality – there are no rules when it comes to your engagement ring!

Sapphire: the royal weddings of years’ past have inspired many brides to choose this dreamy deep blue stone. If timeless, classic and feminine describe your personal style, a sapphire might be for you!

Emerald: striking and bold, an emerald green stone is both unique and durable and perfect for the bride who appreciates an artsy, vintage style.

Topaz: this light blue stone also comes in a white variety, which can mimic the look of a diamond for a fraction of the price.

Ruby: a wonderful selection for the boho, romantic bride, a ruby red stone evokes feelings of a fairy-tale love as well as a vintage feel, especially with a gold band.

engagement ring and wedding band styles

The Most Popular Wedding Band Styles

Once you’ve honed in on an engagement ring, it’s time to pick a coordinating wedding band. Gone are the days where wedding bands have to match as a perfect set with your engagement ring. Many brides are choosing a more mix-and-match style when it comes to wedding bands, and stacking various bands together is also a popular choice! For the guys, picking a durable material is as important as picking the color, finish and thickness. Your jeweler can help you decide what’s best based on your lifestyle and needs.

Classic: It doesn’t get classier or more timeless than a simple gold or silver band accompanying your engagement ring.

Pave: Pronounced pah-vay, this French word literally means “to pave” and the idea is that the ring resembles a street paved with diamonds. The space between the tiny stones is so minimal it’s hardly noticeable, which means the sparkle factor is unreal!

Eternity: On an eternity band, the stones go all the way around the band in an “infinite” circle, symbolizing endless love. Eternity wedding bands are popularly worn as standalone rings for those who choose to forego an engagement ring altogether.

Contour: A contoured wedding band fits snugly around an engagement ring, hugging its curves and completing a matching set. This style is great for oblong stones like marquis and pear, as well.

Ready to narrow down your engagement ring search? Head to your local fine jeweler and try a few styles on, but remember, it’s smart to try on multiple ring styles. You may end up loving a style you wouldn’t have expected. Happy ring shopping!

10 Unique Catering Ideas for Your Wedding

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Whether you’re a foodie or just want to delight your guests with something special, we have ten unique catering ideas for your wedding that you’re going to love. These fun creations from local caterers are both mouth-watering and eye-catching. Enjoy!


1. Bite-Sized Classics

Culinary Art Catering

These mouth-watering mini-burgers are a fan favorite from Culinary Art Catering. Served All-American style, this bite-sized fare is sure to both surprise and delight your guests!

Photo: Cristina Wisner Photographer


2. A Burst of Flavor



Jasper’s has been dishing out culinary genius for 15 years with their gourmet backyard cuisine. Backyard food is simple food, not made to intimidate. But this is different than flipping a few burgers or hot dogs on the grill. Jasper’s is a chef-driven scratch kitchen – every dish relies on exceptional ingredients reimagined from familiar, comforting recipes. For an anytime favorite, try this delectable hearth-smoked salmon served atop seasonal roasted vegetables and drizzled with a lemon herb butter.


3. Feed The Soul

soulman's catering grilled cheese tomato soup

Soulman’s Catering

Homestyle-cooking is no longer a stranger to the wedding scene. Serving BBQ, mac-n-cheese, mashed potatoes and other comfort foods is totally acceptable, and this grilled cheese with brisket and tomato soup pairing from Soulman’s Catering is one of our faves to see!

Photo: Lightly Photography


4. Salads Guests Actually Want

Stirr Dallas salad

Stirr Dallas

It’s true that salads are a wedding menu staple, but not salads that guests will actually enjoy like any from this trio from Stirr Dallas. Whether guests are looking for a classic like The Cobb or are wanting something a little edgier on the menu like an ahi tuna creation, it’s fun to play with this dish as a first or main course!


5. International Nibbles


Vestals Catering

Take guests on a culinary travel adventure and share your favorite international bites with them. This olive bar is a fun Tuscan-themed vignette from the team at Vestals Catering that is as beautiful as it is delicious!

Photo: Charla Storey Photography


6. A New Way to Enjoy an Old Favorite


Beyong the Box Weddings

Sometimes it’s fun to reinvent the wheel! Let Beyond the Box dress up a southern favorite, shrimp and grits, into an exquisite tasting spoon style of dining. Your guests will have so much fun sampling a little bit of everything from their small eats selection.


7. Your Own Coffee Bar

Nightowl Coffee Cart

What’s better than coffee? Your own custom coffee bar with custom drinks for you and your guests, like this one from Nightowl Coffee Cart! Not only do these guys offer barista and cart, they also create custom drinks and mocktails just for your wedding.

Photo: Laning Photography


8. Seasonal Bites

Vidorra seasonal watermelon salad

Vidorra Dallas

With farm-to-table making a wave in weddings in a big way, it’s no surprise that eating seasonally has come to be second nature, too! Choose your menu based on produce that is in season, like this watermelon salad from Vidorra Dallas for a summer wedding reception!


9. Big Day Barbecue

Edison’s Dallas by Eddie Deen’s

Edison’s Dallas is a premier North Texas event center that doubles as a wedding venue and a full-service catering company! Not only will your wedding be full of modern and elegant touches, you’ll also have some of the most scrumptious eats around. Born out of one of North Texas’s most popular barbecue restaurants, Eddie Deen’s catering service can serve up almost anything for your big day – from home-style cooking to more elevated and sophisticated options and anything between. Having your wedding at Edison’s is truly a win-win because there’s nothing better than a stylish wedding with amazing food that guests will remember for a lifetime!

Photo: Bethany Erin Photography


10. Under the Sea

Wendy Krispin Caterer

For an instant hit at your event, try this grilled seabass paired with balsamic glaze from Wendy Krispin! Tableside waiter served meals are so chic and allow for guests to choose exactly their desired items and portions. Informal dining more your style? Specialty drinks custom designed for your event and delicious hors d’oeuvres passed upon arrival can creatively get the party rolling too. Leave all the details to Wendy and you won’t be disappointed!

Photo: Bethany Erin Photography

Want to browse even more culinary-grade wedding caterers? Check out the very best of North Texas here. Cheers!

Dallas Wedding Florals Guide | All the Info for Booking Your Blooms

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You’ve got the ring, a venue booked, a photographer picked out, a planner hired, checking big things off the list – it’s time to start thinking about your Dallas wedding florals! We’ve got the 411 on booking your blooms: everything you’ll need to know about when to book, where to look and important things you’ll want to consider when thinking about flowers for your wedding. Let’s get started!

dallas wedding florals guide

Florals: Vella Nest Florals // Photo: Rachel Elaine Photography

When to book your florist

In the past, it was more common for florists to work on more than one wedding per day, but today, with florals being a huge part of a wedding’s design and blooms being so integral and time-intensive, many florists only book one wedding per day, which means you don’t want to wait! You’ll need to have a date set and ideally a venue (having your planner booked is also helpful), but 9-10 months out from your date is ideal, especially considering your florist will likely need to order your flowers wholesale and needs ample time to place those orders. If you’re planning on getting married during “busy season” (June-October), you’ll want to book your florist even further in advance (12-15 months). Don’t wait!

Who to book for your wedding florals

This all depends on your vision. Take a look at several local florists’ work and decide which styles you’re drawn to most. Do you like tall, formal arrangements? Loose, organic and freeform bouquets featuring unique blooms? Monochromatic? Colorful? Whimsical? Nailing down your personal style and knowing which florists specialize in that style can help you know who to reach out to. From there, inquire on their website and be prepared to tell them your floral budget. As a rule of thumb, devoting 10% of your overall wedding budget to florals is common, but if you want to go all out with florals, go for it! Or if minimal blooms is more your thing, that’s ok, too – it’s just important to be up front with your florist about your desires.

Communicating your vision to your florist

Speaking of your desires, how do you communicate your vision to your florist? A mood board can help! Before your initial meeting with your florist, use Pinterest or gather photos of elements that FEEL like your ideal wedding. These photos don’t have to be just of blooms! Let fashion (wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses) inspire you, let color swatches inspire you, let photos of gorgeous venues inspire you. Photos can help communicate your vision well when you don’t necessarily have the words to describe precisely what you’re wanting.

That said, if you don’t have a specific vision for your wedding florals, it’s important to have an open mind and let your florist take the creative reigns! That’s why you’re hiring this person: for their talent, expertise and creativity! Give them a starting point plus the freedom to create something uniquely beautiful and you’ll be amazed.

Remember, certain flowers are only in season during certain times of year, so if you had a certain bloom in mind, it may not work for your wedding date. Let your florist make suggestions for alternatives and trust their expertise!

Hiring a planner-florist versus florist only

It’s common these days for wedding planners to also double as florists and vice versa. Floral design and overall wedding design go hand-in-hand, and many of these vendors have incredible expertise in not only designing and planning the blooms, but the whole bash, too! Because floral design is such a large part of the event design, you’ll want to make sure your planner (who should be one of your very first, if not the first, hires you make) and florist are comfortable working together if you do book two separate vendors for these tasks.

Hint: Many times, companies that specialize in both floral design and wedding planning will have “events”, “event planning” and/or “design” in their company name. That’s often a clue as to who can do both!

Where to spend and where to save on wedding florals

Before hiring a florist for your wedding, you’ll want to ask a few helpful questions. Do they have a minimum spend you’ll need to meet? Do they have a separate delivery charge? What’s the latest you’ll be able to make changes to your order? After these questions have been answered, you and your florist should be able to have a much clearer picture of the total amount you’ll be spending.

At the very minimum, you’ll want to invest in bouquets for you and your bridesmaids, boutonnieres, corsages and perhaps an accent piece for the altar. Beyond that, you’ll be looking at table centerpieces, a large floral install for your altar area, accent pieces for various parts of the venue, blooms for the cake and cake table, floral walls, hanging florals and more! The options are truly endless when it comes to the ways florals can make a visual impact.

If florals are top-priority for your wedding, be prepared to spend upwards of 10% of your overall budget on blooms. Remember that larger installs also require more labor – often a team, not just one person – and will affect the price you pay. If you’re looking to save money when it comes to florals, you’ll need to scale down on size and intricacy. You can also save by using blooms that are in-season and more commonly grown/easy to order.

Curious about using fake flowers to cut down on costs? This is certainly an option, but keep in mind the high quality faux flowers that will make someone look twice to figure out if they’re real, are often more expensive than the real flowers themselves!

Floral trends to watch

Floating florals – coming down from the ceiling, seem to float above your tables in mid-air, hanging floral installs are guaranteed to make jaws drop!

Dried florals – becoming more and more popular, especially for brides with a boho style, dried florals make a unique statement and can be used in tons of different ways.

Immersive installations + photo backdrops – think full-size tunnel walkthroughs, arches and walls, immersive installations allow your guests to experience the flowers, rather than just look at them!

Bold, joyful colors – with everything going on this year, brides are looking to express joyful, exuberant, bold and colorful vibes to share an optimistic vibe for their long-awaited celebrations.

Urns and pots – the classic and traditional urn is getting a makeover, being used with statement florals but in less stuffy ways, and potted plants allow for reusable decor pieces once the day has come and gone.

Sustainable florals – it’s not just a buzzword. Sustainable practices in the wedding industry are becoming standard, and even more so within florals! Foam-free floral design, locally harvested blooms and recycling efforts are just a few ways wedding florists are making sure their practices are more eco-friendly.

Ready to get your blooms on the books? Let us recommend a fabulously talented DFW wedding florist to make your floral dreams come true!

Modern Art Deco Micro Wedding Inspiration in Vibrant Sunset Shades

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This modern art deco micro wedding inspiration captured by Opal & Onyx Photography has the most gorgeous vibrant, bold and fun color palette that steps outside the box of normal wedding décor! Characterized by its colorblock art deco-style arches in sunset-inspired shades, this styled shoot reminds us of brighter days and showcases how nontraditional spaces can be transformed for your micro event amid COVID-19! Amber, peach, and rose-toned glass candlestick holders accent a simplistic chic tablescape in no shortage of fresh dahlias and fab florals or bold color palette. Scarlet linens set lovely table places for guests to enjoy a fancy meal while toasting to your love! This faux-bride looks ready to ride off into the sunset with her lover in this breathtaking Made With Love gown from a&bé bridal shop in the style “Rosey,” which features extraordinary lace all dotted and fine as well as a side split, adding that perfect amount of drama! “Rosey” comes with her own incredibly stunning veil as well and can be made with or without the split and even with nude lining on the bodice. Your wish is their command! A simplistic, abstract cake looks too good to eat but brings us to a fun element that modernizes this styled shoot. Warehouse Rose Events provided perhaps the most radiant piece of décor – glowing neon signage in trendy script reading “Soulmates.” This radiant rental was literally made for you to have at your wedding! From its bright and bold color scheme to its dreamy decor, this art deco micro wedding inspiration has something that is sure to make you smile. Read on for a note from the photographer about the vision behind the shoot and a few additional North Texas wedding vendors who came together to make it happen. Cheers!

Photo // Opal & Onyx Photography

From the photographer, Opal & Onyx Photography: “This modern poppy, fuchsia and tangerine micro wedding inspiration was such a joy to put together! We wanted to do a concept that was vibrant, unique and fun and really pushed the boundaries on color. With so many couples opting for smaller, more intimate wedding days, we wanted to showcase how nontraditional spaces can be transformed. We chose True Leaf Studio as the venue, a plant shop and photography studio in Denton. The backdrop was made by myself and Haley, and Taylor with The Floral Eclectic brought in whimsical touches with her floral design. We envisioned a modern art feel mixed with late 80s and early 90s vibes. The a&bé bridal shop‘s Made With Love gown added an elegant touch and fun texture. We even did a reception look in a second dress, with the most amazing floral headpiece made my The Floral Eclectic. Designing this styled shoot was a breath of fresh air during COVID and we mostly just wanted to make something happy and fun to look at.”

Still on the hunt for more gorgeous inspo? Check out all our styled shoots and curated wedding inspiration here.

Find Your Perfect Pair of Wedding Shoes

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Finding the perfect shoes for your wedding day is almost as crucial as the wedding dress! You have to pick a pair (or two) that will not only coordinate with your wedding gown but last you the whole day, too. We’ve put together some of our top picks for must-have wedding shoes – all available on Amazon

wedding shoes

1. Pointed Toe Studded Pumps | 2. Badgley Mischka Cher Pump | 3. Badgley Mischka Salma Loafer  | 4. Badgley Mischka Jeweled Mayra Heel | 5. Corral Angela Western Boot | 6. Badgley Mischka Paxton Pump | 7. Badgley Mischka Octavia Flat | 8. Badgley Mischka Ginny Dress Pump | 9. Badgley Mischka Fran Heel | 10. Jessica Simpson Layra Boot | 11. Badgley Mischka Quintana Heel | 12. Loeffler Randall Camellia Heel

Brides of North Texas powered by Wed Society is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


You only have your wedding day once, so you may as well go all out! If you are all about fashion and don’t mind a bit of discomfort, these are for you. Strut your way through the day with a pair of stilettos that will make your legs look nice and lengthy. Plus some of our favorite designers have the most incredible wedding lines!

Flats or Shorter Heels

Flats and 1-2in heels make for the ultimate comfort level. If height isn’t a make or break deal for you, then these are your perfect wedding shoes. They’re classic, cute, and you’ll be able to move around all night long without having to worry about any discomfort!

Chunky Heel

The chunky heel is a perfect compromise for comfort, style and height. If you weren’t born and bred wearing 5-inch stilettos, this option is for you. Chunky heels are great because they are not only easier to walk in but are also (thankfully!) trendy right now. 


Boots are a staple for any Oklahoma bride! So why not rock your country style (with a bit of glam) on your wedding day? These pair really well with short or high-low dresses during the reception or are a fun surprise under a classic ball gown.

Featured Image // The Lockharts

See all of the shoes we love for your wedding day here!