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Get Started on your Summer Bod!

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Ready to get in shape for the wedding AND the honeymoon? Bells & Barbells owner and lead trainer, Kat, is here to share an easy workout you can do from home or the gym. Watch below and scroll down for her quick explanation on each move to get working on your summer bod.

The Goal: These 6 exercises will help you burn calories while focusing on the areas that matter most.  When it comes to rocking your dream wedding dress and your honeymoon bikini, you can’t afford to get it wrong. So, let’s get after it! #fitbridetribe

Warm-Up: Elevate your heart rate and get your body warm with these two dynamic moves.

Two Rrounds of:

  1. 10-20 (each leg) Skaters: While keeping your posture in check (shoulders back, chest up and core tight), lightly jump from side to side, alternating which foot you land on. When you land, focus on balancing. Keep your quads and glutes engaged and land on a flat foot, but be sure to spring up on your toes as you jump.
  2. 10-20 (each leg) Squat Walks:  
    1. Lower down to a squat position. The goal is to have your booty in line with your knees. It will take strength and consistency to maintain this position. Don’t get frustrated if you feel your legs tiring out easily. Just keep practicing.
    2. While alternating from side to side and staying in your low squat position, walk forward and backward. Be sure to slightly bounce as you shift side to side, this will help you get more out of the movement just be sure to stay low as you move.

Workout: We are going to keep the glutes fired up, activate and strengthen the core all while toning the shoulders, arms and back. 

  1. Elevated Rotating Planks:
    1. Keeping body aligned from head to heels, reach left arm up, elevating yourself up on the bench and or box. Bring your right hand up to meet the left.
    2. Return left hand to start position and repeat on the opposite side. Continue, alternating sides, for up to 2 minutes, or for as long as you can without sacrificing form. Rest for 30 seconds, then repeat once more.
  2. Rear Delt Face Pulls + Low Lunge Hold: 8-10 (each leg)
    1. Set cable machine to a moderate weight. (One that you can do 16-20 reps of while maintaining correct form. )
    2. Attaching rope attachment to the cable machine and above you. Lower down into a lunge position, keeping your front knee stacked on top of your ankle. Create a solid 90 degree angle with your front and back leg.
    3. Holding either side of the rope in your hands and fixing eyes on the silver part of the rope (the center part attached to the cable machine) elevate your arms to a straight position. Keep your shoulders down.
    4. Slowly start to pull the rope toward you and all the way back until you can feel your shoulder blades squeeze together, hold for 2 seconds then, with control, slowly bring your arms and hands back to the starting position.
  1. Standing Tricep Push-Down: 8-10 (each leg)
    1. Using the same rope attachment. Set your feet under your hips and knees in a soft position, not locked. Drop your shoulders, pull rope down so that your arms are resting in an “L”  shape position (your starting position).
    2. Push the rope down and slightly away from you. This is the key to really activating your triceps, down and slightly forward. Make sure your shoulders stay back, keep chest up and core tight.
    3. Bring arms back to starting position then repeat. Make sure not to rush through this movement. Control your movement and focus on your triceps doing the work.
  1. Standing Bicep Curl: 10-15
    1. Using the same rope attachment and stance as above. Move cable so that your are pulling from below instead of overhead.
    2. Grab the rope in each hand, set shoulders then slowly pull up AND apart. Stopping at the top for ⅔ seconds. Do not bring your hands all the way up to your shoulders – this will close off your bicep and your elbows will move. The goal is to keep it all in the bicep. Repeat for 10-15 reps at a working weight.

Bells & Barbells is our go-to for wedding day fitness. Not only do Kat and her team provide customizable fitness routines, but an on staff dietician is on hand to create one-0f-a-kind nutrition plans and all B&B brides have access to the #BBClub💍, saving 40-50% off other partnering services. Take a peek on the Bells & Barbells site to get started!

Darling White Rock Lake Engagement Session from Meggie Taylor Photography

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This darling White Rock Lake engagement session from Meggie Taylor Photography has us itching for summer, sunlight and sweet nights with the ones we love! Says Meggie about this gorgeous couple: “Hayden and Kristen are high school sweethearts and best friends. They love being outdoors and exploring so they thought the perfect place for their engagement shoot would be White Rock Lake. Kristen wore a beautiful powder blue gown which perfectly accented her light eyes.” With the sunset reflecting off the water and the Dallas skyline in the distance, this is a go-to Dallas engagement spot location, and it’s obvious why! We love a good high school sweetheart story, too – read on below for theirs! Cheers to these soon-to-be newlyweds!

Photos // Meggie Taylor Photography

How they met: “We met in high school when we worked at McAlister’s Deli together! He started tickling and flirting with me, and I actually messaged him first on Facebook to get his number. The rest is history. I’ll never forget the time his grandpa came into the restaurant to visit and told Hayden that I had ‘sexy eyes,’ before he even knew that we were interested in each other.”

How he proposed: “He proposed to me on August 19, 2017! He took me on a private plane ride over the Dallas skyline, which was so beautiful. I was a little scared because the plane was shaky and small. When we landed, he blindfolded me and walked me into the lobby of a small executive airport. I took off my blindfold off, and he was down on one knee with flowers. Our entire family was there to support, and his mom and stepfather flew in from Florida. He got so nervous when he was popping the question – he’s such an outgoing guy, and it’s the only time I have ever seen him that nervous. It was so cute! Our families went out to eat afterward.”

North Texas Planner Profile: Silver Lining Events + Co.

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For Elisabeth Landry and her team at Silver Lining Events + Co., their wedding planning mantra is simple: “We create environments of celebration.” And beautiful ones, at that. Offering everything from event design to coordination and full-fledged wedding planning, Silver Lining Events + Co. uses their expertise in design and logistics to help couples create a gorgeous day that reflects their cultures and personalities.

Says Elisabeth: “We are known for original and creative ideas, and exquisite attention to every last detail. Our event aesthetic is a fine art approach to classic southern charm. Above all, our events will always reflect the personalities and culture of our clients. More than anything, we want your wedding to reflect your personality.”

Take a look below at a styled shoot and a real wedding planned and designed by the Silver Lining Events + Co. team!

A Favorite Styled Shoot

silver lining events styled shoot details

silver lining events styled shoot details

silver lining events styled shoot details

silver lining events styled shoot details

silver lining events styled shoot details

silver lining events styled shoot details

Photos // Laylee Emadi Photography

Bringing the effortless grace and beauty of ballet to a bright and lovely bridal session, this styled shoot was a dream come true! “I loved the peachy-nudes used in this shoot and was inspired by all the tones and textures of a ballerina’s attire. I loved how delicate and strong it turned out!”

To help bring your own personal style and passions into your celebration, Elisabeth suggests keeping a journal to record your ideas. “Your thoughts, preferences and personality will mature throughout your planning process and it’s fun to see your progress from ‘I Will’ to ‘I Do.’”

Real Wedding Love

silver lining events wedding details

silver lining events wedding details

silver lining events wedding details

silver lining events wedding details

Photos // A Sea of Love

Talk about a wedding planner coming to the rescue: “The bride trusted me with her complete design and almost every detail of her wedding. While taking her photos pre-ceremony, her heel got stuck on a rock and (my worst nightmare) she fell in the mud. The back of her custom dupiani silk gown was drenched in mud. I acted fast, called the designer to quickly come to the venue for repair, and we got all of the mud, dirt and water out of her gown right in time for the ceremony. I touched up her makeup, and sent her down the aisle with a big smile! Not only was her wedding one of my most favorite I’ve ever designed or planned, she is one of my most favorite brides of all time.”

Silver Lining Events + Co. plans and designs beautiful celebrations of all kinds. To inquire with Elisabeth and her team, reach out via their Brides of North Texas vendor profile! Cheers!

Cityscape Romance: Dallas Engagement Session by Pharris Photography

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A cityscape romance between Chudney and Ryan was captured perfectly by Pharris Photography & Philms in these stunning engagement photos! High school sweethearts who reconnected shortly before Ryan was drafted into the NFL, this couple calls Texas home no matter where their careers take them and wanted to capture their love in Dallas’s downtown city streets. They chose a monochromatic outfit scheme to keep the focus on their beautiful faces and the urban architecture around them at the AT&T Performance Arts Center, sneaking kisses, strolling sidewalks and splashing in fountains all while looking gorgeous as ever. Pharris Photography captured their natural beauty and their personalities so well, from their intimate, serious side to their giddy playfulness. Read more below to see how Ryan proposed – Chudney’s ring is a stunner, for sure! Congrats to these soon-to-be newlywed cuties!

Photos // Pharris Photography & Philms

How did you and your fiancé meet? “Ryan and I are both from Beaumont, Texas, and met the summer before going into 8th grade. He transferred to my middle school, and we ended up being high school sweethearts. We broke up for a few years going into college but rekindled the romance right before Ryan was drafted to the Washington Redskins in 2014.”

How did he propose? “I’m super shy and had been warning Ryan about proposing publicly. Luckily, he proposed in the privacy of our home, our bathroom to be specific, before he left for spring training this past football season. I know a lot of people fantasize about glamorous proposals, but we are both low-key. My ring makes up for his absence of creativity!”

Organic Industrial Styled Shoot from Alexa Kay Events

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With soft, lush florals and dreamy details, Alexa Kay Events transformed Fort Worth’s newest event space, The Century Hall, for this lovely organic industrial styled shoot! Alexa partnered with The Shabby Rose Florist to show off this new space. Industrial spaces can lean toward feeling cold and stark, but with blooms gathered into freeform bouquets, the room was accented in such a lovely and inviting way. The exposed brick and rough stucco interior pair perfectly with rough, wild autumn florals and classic blush roses. We love the flowy feel of the table linens and how they’re paired with sophisticated rough-edged, wax-sealed stationery by Lyons Paperie for a chic aesthetic. The bride’s hair is gathered in a gorgeous low ponytail to highlight her illusion lace off-the-shoulder gown from Lovely Bride Dallas – we can’t get over that shoulder detailing! Dainty metallic and marble details on the cake, along with more delicate autumn florals, make for an oh-so-sweet dessert to finish off the day. Scroll through the photos below to see all the beautiful touches!

Photos // Xperience Photography