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You’ll Love this Luxe Luncheon Bridal Shower Inspiration

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Be careful – this luxe luncheon from Tami Winn Events might just steal your heart! Stephanie Brazzle Photography captured the day beautifully, leaving no detail unnoticed at the Colonial Country Club. The ultra-romantic space was filled with delicate hues of blush and lavender that were adorned against the elegant gold pieces from POSH Couture Rentals. The modern, gold table held some major glam aesthetics with the hand-crafted invitation suite, place cards and menu signage from Illustrated Weddings by Lola Lorena that incorporated cascading florals and whimsical lettering. We all know that no luncheon is complete without something tasty! Fresh, artisan cocktails from HD Liquid Catering were served alongside a darling textured cake trio by Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery. Lush florals from Tami Winn Events were peppered throughout every corner of the space creating the ultimate feminine scene. Co. N Films filmed all the behind the scenes goodness, seen below! Take a cue from this luxe luncheon to plan your bridal shower!

Photos // Stephanie Brazzle Photography

Video // Co. N Films

From the planner, Tami Winn of  Tami Winn Events: “The inspiration for this styled shoot was a luxe bridal shower using feminine colors and textures for everything from the flowers to the chairs.”

#COVID19: Postponing Your Wedding? You’ll Want to Read These Tips

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Amidst this unprecedented pandemic situation, you may be one of the brides faced with the heavy decision of postponing your wedding. First, we are so sorry you’re going through this. We completely understand the effort and passion that goes into planning this incredibly special day, and in turn, the disappointment and emotions of having to change plans in a major way. While the health and safety of you and your guests is of utmost importance, getting to have the wedding you’ve been eagerly looking forward to is important, too! While you may have to let go of your dream date, you can still have your dream day. Follow the tips below to ensure your wedding plans can get back on track when the time is right. Stay safe, brides!

postponing your wedding

Photo // Megan Kay Photography

Steps to Take When Postponing Your Wedding

1. Decide whether to postpone, adjust or if your date is far enough out, to go ahead with your original plans. As of this post’s publication, events taking place July 2020 and beyond are most likely safe, but Coronavirus statistics and guidelines continue to change, so always pay attention to local rules and guidelines for gatherings (your city, county and state government websites should have the latest information), and of course, stay up to date with the latest info from the CDC. Your guest count and guests’ travel plans should factor in most. If a large number of your guests will require long trips or travel by air to get to your wedding, postponing to a fall/winter 2020 or spring 2021 date is probably best. The later your new date, the less risk you run of having to postpone twice. No, thank you! If you’re open to simply adjusting your original plans, consider eloping or having an intimate, private or family-only ceremony (you’ll still need an ordained minister and license for it to be legal) and postponing only the reception to a later date.

2. Family first. Before you talk to any vendors, clear a few potential new dates or a range of dates with the people closest to you – your spouse-to-be and your immediate families. Unfortunately, it may not be possible to find a new date that works for every single person in your extended family and bridal party, much less your entire guest list, but don’t panic. Your loved ones understand how important this is to you and will do their best to accommodate a new date. Consider streaming your ceremony and/or reception so those who can’t make the new date can “attend” in their own way!

3. Prioritize vendor communication. You’ll need to get in touch with ALL of your vendors as soon as possible, but in these circumstances, the order in which you reach out matters. We recommend speaking first with your planner – as the liaison between you and other vendors, their input is invaluable and they may be able to take care of the bulk of the communications involved in postponing your wedding. If you aren’t using a planner, we suggest reaching out to vendors in this order:

– Venue
– Officiant
– Photographer + Videographer
– Florist, Caterer, Rentals (they have large, expensive, time-sensitive orders to place)
– All other vendors

With so many moving pieces, it may be extremely difficult to find a new date that works for every vendor you’ve booked. Decide which couple of vendors are your absolute must-haves, and make sure your new date works for them first. You may have to go another direction with certain vendors, and that’s okay! Review all contracts to see the protocol for changing dates, canceling if need be, and which payments are non-refundable. Remember, this is a stressful time for vendors too, but kindness in your communication with them can go a long way.

4. Notify guests. Update your wedding website with your new date and any updated travel recommendations for guests. Give your guests plenty of time to adjust their travel plans, change flights, etc., but at the same time, don’t communicate anything to guests out of panic before you’ve nailed down a Plan B (steps 1-3). Let your guests know of the new plans by posting on social media – many vendors have created beautiful templates for Instagram to help with this announcement – or sending a new save the date. If you’re not keen on extra postage costs, email announcements are totally okay in this situation!

5. Make sure your marriage license will still be valid if you’ve already gotten one, or adjust your plans for picking up that important piece of paper. Don’t worry: we’ve got a comprehensive guide to getting your marriage license, too!

6. Adjust your honeymoon travel plans. Definitely be aware of CDC and government guidelines before making any major travel adjustments!

6. Breathe. Think big picture. Remember, no matter what happens, it’s still your day and before you know it, this will be behind us and you’ll be married to your person.

Brides of North Texas Is Here to Help

We know postponing your wedding can feel extremely overwhelming, but hold on to these two words: focus + flexibility. Focus on what’s most important to you, and be flexible with the rest! We hope to make the process a little easier for you as you go about making adjustments to your wedding plans. Need to hire a different vendor? Our directories are full of reputable, talented local vendors who will be eager to help serve you on your new date. Need inspiration as you finesse your original vision? We’ve got you covered there with amazing local weddings and styled shoots. Our social media channels are full of helpful information as well, and we hope to be a resource for you during this time.

Cheers to you! We wish you all the best!

Celebrate Your Love By Adding This Wow Factor to the Wedding Festivities

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What better way to make your wedding day even more memorable than with some amazing fireworks? Celebrate your love by adding a wow factor to the festivities with help from Preston Ward, owner of Prestotechnics. Whether you’re looking for a dazzling exit or a show-stopping first dance display, Preston is sharing a behind the scenes look at what you can do to add some sparkle to your big day.

Keep scrolling for our favorite idea which is a brand new fire and ice display—only for the truly daring couples!


Photo // Rachel Elaine Photography

Fireworks can make a great exit backdrop. What other ways can fireworks be used at weddings?

We conduct a lot of displays immediately after the toasts, at a dancing break time or after the first kiss. They are also great for remembering or honoring loved ones. We had one couple who did a show to their grandparent’s wedding song, and one bride who honored her late brother by having them to his favorite song.

What types of fireworks does Prestotechnics offer for weddings?

We offer three different package tiers: classic, premium and custom. They all include the product, show design, set up, clean up and at least two licensed technicians on site. The difference between the classic and premium is height of the effects and size of the fireworks. The premium and custom shows also include music of your choice during the display, for which we bring our own sound system.

With the custom show package we put the bride and/or groom in the driver’s seat, allowing them full customization of the display which is choreographed to music of their choice.

We also offer sparkler fountain exits. We have two different types of sparkler fountains; a machine that can be used indoor and for closer proximity and “gerbs,” which are what you typically think of when thinking of sparkler fountains and the kind that people typically drive the getaway car through. Also, new for 2019, we offer snow machines for exits or first dances. For those more daring, we have a “fire and ice package” where you can get both fireworks and snow!

Is there a fireworks technician on site or are the fireworks handed over to the couple?

We cannot hand fireworks (other than sparklers) over to customers. What you buy from us is the display, no work on your part. We work with the venue, your coordinator, and always send at least two firework technicians to set up and conduct the display in the safest way possible.  Out of an abundance of caution, we always do more than the minimum required.

What venues are you able to shoot fireworks at? What types are you not?

We can do sparkler fountains, spark machines and snow machines at just about any venue. As for aerial fireworks, it depends on the spacing around the venue.  When you get into more urban environments options start to become limited because spacing is tighter, but usually we can work out some kind of option. Recently, there has been advancements in “close proximity” fireworks. Typically, these are used at stadiums, sporting events or indoor productions. These close proximity fireworks have opened up a lot of different venues where spacing used to be an issue. When we use close proximity products the distance requirements go way down, but alternatively the cost goes up.

How far away from the wedding must fireworks be released?

That depends on how big of a firework you want to use. The state requires 70 feet of distance between the audience and the firing site, per inch of the shell. We also look at things like trees, power lines, buildings, roads, etc. For the close proximity fireworks mentioned earlier, that distance goes down to 35 feet. For sparkler fountains it is 15 feet.

What rules regarding pyrotechnics exist that couples aren’t likely to know?

Every display we do, we are required to get a permit from the city, county, state or multiple agencies. We strive to never say no to a bride and make every display happen, but the amount of time it takes to receive a permit is out of our hands. Almost every city and county has a different procedure. Some can take 30 days, while others may only take a few days. Additionally, some cities won’t let us conduct aerial displays after 10 PM in city limits or require us to have the fire department brush truck on site.

prestotechnics dallas

A special thank you to Preston Ward of Prestotechnics for sharing a behind-the-scenes look at how to take a celebration to the next level with a show-stopping display! If you’re interested in making your event one to remember, you can contact the team at Prestotechnics directly through their Brides of North Texas vendor page. 

Write Romantic and Authentic Wedding Vows with this Fail-Proof Guide

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You don’t have to be a great writer to write great wedding vows. Maybe you’re like a Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation) when it comes to writing your wedding vows — “The first draft of my vows, which I wrote the day after we got engaged, clocked in at around 70 pages.” Or you might be more of a Bella Swan (Twilight) — When I first learned I was going to write my own vows, I panicked. I looked at the paper for hours, no words coming to mind.” Either way, we have a fail-proof guide that will help you write romantic and authentic wedding vows.

We’re going to start with the origin of vows, give you tips, inspiration — and a step-by-step guide to get started!

Write Romantic and Authentic Wedding Vows with this Fail-Proof Guide

Photo // Catie Ann Photography

The Origin of Wedding Vows 

The origin of wedding vows goes back to ancient times. During the Roman Empire, when a bride’s father would “deliver” her to the groom, the couple would agree that they were wed and kept the vow of marriage by mutual agreement. 

The traditional vows we know today that vow “to have and hold from this day forward…” are one of the oldest wedding traditions going back to the medieval times when the Book of Common Prayer was published in 1549. 

There are variations, but they started out like this —

I (name) take thee (name) to my wedded wife/husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part, according to God’s holy ordinance; and thereto I plight thee my troth.” 

Flash forward to today and couples are blending tradition and culture together with their own unique love story and personality by writing their own vows. 

Myths About Writing Your Wedding Vows 

Don’t let the task of writing your wedding vows intimidate you because of outdated myths about it. Here are some myths that may be stopping you from writing your vows.

1. You have to be a great writer.

Not true. Feel free to quote famous writers, but you don’t have to be one to create beautiful vows. Your wedding vows are about writing what’s in your heart and making promises to someone you are building a life with. It doesn’t need to be perfect — it only needs to be meaningful. Don’t worry about if it’s the greatest thing ever written. 

2. You have to memorize them.

Don’t let the movies or books you’ve seen (while wonderful) make you think you have to know your vows by heart in order for them to be authentic. That’s putting undue pressure on yourself. Reading your own vows during the ceremony is a great way to be in the moment and not worried about remembering your speech in front of a large crowd on one of the biggest days in your life. Plus, that piece of paper or beautiful notebook becomes a keepsake for your family in generations to come. 

3. You have to do them by yourself — or it’s not authentic or romantic. 

This is a sneaky one because it is important that the vows come from your heart and your perspective, but there’s no shame in getting help making sure you clearly communicate what you’re feeling. This help could come from friends or family — or it could come from a professional wedding vow writer. That’s right. There are wedding vow writers that help you take what you’re feeling and craft something epic, if that’s important to you. 

4. You can’t have traditional vows and write your own. 

Traditional vows, especially ones that are intrinsic to the ceremony, can be beautiful and even necessary in some cultures or venues. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own personal messages with promises to each other during the ceremony. This can come at the beginning of the ceremony or even after the traditional vows just before the pronouncement.

Wedding Vow Inspiration

Even the most skilled poet needs inspiration and the same is true for you when writing your own vows. Before you can start writing your wedding vows you’ll want to look for inspiration. 

Here’s a great example of what writing your wedding vows can look like. 

Videographer: Transform Visuals

(Click here to watch more examples of couples sharing their vows on our Youtube channel.) 

On-Screen Wedding Vows

We’ve talked about how you don’t have to be a good writer to write good vows, but there’s no harm in pulling from your favorite on-screen (or page) couples for inspiration — or even to directly quote.

Here are some sample wedding vows from on-screen (or page) weddings and what inspiration you can take from them.  

Paige and Leo (The Vow)  

Inspiration: Make real promises both serious and silly that reflect your love and relationship.

Paige I vow to help you love life, to always hold you with tenderness and to have the patience that love demands, to speak when words are needed and to share the silence when they are not, to agree to disagree on red velvet cake, and to live within the warmth of your heart and always call it home.

Leo I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once-in-a-lifetime love. And to always know in the deepest part of my soul that no matter what challenges might carry us apart, we will always find our way back to each other.


Julian and Brooke (One Tree Hill)

Inspiration: Tell them how they have changed your life and why you love them. 

Julian — Brooke, before I met you I thought my world had everything I needed to be happy. I had nothing else to compare it to, then you walked into my life and everything changed. I realized how empty my world was without you in it, and my old life was no longer capable of making me happy … not without you. I love everything about you, Brooke. I love the way you challenged me like no one ever has. I love the way you look at me like no one ever has, and I love the way you love me like no one ever has. I can’t imagine spending my life without you, and if you say “yes” to me in a few minutes, I won’t have to. You look beautiful by the way. 

Brooke — Julian, before I met you my world revolved around one thing … me. And I like it that way — on my own, but then I met you and you saw through the facade. You saw me. You’ve taught me to trust, how to let someone in, and what it truly means to fall in love. I can’t possibly describe how much I love you, so I’ll tell you why I love you. You see the world in a way that no one else does and you appreciate  everything, including me. There’s no one in the world like you, and if you say “yes” in a few minutes, I’ll get to spend the rest of my life trying to see the world through your eyes, appreciating everything, including you … the most unique, wonderful, and terribly handsome man I have ever met. 


Leslie and Ben (Parks and Recreation)

Inspiration: Allow each other to create vows that reflect your unique personalities and perspectives. They don’t have to match. 

Ben — In my time working for the state government, my job sent me to 46 cities in 11 years. I lived in villages with eight people, rural farming communities, college towns. I was sent to every corner of Indiana. And then I came here, and I realized that this whole time I was just wandering around everywhere, just looking for you.

Leslie — The things that you have done for me, to help me, support me, surprise me, to make me happy, go above and beyond what any person deserves. You’re all I need. I love you and I like you.

Ben — I love you and I like you.


Phoebe and Mike (Friends)

Inspiration: Let your quirkiness shine through and don’t try to fit a fancy mold — just be your authentic self.

Phoebe — When I was growing up, I didn’t have a normal mom and dad, or a regular family like everybody else, and I always knew that something was missing. But now I’m standing here today, knowing that I have everything I’m ever gonna need. You are my family.

Mike — Phoebe, you are so beautiful. You’re so kind, you’re so generous, you’re so wonderfully weird. Every day with you is an adventure. I can’t believe how lucky I am, and I can’t wait to share my life with you forever.

Phoebe — Oh wait, I forgot! And, um…I love you. And you have nice eyes.

Mike — I love you too.


Topanga and Cory (Boy Meets World) 

Inspiration: Recount your love story, reflect on the obstacles you’ve overcome, and share your hopes for the future.

Topanga — I wasn’t sure this day would ever come, but you were. I wasn’t sure love could survive everything we put it through, but you were. You were always strong and always sure. And now I know I want you to stand beside me for the rest of my life. That’s what I’m sure of.

Cory — Ever since I was young I never understood anything about the world, and I never understood anything that happened in my life. The only thing that ever made sense to me was you, and how I felt about you. That’s all I’ve ever known, and that’s enough, that’s enough for me, for the rest of my life.


(This list wouldn’t be complete without some of the most romantic confessions in literature. While they are technically proposals, it’s great vow inspiration!)

Pride and Prejudice (Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet)

Inspiration: Let the great writers of history be your partner. If a quote or passage from a story reflects how you feel, quote it and let it help you speak from your heart. 

Mr. Darcy on when he first fell in love with Elizabeth (Book)I cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look, or the words, which laid the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun.

Mr. Darcy (Screenplay) You have bewitched me body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. And wish from this day forth never to be parted from you.

Anne of Green Gables (Anne to Gilbert) 

Inspiration: Use your previous conversations or shared history to add extra meaning to your vows. 

Anne quoting herself from a previous conversation— I don’t want diamond sunbursts or marble halls. I just want you.

A Guide for Writing Your Wedding Vows

Now that you’ve been inspired, it’s time to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to start writing! 

While each person’s vows are unique to them and their story, here is a guide to get you started. The result from this simple prompt will be authentic, meaningful content to create your own beautiful wedding vows. 

Remember, this doesn’t have to be long or fancy, just write what comes to mind. 

  1. Write down your love story.
  2. Write down what the moment was that you first knew you loved them. 
  3. Write down the greatest blessing(s) having them in your life has brought you.
  4. Write down three things that you love most about them. 
  5. Write down one reason you want to marry them. 
  6. Write down why you want to go through life together with them.
  7. Write down what you hope to bring to their life. 
  8. Describe how you feel about building a life with them.
  9. Describe how you see going through life together. 
  10. Look back at what you’ve written and write three promises (or vows) that show your commitment to making that a reality. 

This will help you get a general structure to your vows. You’ll start to see a theme and be able to pick the most important elements out. Even if you would love to get professional help, this will be invaluable information to do that as well.

Pro Tips to Keep You On Track

  • Consider your venue restrictions before writing your vows. Some places require certain traditional vows, but may allow a personalization before or after the official vows. Talk to your venue or wedding planner for confirmation. 
  • It’s not recommended to write your wedding vows together with your significant other, but do talk about expectations. You don’t want to have a five-minute monologue on one side and a single sentence on another. 
  • If you want professional help writing, your wedding planner is a great source of help to either find a professional writer or to give you feedback directly. 
  • Read your vows aloud to see how long they are, and be sure to practice before the big day. 
  • Don’t leave this task until the last minute. Tweaks and changes are fine, but it’s best to have this ready in advance. A month to two weeks before the big day is a great timeline for having the finished product. 
  • Start gathering inspiration now, do the writing prompt, and let that simmer for a while before you start writing. 

For more inspiration on wedding vows, check out our real couples’ wedding videos on our YouTube Channel to see how different couples tackled this task. Happy writing! 

Creating a Cohesive Wedding Look and Other Insights with Engaged Events

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A seamless wedding design that is cohesive from start to finish is a truly beautiful thing — and it’s exactly what Whitney Bailey, owner and lead coordinator of Engaged Events, specializes in creating! Get a behind-the-scenes look at the design process for Whitney and her talented team and learn how they create those seamless designs. Keep scrolling to see some of the prettiest mood boards you’ve ever seen!

Photos // Jen Symes Photography 

Creating a Cohesive Wedding Look and Other Insights with Engaged Events

The Planning Process

“Our planning process is customized and modified for each client. We use an organized online planning platform and give access to our clients so that we can instantly be connected at all times. I love the connections I make between my clients, but also creating an event that represents who they are as a couple.”


An Inside Look at the Design

“Our client wanted her wedding to feel like a classic, traditional and outdoor garden. We used her custom monogram and invitation details throughout the wedding to make the design feel cohesive.”



Creating a Cohesive Look

“I find certain elements whether it be a certain color, texture or theme and implement them in the design of the wedding. Most of my inspiration comes from wedding blogs, local magazines and all platforms of social media. I find certain elements whether it be a certain color, texture or theme and implement them in the design of the wedding.”



Love and Logistics

“I love all the logistics in planning, but I also like to have fun with my couple! This is someone I will be working with for the next year, so it’s important to connect from the beginning.”



A special thank you to Engaged Events owner and lead coordinator, Whitney Bailey for giving us an inside look at how to create a cohesive look for your wedding or special event as well as taking us along in her process. To get Whitney and her talented team’s expert design work on your big day, you can contact her directly through her Brides of North Texas vendor profile.