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Everything You Need to Know About Ordering a Wedding Cake

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When it comes to your wedding, choosing the perfect wedding cake for your special day is a hefty task in itself. The options are truly endless. From buttercream to ganache, sugar flowers and piping, it can feel a bit overwhelming! Rest assured, we have you covered. Before committing to the wedding cake of your dreams, we want to make sure you cover all your bases. We have gathered together everything that a bride should know when it comes to cake. Read on!

Everything You Need to Know About Ordering a Wedding Cake

Cake: Butterfly Cakery // Photo: The Lockharts

How to Book a Cake Vendor

Just like any other part of the wedding process, finding your dream cake is so important! Picking the perfect cake starts with picking the perfect vendor. Determining your vendor should start with research. Research, research and more research! Search for vendors whose style, design and pricing align with your wedding checklist. Once you find the wedding cake vendor of your dreams, it’s time to book! You can schedule a tasting via on the phone or send an inquiry through their website! Do what works for you! Don’t forget, before your cake tasting, bring a list of questions. Here are the questions we feel our brides should have ready at any tasting they enjoy! Now let your taste buds get to work!

  1. What flavors and fillings do you offer?
  2. Is a tasting included in the fee?
  3. How big should our cake be to feed our guests?
  4. Do you have a portfolio of past designs?
  5. How do you price your cakes?
  6. How far in advance do we need to order the cake?
  7. How many cakes do you deliver on the same day?

What Does a Cake Tasting Look Like

Once you have diligently sifted through every wedding blog and Pinterest board, you have settled on your vendor! Yay! Now it’s time for the best day ever – cake tasting day! What couple doesn’t get excited about eating endless amounts of cake? Aside from all the fun, we want you to be prepared for what really happens in a traditional cake tasting appointment. Typically, the couple will discuss with the baker flavor combos and what the overall cake design will look like. It’s basically like a brainstorming session but with yummy samples. Finally, the couple can select their wedding cake topper. Choose from a bouquet of fresh flowers, a family heirloom or a classic bride and groom statuette. Let your imagination run wild! Just remember to keep your budget in mind to avoid mishaps down the road!

Cake Size Per Guest Count

Have you ever heard of a wedding catastrophe where there isn’t enough cake? We sure hope not, but we want to make sure every bride knows the perfect amount of cake depending on her guest list. Wilton, a tried and true cake guru, shares that a small 3 tier cake (6x8x10 round) will feed 74 guests. Other cake enthusiasts say traditionally three tiers will serve between 50 to 100 guests. With that in mind, depending on the size of your guest list, you can add tiers to your cake to accommodate. Keep in mind that every guest won’t have a slice of cake and some guests may RSVP “no” so we recommend ordering your cake after you solidify your guest list. We know the cake is the best part, but too much cake may be a bit of a problem! Also, a great tip to know is wedding cake is often priced by the slice ($1.50 to $15) so keep this in mind when ordering a cake for your guests that also works with your budget!

Flavor Options

When it comes to picking the flavor for your wedding cake, the flavor combos are truly endless. Your cake is going to be something you remember, so we want to ensure you pick the perfect flavor for your special day! We recommend choosing your cake flavor after you have decided on your wedding theme. Different flavors are more appropriate for different seasons. For example, lemon would be a delicious option for a spring wedding! But all-in-all, you choose whatever you and the groom prefer most! With your baker’s help, play around with flavor combos and frosting types – and don’t think you have to pick just one flavor. Get creative and have fun! We put together a list of the most popular wedding cake flavors to help spark some inspiration! Enjoy!

  • Vanilla with a buttercream frosting and raspberry jam 
  • Red velvet with a cream cheese frosting
  • Carrot with a cream cheese frosting topped with candied pecans
  • Chocolate with a chocolate or white-chocolate buttercream frosting
  • Lemon with a vanilla buttercream frosting with a lemon curd filling topped with raspberry jam
  • Pink champagne with a Bavarian cream frosting topped with strawberries
  • White chocolate raspberry with a white-chocolate buttercream and a raspberry jam filling

Cake Design

When designed right, your wedding cake will be a statement piece at your reception for all your guests to see! Your cake should communicate your wedding style and accent your decor. There are so many style options and trends so research design ideas or work with your baker to pick a style that speaks to you. With that being said, we have some great tips to design a gorgeous wedding cake that will make your special day one to remember. First off, the inside of your cake should mimic the outside in terms of flavor in design. If you choose a lemon cake, play with lemon accents to decorate. And have you ever heard the term “opposites attract”? Play with design elements like lace, appliqués, textures and florals. Mix metallics and clean lines. Contrast colors. Finally, if you are wanting to use fresh blooms on your cake, choose flowers that are in season for when you are getting married. This way they will be available and blooming at their best. Flowers you are wanting not in season? No worries, instead opt for sugar flowers. They look just as real and they add a gorgeous design element to your cake. As we have mentioned time and time again, the options are endless so choose a cake design that fits your style and makes you smile!

What do you Need for Serving

Oh, what fun to cut the cake! Cutting the wedding cake has been a long time tradition to honor the bride and groom. It is such a sweet moment when the bride and groom exchange cake and eat it for the first time in front of their guests. Cutting cake sounds easy, right? Well, it can be if you use the right serving utensils. When cutting the cake, start by cutting the cake from the bottom tier with a knife, not the server. Then with the knife, slide the cake onto the server to place on a plate! Viola! Also, remember to pick a wedding cake knife and server set that you will love for years to come!

Who is in Charge of Cutting the Cake?

With any wedding task, there comes an assumed etiquette, and cutting the cake is not different. In traditional wedding ceremonies, the cake is usually cut between dinner in dancing. This provides a silent cue for those with young children or older couples freedom to leave if they’re not planning to stay for the “party.” When it comes to actually cutting the cake, the tradition dates back decades of the bride and groom cutting the first piece to smash into each other’s faces. Some couples prefer the maid of honor to do the cake cutting or a trusted friend or family member. Another option is to have staff at the venue do the honors. Just know some venues or catering companies charge a cake cutting fee per slice. Whoever cuts the cake is truly up to the bride and groom’s preference. You seriously can’t go wrong!

What Else Does a Couple Need for the Cake Cutting?

As we mentioned earlier, when it comes to cutting the cake, the most important essential is a cake knife and serving set! Serving sets come in all colors, shapes and styles to fit any bride to be! Along with that, couples often have serveware to accompany. This can include champagne flutes, personalized napkins, and serving plates and forks that match the wedding aesthetic. Shop our faves in our Amazon shop!

Saving the Top Tier

Dating back to the 19th century, so a long time ago, couples have been saving the top tier of their wedding cake. Couples save their cake to enjoy a slice on their first wedding anniversary – so sweet! The proper way to save the cake is to wrap it really well in plastic wrap and store it in an airtight container in the freezer. Before covering the cake, remember to remove all fresh flowers, leaves, sugar accents or garnishes to avoid the nasty freezer burn. If you forgot to save some cake from your big day or don’t feel comfortable eating year-old cake, don’t panic. Contact your original cake bakery and request a small cake in the same flavor combo to commemorate your anniversary! If you are wanting the real deal though, make sure to coordinate with a trusted family member or your maid of honor to collect the top tier of the cake to preserve during the reception and to transport to a freezer post-celebration. With all these tips, enjoy your cake and know this long-standing tradition will bless you and your husband with luck and prosperity for years to come! Cheers!

Now that you have learned everything you need, it’s time to pick your cake! Check out some of North Texas’ best cake vendors here!

Simplistic Romance Wedding Inspiration in Shades of Violet and Mauve

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In terms of decor, less is more when your venue is as historic and ornate as this one! Simplistic romance wedding inspiration plays out in timelessly elegant scenes planned by Blissful Weddings & Events. This model bride wows in her sleek, timeless gown from a&bé bridal shop that truly accentuates all the right places, completed by her stunning bridal glam and natural style by the hair and makeup experts at Brite Beauty. A tablescape laden with simple linens, set with elegant gilded flatware and rentals from POSH Couture Rentals as well as floral centerpiece in lovely shades of violet and mauve all work in unison to breathe modern life into this vintage wedding setting. A clean and feminine invitation suite from Brown Fox Creative includes sweet mauve envelopes filled with blooming detail and delicate floral embossed wax seals. Adding a climbing installation of delicate petals around the venue’s grand fireplace, showcasing a tiered floral wedding cake alongside velvet lines draped over the piano make every scene in this simplistic romance wedding inspiration feel so rich with luxury. From its effortless, vintage charm to its timeless styling and coordination by Blissful Weddings & Events, this styled shoot has stolen our hearts! Read on for a note from the planner about the design and vision behind this simplistic romance wedding inspiration. Cheers!

Photo // Chua Lee Photography

From the planner: “Where do we even begin?! This elegant and romantic styled shoot showcases all the luxury and class of any couple’s wedding dreams, held at the new Dallas wedding venue, The Mason. With the venue’s classic touches and attention to detail, you really don’t need much! We incorporated different tones of violet that goes well with either a spring or fall wedding!”

Still on the hunt for more gorgeous inspo? Check out all our styled shoots and curated wedding inspiration here.

How to Create Your “Official” Wedding Mood Board

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Every bride should make some version of a mood board before planning their wedding. Mood boards (also know as inspiration boards or vision boards) involve compiling several visuals into a collage to create an evident theme. They are a great way to determine the vibe your wedding will embody and help you easily communicate your vision to those styling your event. Pinning down the mood and tone of your wedding provides you and your wedding planner with a clear direction for planning, making it much easier to decide on flowers, dresses, decor, etc. Creating a mood board might seem intimidating, but we’ve broken it down into 5 simple steps!

Step 1: Brainstorm and Establish a Clear Theme

The first step in creating a mood board is figuring out what mood you’d like to achieve! When you think of your wedding, what instantly comes to mind? Write down keywords or phrases that describe the feel of your wedding. Maybe you picture boho chic, southern charm, or modern and industrial. Think about the materials you envision, like wood, lace, brick, or velvet. What about colors and fonts? This will help your wheels start turning and help you know which direction to go in.

Step 2: Choose Your Format

Mood boards are presented either electronically or physically based on your personal preference. Traditional mood boards involve cutting out images and gluing or taping them on a foam board. Spray adhesive also works for this. Pinning visuals to a bulletin board is another more traditional option. A more contemporary choice is to assemble a digital mood board. Sites like Canva, PicMonkey, Abobe Spark and Milanote are all helpful collage tools as some offer templates. Digital boards tend to be easier to make due to the simplicity of downloading and uploading images. No printing, cutting or gluing needed! Whatever you choose, keep in mind that the format of your mood board can play a part in creating your desired vibe. For example, maybe you paint the foam board a color that expresses your theme well or the digital format matches your modern vibe.

Step 3: Collect Visual Elements

Now for the fun part! Search the web or flip through magazines to find images. Pinterest, Unsplash and Pexels are great sources to easily find hundreds of artistic and inspiring pictures. Look for visuals that resonate and fit the mood. This could include venues, designs, objects, flowers, and/or attire. If images have people in them, consider what expression they should have. For those of you creating digital mood boards, consider adding some movement with gifs or videos (visit Giphy or YouTube). After you compile a good amount, filter through them and choose the ones that best align with your vision.

Step 4: Gather Colors and Fonts

After you’ve begun building your concept with images, it’s time to integrate ideal colors and fonts! If you already have a color palette in mind before starting your inspo board, add it to your board! If not, try pulling colors that seem to be common throughout the pictures you chose. Adobe Color gives you all kinds of palettes to choose from and even helps you put together a color palette of your own! Pick out a font or two as well that makes sense with your theme. Dafont provides an endless array of freely downloadable fonts in all categories from “handwritten” to “old school.” Color, fabric and/or material swatches also help tie your vision together!

Step 5: Arrange All the Piece

How you do this last step is completely up to you! There is no right or wrong way to make a collage. However, having pieces that vary in size makes it easier to create that signature collage look. Consider making the images that convey your mood the most a little bigger than the others. Play around with all your pieces as much as you need until it looks perfect! If you are making a physical mood board, only pin or glue your pieces down AFTER you know how you’d like to arrange it!

And voila! You have an official wedding mood board portraying all your wedding fantasies. Now it’s time to make it come to life! Happy planning!

Need some inspiration to fill your boards? Check out endless wedding inspo on our Pinterest boards!

Our Wishlist From The Dowry – Unique, Ethical Gifting Under $100

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If you haven’t gotten the memo yet, buying mass produced is out and ethical gifting is in! We hope this trend becomes a tradition, and to help you get started we put together a holiday wishlist of unique items from The Dowry – an ethically-minded wedding gift registry and curated artisanal marketplace. The Dowry empowers modern couples to build their wedding registry from items exquisitely shaped, woven, painted, and imagined by hand-selected artisans, but they also have some seriously chic gifts for any person in your life. So, why choose mass produced when you can have handmade? The Dowry has so many unique items to choose from no matter what your budget, so we put together some of our favorites under $100! Check them out in our curated holiday gift guide below and give ethical gifting a go this year. Cheers!

Our Wishlist From The Dowry – Unique, Ethical Gifting Under $100

Under $30

insert collage here

A. Brooklyn Slate Charcuterie Board

B. The Blue Grate Plate

C. Desert Ceramic To-Go Mugs

D. Chambray Cocktail Napkins

Under $50

insert collage

A. No. 3 Small Oval Ceramic Platter

B. Beecher’s Salt + Pepper Shaker

C. Woven Natural + Black Wall Tassel

D. Ansel Ceramic Mug

Under $100

insert collage

A. FLîKR Fire2 Portable Fireplace

B. Oil + Vinegar Condiment Set

C. Billet + Blade Wooden Cocktail Set

D. L’Insolence Ceramic Pitcher

Explore more from The Dowry here or check out other North Texas wedding vendors here. Cheers!

12 Festive Venues for a Winter Wonderland Wedding

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Dreaming of a winter wedding? We sure are! There is nothing more magical than a winter wonderland wedding. From blooming white florals to eggnog and holiday cheer, these festive details can warm and brighten up any space. With so many beautiful North Texas wedding venues, choosing the perfect venue for your holiday season soiree is a challenge in itself. We’ve rounded up 12 of our favorite local wedding venues that are easy to transform into a winter wonderland. Let’s deck the halls and find you the wedding venue of your dreams! Happy holidays!

winter wedding venue

The Nest at Ruth Farms – This stunning white-washed barn is surrounded by peaceful hills and farmland, tucked away in Ponder, Texas. Its rustic barn doors open up to the most picturesque views and the tall windows are the perfect touch for all the beautiful natural light. The Nest’s spacious venue has all the amenities from private bridal and groom suites to a picture spot at our grand staircase and balcony for that Romeo and Juliet moment. This venue is full of gorgeous details and holiday cheer!

Photo // Brittany Clark Photography

Hidden Pines Chapel | Highland Village – Hidden Pines Chapel is the epitome of a Southern wedding. This charming chapel’s beautiful windows bring in all the beautiful light and the touches of stone and wood create a rustic and timeless feel. Accommodating up to 325 guests, the chapel and reception hall will allow your guests to mix, mingle and dance comfortably. The grand staircase is also a stunning place to take post-wedding photos as well as making a grand entrance. On the plus side, located in Highland Village, during the winter season, this area is decked out in holiday cheer from garland, crimson bows and even horse-drawn carriage rides your guests can enjoy after the festivities.

Photo // Tracy Enoch Photography

glam winter wedding

Aristide | Colleyville – With a new remodel the Aristide at Colleyville is ready to help you put on the most gorgeous winter wedding. The white decor and lush ivy accents are perfect for the bride who wants a clean slate venue. The dream winter wedding opportunities are endless with Aristide at Colleyville! The Tuscan style courtyard with string lights, a soothing water fountain and a spiral staircase complete the venue and are the perfect place to take your first photos as newlyweds.

Photos // Pharris Photos & Philms

The Cliff House – Located in the Bishop Arts District, The Cliff House is a beautifully restored church that has all the quaint charm your holiday soiree needs. This historical church offers a touch of history and timelessness with its grand white exterior and rustic wood carried throughout. Holly berries and greenery pair nicely with the natural rustic elements on the ceiling as well as the crystal chandeliers that give the space a warm and cozy glow.

Photo // Reigh Walker Photo & Films

Magnolia Grace Ranch – Magnolia Grace Ranch is the perfect place to tie the knot this holiday season. Conveniently located at the heart of DFW, this elegant venue is a stunning mix of rustic charm meets starry nights. Wood-paneled doors and giant windows make this barn feel more like home than a venue. Surrounded by towering cedar and oak trees, your dream of a winter woodland wedding can truly come true. The natural wooden seating allows plenty of seating for all your guests too! The temperature-controlled barn will keep you and your guests warm on those chilly Texas nights.

Photo // Hannah Hix Photography

BRIK Special Events – Located just minutes from downtown, BRIK is a gorgeous wedding venue that can turn your winter wedding dreams into a reality. This 1900 industrial building maintains its authentic feel but is filled with modern features. This venue is the most versatile space in the area, with the flexibility to adapt to any style you are looking for – vintage, industrial, elegant or rustic. The dark wood floors contrast with the white walls, giving the industrial space a soft and cozy mood. The building is also two-stories with a quaint courtyard and private back porch area for your guests to mix and mingle.

Photo // Grant Daniels Photography

dallas winter wedding venue

Hilton Dallas Park Cities – If you’re looking for a venue that is fit for a chic winter wedding, this is it! Hilton Dallas/Park Cities is a hidden gem in Dallas that offers the ideal space for a classic ballroom wedding. Their gorgeous rooftop patio boasts the best views of the city and serves as the perfect place to end your big day. But the fun doesn’t stop there – have the perfect wedding weekend by staying in their beautiful rooms and experiencing the holiday joy in the surrounding city!

Photo // Sami Kathryn Photography

barn winter wedding venue

The Establishment Barn – Two words to describe the Establishment Barn: Southern charm! This oh-so-cute wedding venue checks off all the boxes when it comes to having the ultimate rustic winter wedding. From the 17 acres of open field to the rustic barn with modern features and the handcrafted doors, it is clear that every detail has been thought through. Perfect for a winter wedding, The Establishment Barn can be decorated with festive colors all around. You will not have any problems making this wedding venue your own with this blank slate-style barn!

Palmwood Event Center

PalmWood Event & Conference – From intimate to extravagant, PalmWood Event & Conference Center is here for you! Located in Fort Worth and with space to celebrate with 300 guests, PalmWood Event & Conference Center is the perfect space for a big winter wedding. Say “I do” on their lovely twelfth-floor outdoor terrace while being surrounded by jaw-dropping views of the city holiday lights. This definitely is the venue for the big-city bride!

Photo // Amy Karp Photography

country club winter wedding

Gleneagles Country Club – Can you say luxury? Gleneagles Country Club offers the elegance and tradition of a country club combined with Southern charm! The wood aesthetic is perfect for a cozy winter wedding. With beautiful private ceremony and reception areas, picturesque views of the golf course and unmatched service, your big day is sure to be everything you could want and more. Make your dream winter wedding a reality at this oh-so-chic and elegant wedding venue!

winter wonderland wedding venue

The Westin Galleria Dallas  – With event spaces accommodating larger weddings anywhere from 300-700 guests, it’s no wonder this classic, the heart-of-Dallas locale is a continual top choice for both hosting and housing wedding weekends! A perfect venue for the bride who wants a large and celebratory holiday wedding. Their on-site award-winning chef is known for whipping up menus to delight every palate, no matter how exotic the request. Did someone say holiday classics? From start to finish, their events staff work to make sure every detail is handled and properly executed to ensure a smooth and enjoyable day for you and your entire wedding group!

Photo // Joseph Mark Photography


white ballroom wedding

Aristide | Mansfield – The Aristide at Mansfield has it all! From a wedding suite with hair and makeup stations and a three-way mirror to a grand outside staircase and six-foot high chandeliers, this venue is perfect for the bride who wants a Tuscan inspired winter wedding. The grand staircase and indoor ballroom are stunning locations to celebrate your big day with all of your guests.

Photo // Ben Q. Photography

See our complete list of our favorite local DFW wedding venues here!