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Authentically Capturing Every Kind of Couple | A Q&A on Inclusivity with Videographer Alex Adkins Creative

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Happy Pride babes! We’ve been thrilled to celebrate all types of love this month, and are wrapping up the party with a seriously inspiring Q&A from local Dallas videographer (and LGBTQ+ advocate) Alex Adkins Creative on how he authentically captures every kind of couple on film. Be prepared to get a little emotional, because Alex so beautifully illustrates the importance of inclusion, acceptance, respect and kindness in such a powerful and meaningful way (I certainly got a little choked up hearing him share his experience!). Read on for Alex’s tips on HOW to find LGBTQ+ friendly wedding vendors (plus tips for how vendors can convey inclusivity) and get to know his wedding video style – one of our faves is right below. Cheers to all forms of LOVE!

Video // Alex Adkins Creative

What is your video process?

I would describe my process as fun and organic, but also high energy. I want my couples to feel like they’re hanging out with their friend in a way that is natural for them, and my approach is to capture my couples in a way that feels authentic for them – getting the couple comfortable in the situation and just being a bystander to capture and magnify the dynamic that’s already there is key for me.

How would you describe your video style?

My filming style tends to be a lot more candid, and I’m starting to move away from “elegant” films because that’s just not reflective of me as a person and business owner or the authentic, genuine, stories I’m trying to tell. Don’t get me wrong, I love a dramatic moment, but I’ve found that for my films, the moments that I’m starting to love are more “real-time” moments vs. overusing slow motion. There are subtle nuances with gesture, expression and sound that really only work when played back at full-speed, and even though it might not be “cinematic” to have a somewhat shaky shot, or a shot that’s out of focus, I think it’s a great representation of my style that highlights the beauty of the imperfect. Obviously I want to do my best to capture shots that are gorgeous and cinematic, but I’ve started embracing the “film” element in my films, which makes me less afraid to show off clips that maybe wouldn’t be the conventional choice!

When I’m editing, again I’ve really started to find something special with a “film” look that feels really authentic for my couples and myself as a creative. I think it’s so cool that the last few Star Wars movies were actually shot on film, and while I can’t shoot a full day on actual film, I love being able to add the analog vibe to the day that really enhances the feelings of nostalgia , romance and fun! For my sound design, I love sound-scaping as much as I can, and it’s something I’m really hoping to push the envelope on this year. Good audio is 50% of a great film, so I want to make sure that the audio really enhances the film and immerses the viewer in the day. Especially for my couples, when they get to hear things like wind and trees and birds and other elements that were really there on their day, the sound effects do a great job of transporting you right back into the moment.

For my color grading, I feel like it’s just…me — I know that’s like the least descriptive thing ever! I wouldn’t say I’m “dark and moody” but I also definitely wouldn’t say my style is “light and airy,” so if I had to pin it down, I’d say my look is earthy, warm and romantic. I know that my presets and LUTs (this stands for Look Up Table — think of it as the video version of a Lightroom Preset or a “filter” on steroids!) used for a traditional church wedding aren’t going to work for an outdoor canyon elopement, so it’s all about finding the best way to enhance the look of that specific day. But because it’s always me doing the edit, it’s going to have a cohesive look with my other films anyway, because it’s me! Separately, I feel like the industry has pigeon-holed so many videographers and photographers into either the “dark and moody” category or the “light and airy” category, and that once you’re there, you can’t change. There are so many people I know that do those styles so well, but there are also SO many photographers and filmmakers whose styles aren’t either of those things (like myself), and that’s great too! There are so many couples who are the same — some want “dark and moody” some want “light and airy,” and many that want a style that’s in-between, a mix or none of the above! When we lead with creativity, it opens so many doors and shows couples that they don’t have to pick one of two styles, and that there is an aesthetic out there for them! And the more we can celebrate other professionals’ unique styles, the less people will feel pressured or scared that their look won’t book clients, because it WILL!

How do you approach the process for each couple, no matter the orientation?

No matter the couple, I want to go in with a ton of trust, because when your couples trust you, they trust they’re going to do the best job you can with their day! However, that trust has to be earned, and I feel like just because someone books you doesn’t mean they’re going to be 100% comfortable with a camera in their face. If I’m within driving distance, I love to take my couples out for dinner, drinks, coffee or whatever! I want to treat them to a fun time where we can get to know each other, and I have the opportunity to show off my personality so that they can feel confident that they’re working with someone that is going to take care of them. On the back end of things, I’ll have them fill out a questionnaire so I can get to know their personalities a little better, especially if we can’t meet face-to-face. I think it’s important to understand their dynamic as a couple, and as individuals, so I know how to celebrate them in their best light. Then I usually just go into the shoot like they’re my friends, because they usually are, and make my number one priority making them comfortable! For me, it’s all about understanding the couple’s dynamic together, regardless of their orientation, and I actually think it’s really simple. I feel like some people think they have to have a specific “approach” when working with LGBTQ+ couples, and really it’s just as easy as treating them like any other human being. Everyone has a different dynamic, no matter what that couple might look like, and I think the more we look at our couples as two amazing people in love, the more simple it gets.

Fellow wedding pros, if you’re unsure about how to approach something, just ask! Planners and florists specifically may sometimes struggle with elements that are traditionally gendered, and don’t want to offend someone — which I totally get — but if I were working with someone for my wedding and they didn’t know, I would absolutely be happy to share how we are changing it up.

How do you ensure potential booking couples know that you are LGBTQ+ friendly? And why is that important to you?

Honestly, I try to be as loud as hell about it. I have LGBTQ+ affirming things all over my Instagram (literally in my bio!) and website, and I even talk about my own personal experience being gay wherever I can. It’s so important for me to shout it from the rooftops, because there are still so many LGBTQ+ couples that face discrimination, or are afraid of experiencing discrimination, during their wedding planning journey. I want to be as loud as I can about my business being a safe place for all couples to feel loved and celebrated, because treating people with respect and kindness is a non-negotiable.

How can couples planning know if a vendor is LGBTQ+ friendly? Are there any tells?

My first recommendation is to look for the obvious. Chances are, when they’re LGBTQ+ friendly, they’re going to be very obvious about it. At least for me, anyway, I want to be obvious about it because I don’t want there to be any doubt, obviously! If you’re still unsure, check out their social accounts and website. Are they using inclusive language? Are their feeds only straight white couples? Do they make posts or statements about LGBTQ+ couples during pride month? Do they make posts or statements about LGBTQ+ couples outside of pride month? If you’re still unsure, just ask! Hopefully that vendor or professional just wasn’t aware, and then we can help educate our fellow professionals on how to ensure potential clients know that our businesses are inclusive of all couples.

What’s been the most special moment you’ve caught on film?

I got the opportunity to capture two of my friends who are gay and married recently, and that really was an emotional experience for me. I have never really experienced a gay couple around my age that’s married, and it was so beautiful to watch and be a part of, and know that something like that is out there for me. Like, yes, same-sex marriage is legal and happening, but it has always just seemed like something I’ve seen on Instagram during pride month, and didn’t actually seem real to me. Seeing these guys who are so in love with each other and being able to capture that and give them something to celebrate their love story with was so special to me, and it reaffirms that I’m on the right path and helping to elevate and celebrate LGBTQ+ voices and stories in my own unique way!

Thank you so much to Alex on answering our questions on inclusivity in weddings so candidly! Connect directly with Alex Adkins Creative to set up your coffee date and learn about his video services via his vendor profile here!

Modern Bohemian Wedding Inspiration in Desert Sunset Shades

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This modern bohemian wedding inspiration held at Bethel Rock is full of abstract details and sunset-toned décor that simply screams autumnal affair! Fall foliage, protea, pampas, chrysanthemums and more around every wedding scene give off a cozy vibe while rich terra cotta tones, amaranthus and macramé make for a more romantic mood. This bride looks like a golden hour dream, posing around the venue property in a lacey, off-the-shoulder gown from Leann’s Bridal alongside her stylish groom. Go for cocktail hour next to an adorable bar cart adorned with balloons or if you’re feeling peckish, pick from the charcuterie spread that is just as pretty as it is yummy! With not a detail out of place, this entire soiree and its boho bride and groom were captured on camera bySilver Bear Creative in organic, storytelling shots. See all the highlights from this modern bohemian wedding inspiration for yourself below. Cheers!

Photo // Silver Bear Creative

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Be Our Wedding Guest | A Style Guide to Summer Weddings

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Wedding season is at its peak, and we’re here with your style guide to summer weddings. We can’t get enough of all things summer: rays of sunlight, outdoor venues, color palettes, the list goes on. Between considering the destination, venue and climate of the location/what you’ll be walking through, it can get overwhelming. Dressing for everyday life is hard enough, let alone as a wedding guest. Wedding attire can be tricky, and we get that. Be our wedding guest! Read on for all things summer fashion.

Pretty in Pink

This pretty in pink line up is giving us all the summer vibes. An off-the-shoulder look is to-die for-for a summer wedding, complemented by soft blush and ivory tones in the shoes, accessories and the most lux lip oil gloss. Whether you’re walking sandy beaches or grassy fields, these block heel sandals are perfect for walking through any outdoor venue terrain. Needless to say, we’re obsessed. Shop the full look here!

style guide to summer weddings

1. Blush Floral OTS Dress | 2. Pink Block Heel Sandal | 3. Gold Choker Chain | 4. Tan Leather Clutch | 5. Pink Floral Earrings | 6. Kosas Lip Oil Gloss

Trip to the Tropics

We couldn’t give you a style guide to summer weddings without an outfit made for a trip to the tropics. A moment for this wicker crossbody bag! As if that weren’t enough, this banana leaf print tunic dress is the optimal summer dress. Pair with these woven heel sandals and gold twisted hoop earrings for an effortlessly chic look. Finish the look with another pop of corally red on your lips and an oversized scrunchie for all summer heat hair needs! Check out the full look on our LikeToKnowIt.

style guide to summer weddings

1. Banana Leaf OTS Dress | 2. Oversized Scrunchie | 3. Woven Heel Sandal | 4. Wicker Crossbody Bag | 5. Gold Twisted Hoop | 6. Kosas Buttery Lip Color

Sweet Romance

By now, you can likely tell our summer attire motto is flowy and floral, and this sweet and romantic look is nothing short of just that. This look would be major for a garden wedding, with the embroidered clutch adding to the floral aesthetic of this fresh and airy style. Accessorize with gold jewelry to modernize and take your style up a notch. Finally, finish your look with this cheek duo, giving you that summer glooowww! Shop the full look here!

style guide to summer weddings

1. Darling Daisies Midi Dress | 2. Gold Diamond Choker Chain | 3. Nude Square Toe Heel Sandal | 4. Embroidered Pouch | 5. Chunky Gold Hoop Earrings | 6. Kosas Dewy Cheek Duo

Classically Chic

Did someone say flutter sleeves? This dusty blue maxi’s clean lines are elevated with the softest satin sleeves, giving us all the romantic feels. Understated and elegant, style this look with bolder accessories. This embroidered clutch and drop chandelier earrings dress up this timeless look, topping the look off with gold touches and a bold lip! Shop the full look on our LikeToKnowIt.

style guide to summer weddings

1. Dusty Blue Satin Maxi Dress | 2. Gold Pave Bracelet | 3. Ankle Strap Heel Sandal | 4. Embroidered Clutch | 5. Chandelier Crystal Earrings | 6. Kosas Buttery Lip Color

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Eleven Breathtaking Chapel Wedding Venues in North Texas

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The traditional elegance of beautiful chapel wedding venues is hard to beat! Luckily we’ve got you covered. After much perusing, we’ve composed a list of our favorite stunning chapel wedding venues that North Texas has to offer! From light and airy to rustic and dreamy, we’ve got eleven incredible options for brides wanting a venue full of splendid romance. Make sure to check out our all the venues North Texas has to offer on our venues page!

chapel wedding venues

Hidden Pines Chapel | Highland Village – Hidden Pines Chapel in Highland Village embodies southern-charm with its blend of rustic-elegance and state-of-the-art amenities. Accommodating over 325 guests, the chapel’s dramatic windows brings in a beautiful light and airy atmosphere. With and stone and wood finishings, it’s the perfect mix of chic and Hill Country.

Photo: Tracy Enoch Photography

The Laurel – The picturesque location of The Laurel is spread across six acres of beautiful Grapevine countryside. An intimate chapel with windows overlooking beautiful greenery outside can seat over 260 guests. With a wide aisle and stunning window, The Laurel gives off a Texas Hill Country vibe without ever leaving DFW! The venue is complete with a beautiful outdoor space for all of your friends and family to gather.

Photo: Lion Heart Image

Aristide | Flower Mound – Aristide Flower Mound is a remarkable gorgeous venue. With it’s high-vaulted ceilings and beautiful chandeliers, your guests are sure to be impressed. Along with a spacious reception hall and built in bar, Flower Mound is lined with trees, perfect for outdoor events. Accommodating 160 guests, the old-world style of Flower Mound is a studding backdrop for your special day!

Photo: Jamie Huffman Photography

Chapel at Ana Villa | La Cava & Grand Ballroom – This Spanish-style venue designed with a beautiful staircase, gorgeous chandeliers, and wall of windows creates the perfect backdrop for your wedding. Accommodating up to 350, Ana Villa has a unique and moody ambience your guests will fall in love with. For your reception, you can choose between two uniquely beautiful locations. The Grand Ballroom embodies drama and sophistication with a grand staircase and 21 foot ceilings. For a more intimate reception, La Cava (Spanish for wine room) is the perfect space with up to 140 guests and brick-accented walls.

Photo: Stephanie Brazzle Photography

ashton gardens chapel wedding venue

Ashton Gardens | Corinth – The renovated and picturesque glass-enclosed chapel of Ashton Gardens has the whole package. Nestled in a private forest, you can walk down the aisle of gleaming ivory pews with an incredible view from the floor-to-ceiling windows. Including experienced event coordinators, a 5-star Chef and a reception ballroom that can hold up to 400, Ashton Gardens guarantees a flawless wedding.

Photo: Veronica VanGessel

aristide colleyville wedding chapel

Aristide | Colleyville – With vaulted ceilings, Mediterranean columns and custom made glass crystal chandeliers, Aristide | Colleyville makes for a dreamy DFW wedding destination. With its newly renovated chapel, you will love the classic charm felt while being wed in the most modern elegance.

Photo: Lightly Photography

aristide mckinney chapel

Aristide | McKinney – Much like it’s sister property, Aristide | McKinney boasts of many gorgeous amenities like custom glass crystal chandeliers, vaulted ceilings and seating for up to 300. With a beautiful chapel, two unique ballrooms to accommodate any size soiree and spacious bride and groom suites for pre-ceremony pampering, Aristide | McKinney’s chapel is a beautiful space to say “I do.”

clliff house chapel wedding venue

The Cliff House – This stunning restored church in the heart of the Bishop Arts District is sure to be a special place for many upcoming brides. Coming soon, The Cliff House inspires a touch of history and timeless love into your big day, with a beautiful white exterior and rustic wood throughout, it’s sure to be incredible.

Photo: Reigh Walker Photo & Films

hidden pines hurst chapel

Hidden Pines Chapel | Hurst – Starting bookings in May 2018, the new Hidden Pines Chapel in Hurst will be one to remember. Like it’s sister property, it will feature a unique blend of rustic elegance with modern amenities, and will accommodate up to 200 guests. Featuring two stunning chandeliers and crystal chiavari chairs for guests, it’s sure to be a beautiful place to say “I do.”

the milestone denton chapel wedding venue

The Milestone | Denton – Boasting elegance, unique architecture and ample southern charm, The Milestone Denton’s gorgeous mansion property is an easy choice for both indoor and outdoor options. Property additions like the outdoor pond and gazebo, the charming indoor chapel and the sweeping, grand staircase inside the mansion make for a marvelous look and feel reminiscent of a southern storybook classic.

Photo: Wiler Weddings

river walk chapel dallas wedding venue

Riverwalk Chapel + Water Works Hall – At the River Walk in Flower Mound, you will immediately discover why it’s one of DFW’s premier event venues. Featuring historic architecture that includes a formal chapel on an island surrounded by tranquil water features with details at every turn, Water Works Hall supports large events and an outdoor veranda with views of the waterfalls and river. This breathtaking venue and chapel are founded on everlasting principles which echo into a perfect place to host your truly special event.

Looking for something a little less traditional than these chapel wedding venues? See our full list of DFW wedding venues here!

Planning with PRIDE | Couple Shares their LGBTQ+ Wedding Planning Experience

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Here at Brides of North Texas, we celebrate all love in all ways. When two people join together and vow to a lifetime of unmatched commitment, belly laughter, mutual respect and arguing over which sitcom is better, The Office or Friends, there is just nothing that can stand in their way! June has always been a warm, fuzzy month for us, and not just because of the Texas heat – but because we get to celebrate PRIDE in all of its forms.

Indigo and Adrian Oliver tied the knot almost a year ago and continue being a light to other lovebirds navigating planning an LGBTQ+ wedding. Watch their video (or read the Q&A below) to hear their expert advice on ways to make your love stand in the spotlight it deserves.

Tell us your story!

Adrian: Indigo and I both grew in Oklahoma, I grew up in Mustang and she grew up in Norman. We met on a dating app for women and we’ve been pretty much inseparable ever since. We got married in September of 2020. We have four dogs and four chickens. We love to be outside, we love to make cocktails, cook dinner and hang out with our friends.

How important was it that you find wedding vendors to reflect LGBTQ+ values?

Adrian: As someone who loves to plan a party, loves to have a good time, and entertain friends and family, the wedding planning part was something I was extremely excited about and looking forward to from the minute Indigo proposed. 

Indigo: I think we were both excited to see what our vision of the day combined would look like. There was also a lot of nervousness though in terms of reaching out and finding vendors. I think what was intimidating was trying to gauge whether or not the vendors would be accepting and trying to be clear that we are two women that are getting married and it’s very important to us that the people involved in that day are 100 percent supportive and wanting that day to be the best day ever. In the end, we found the best vendors that are all so loving and so accepting. I think a big action step I would have for all vendors who are accepting would be to have inclusive language on their websites and contracts, because that’s something we were trying to look at. Most people still had “bride” and “groom” on their wording on everything, so it was hard to tell if they would be inclusive. That would be a small change that I think would make any same-sex couple or just member of the LGBT community that was looking for wedding vendors feel more accepting and open to reaching out. 

Q: What message would you give to same-sex couples planning a wedding?

Indigo: First off, congratulations! That’s so exciting! Our number one tip would just be to do what makes you comfortable. At the end of the day, your enjoyment and comfort is the most important thing. So figuring out what traditions fit you and maybe what you want to let go of. For example, we both proposed to one another, that was something that was important to us and obviously not traditional. Find the things that make you happy and incorporate those where you can. 

Adrian: That was something that was hard in the early days of planning, because you have all of these ideas of what’s supposed to happen at a wedding and a lot of those traditions don’t serve same-sex or nontraditional couples. I think once we wrapped our head around that, everything started to come come into place. We got the schedule we wanted, and anything that didn’t spark joy we threw out. We filled it in with the things that worked for us. Invite who you’re going to feel love and support from. Choose the vendors that you’re going to feel that love and support from, and just have the best day – it will be the best day of your life. 

Planning with PRIDE | Couple Shares their LGBTQ+ Wedding Planning Experience

Photos // Magnolia Adam’s Photography

Thank you to Indigo and Adrian for sharing their planning insights with us! HAPPY PRIDE!