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Timeless Romantic Style Meets Modern Flair

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The ever-talented White Orchid Photography captures these beautiful wedding scenes that blend a timeless romantic style with some modern flair for a truly exquisite affair. Barn settings don’t all have to be rustic, and the vaulted interior of this venue feels almost cathedral-like, creating even more space for a grand wedding experience. Opulent crystal votives with elegant white candles and draped with pearls line the aisle and look so perfect accented with greenery throughout. A monochromatic scene allows for this bright, fun bridal bouquet arranged by Haute Poppies in a palette of fuchsia, blush and magenta to make a statement, and it pairs perfectly with this stunning bride’s lip shade. Her look is complete with a lovely updo and a long-sleeved beaded lace appliqué gown from Elizabeth Scott Bridal featuring mesh sleeves and a nude-illusion bodice. Golden hour bridal portraits show off just how dreamy this wedding dress truly is. Dripping in divine modern flair but still graced with the elements that assure timeless romance never goes out of style, this wedding inspiration is sure to steal your heart. Keep scrolling to see the gorgeous gallery for yourself. Cheers!

Photo // White Orchid Photography

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Get Our Honeymoon Packing List

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We all know that packing for a vacation is a nuisance, especially when you are busy planning a wedding. Whether you go on your honeymoon immediately after the reception or even a month later, you’ll be glad you have a checklist in hand to prep for the occasion. There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination just to realize you’ve forgotten something! We have highlighted some tips and tricks to make your honeymoon experience a bit smoother plus are sharing our honeymoon packing list! 

honeymoon packing list


  • If you are leaving the country, make sure to research the currencies and before you go. Definitely go to your nearest bank that will allow you to exchange currency because having cash is important when going to an unfamiliar location. 
  • Contact your bank and let them know that you will be leaving the country for whatever period of time. This will help keep your account from being frozen while overseas. 
  • Do research on your location before you go. You want to be familiar with where you’re staying! 
  • What’s the weather like? Typically weather reports are available up to two weeks prior, so keep an eye on it and plan your outfits accordingly. 

Key Items for any Destination

  • Lingerie: Lingerie is a must for your honeymoon. You just got married! Make it fun and spice it up in the bedroom. Your significant other will most definitely be excited, and it will keep the romance in check. 
  • Wallet/ID: Packing your wallet may sound obvious, but everyone’s forgotten it at least once. Make sure to have your cash/cards, personal identification and emergency insurance info all stowed away (you can never be too careful). If you’re going abroad, you’re also going to want your passport. 
  • Toiletries: Toothbrush? Makeup? Glasses? Extra Contacts? Medicine? We recommend making a checklist just for these items. 
  • Airline Ticket: If you’re flying to your destination, don’t forget to either print out your ticket or have it saved to your phone. 
  • Camera: If you want better photo quality than your iPhone, be sure to pack your favorite camera. Your honeymoon is special, so you’ll want to document all those once-in-a-lifetime moments. 
  • Chargers/Adapters: Don’t know about you, but we’re always on our phones. You’re not going to want to forget a charger and an adapter if you’re traveling abroad.

Tropical Getaway

One of the top honeymoon destinations still remains a tropical getaway. All you really need are some swimmies and fun outfits to soak up the sun in. The best thing about a beach vacation? How light your suitcase will be!

Beach Essentials:

  • Swimsuits: Whether you’re going for a weekend getaway or a week, you definitely want to pack 2-3 swimsuits at the very least. Sometimes you can even mix and match your swimmies which (technically) counts as more, right? 
  • Sandals and/or Water Shoes: So you’ve packed your cute heels and date night shoes, but don’t forget your beach sandals. Pack ones that you won’t mind getting sandy and possibly wet! If you’re an adventurous couple who plans on going on excursions, be sure to pack a pair of water shoes for any water destination that may be rocky or full of shells.
  • Sunglasses & Sunscreen: Protect your skin at all costs! Bring your fave pair of sunnies, and don’t forget the sunscreen. The last thing you want is a painful sunburn during your honeymoon! 
  • FUN outfits: Printed dresses are SO fun for the beach. You’re going to have that “I just got hitched” glow, so you’re going to look amazing regardless. White outfits are also a staple as the new bride AND for that new tan! *wink*

Cozy Getaway

Packing for the cold weather destinations is a lot harder than packing for the beach. Not to mention, your clothing also takes up more space in your luggage. To maximize your luggage space, we recommend packing clothes that you can layer and interchange. The apres-ski look is everything.

 Winter Essentials:

  • Winter Coat: If you’re headed to a cozy getaway, the last thing you want to do is forget a coat. The amount and types of coats you pack definitely depends on the activities planned during your stay. If you’re doing activities in the mountains, like skiing, pack a ski jacket along with your casual town coat.  
  • Winter Boots: Weatherproof boots are essential for any snowy or rainy destination, and will come in handy when you’re walking into town or or to the car. Luckily, over the last few years, winter boots have become super cute, and dare we say, fashionable. 
  • Layers: Between packing jeans, sweaters, and maybe even ski gear, your luggage is going to be pretty hefty. To maximize the space and outfit options, pack basics that are easy to wear over and over again. Choose a set palette (like black and beige) so that toggling between tops and bottoms is easy peasy.
  • Cold Weather Essentials: Protect your finger, toes and ears with winter weather accessories like beanies, gloves and wool socks.
  • Mountain Musts: It gets pretty dry when you’re high up in the mountains, so the #1 things you want to bring are chapstick and moisturizer. 

Great Outdoor Adventure

Are you the couple that loves to hike or fish and admires the great outdoors? This packing list is for you!

Outdoor Essentials:

  • Outdoor Wear: If you’re going to be hiking, you definitely want clothes that will support whatever you’re going to be doing. Pack leggings, cargo pants or shorts that you won’t mind getting a little dirty. 
  • Hiking Shoes: Pack a good pair of sneakers with traction or even hiking boots if you have them. You don’t want your feet to get tired or land any gnarly blisters from hiking in the wrong shoes. Don’t forget the thick socks, too – crew cut will be handy if you plan to go off-trail. 
  • Weatherproof Jacket: It depends on where you’re going, but oftentimes when you’re at high altitudes you’re going to want a wind proof jacket in case it gets cold. After all, mother nature has a mind of her own and you never know what she’ll throw at you!
  • Backpack: For any longer hikes or excursions, you’ll definitely want a pack to hold any essentials: water bottle, snacks, chapstick and sunscreen.
  • Hat: Keep your face and neck protected while you’re out in the sun! Whether you pack a ball cap or a sun hat, you’ll be happy you have it.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

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Celebrate Dallas Busts a Common Wedding Planning Myth

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When it comes to choosing a wedding planner – or even deciding whether or not to hire one – many brides have valid concerns about their budgets being blown, ideas not being heard and ending up with a wedding design they aren’t happy with. Caitlin and the team at Celebrate Dallas want to make absolutely sure this doesn’t happen. Caitlin wants her couples to be confident that working with a planner doesn’t have to involve giving up your wants and limits. It’s a true team effort and Celebrate Dallas wants their brides to feel heard and valued every step of the way.

Caitlin chatted with us about her team’s approach to the wedding planning process as she put together this beautiful terra cotta, navy and mauve scene at The Cliff House, photographed by Opal & Onyx. Take a look and get to know Celebrate Dallas below!

tips from dfw planner Celebrate Dallastips from dfw planner Celebrate Dallas

What has to happen first before beginning the design:

“First, we want to get to know you and all your you-ness. We want to hear your love story, see the ring and get a feel for how you want to celebrate. We’ll collaborate on a mood board that will capture your dream wedding day, getting down to the details and the special touches that will make your wedding uniquely yours. Lastly, we work on shoring up all of the big day’s logistics and put out any last-minute fires along the way. Then, we get you married!”

tips from dfw planner Celebrate Dallas

tips from dfw planner Celebrate Dallas

How they come up with their best ideas:

“We find inspiration absolutely everywhere! Scrolling on Instagram, walking through a botanical garden, even broadening our horizons with new and beautiful weddings from all over the world. But, above all, we’re inspired by the couples we work with. Every couple brings their own unique perspectives, traditions and great taste.”

tips from dfw planner Celebrate Dallastips from dfw planner Celebrate Dallastips from dfw planner Celebrate Dallastips from dfw planner Celebrate Dallas

What you can expect from the Celebrate Dallas team:

“When working with Celebrate Dallas, you should expect a fully collaborative process. We’re not here to steamroll over your ideas or push a look that you don’t love. The wedding planning process is a chance for us to bring your pretty Pinterest dreams to life in the most realistic way we can. We’re your wedding planning BFF every step of the way.”

tips from dfw planner Celebrate Dallas

Ready to connect with Celebrate Dallas? Visit Caitlin’s Brides of North Texas vendor profile!

A Chic Streetside Engagement Session from Megan Kay Photography

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These streetside engagement photos captured by Megan Kay Photography are so sweet, plus chic enough to have taken place in NYC! Courtney and Kincade first met when they both went to the University of Oklahoma for undergrad. However, they didn’t actually meet until their fifth year and last semester at OU in 2018, as both pursued their master’s degrees! Despite having so many mutual friends, they first met on Bumble but after their first date realized they had been so close to meeting each other for years – further proof that timing is everything! 

It was Kincade’s birthday weekend when he decided the time was finally right to ask Courtney to marry him. Since he usually prefers experiences to gifts, Courtney wasn’t at all surprised when he suggested that they use his company-provided tickets to the Dallas Arboretum. Though she protested the Texas heat at first and asked if they could go some other day, Kincaid kept his cool and got her to the gardens without suspicion. Upon arrival, he showed Courtney a spot on the map where he claimed to hear there was a display of in-bloom summer flowers, so he led the way around the garden. It wasn’t until she noticed a beautiful display featuring a picture of the two of them that she finally realized what was happening, but couldn’t get over it it all being planned out on his own birthday weekend, of all times. His response was, “From this moment forward, it’s no longer just about me. It’s about the two of us!” Hold the waterworks!

Since July is now a special month to the couple for more reasons than one, it was only fitting that the two plan to tie the knot that month as well. Their event will be of elegant and romantic garden theme, with a palette of light greens, whites, blushes and small pops of summery colors. We can’t wait to see how lovely it all turns out. Read on for a note from the photographer about where they went and how she achieved these chic, streetside engagement shots right here in Dallas. Cheers to Courtney and Kincade!

Photo // Megan Kay Photography

From the photographer: “During COVID, travel is limited, but there are many locations throughout Dallas that can still create a beautiful backdrop for engagement pictures. For Courtney and Kincade’s shoot, we began at their favorite coffee shop. They frequent this coffee shop together, especially to get out of the house when working from home. For our second location, we made Downtown Dallas look like winter in NYC by shooting streetside at The Adolphus Hotel. Finally, we finished with champagne and a picnic for sunset at White Rock Lake. I highly recommend couples work with their photographer to create both beautiful and meaningful engagement photos. Couples will likely display their engagement photos in their home for years to come – creating a meaningful experience with their engagement photos will only add to the joy these photos provide through the seasons.”

Plans to tie the knot soon yourself? Check out some of our favorite Austin wedding vendors here to get the planning started! Cheers!

A Cheery Charleston Color Palette to Update Your Southern Soiree

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If you simply cannot decide on a wedding theme, a color coded affair may be in the cards for you! This cheery Charleston inspired color palette is perfect for the modern debutante bride who wants to make a statement with the blending of dignified, coastal blue and feminine coral hues for a timelessly traditional look. Bright and fresh invitations from Illustrated Weddings by Lola Lorena are the perfect touch to invite your guests in style, and their stately design means there’s no sacrificing southern hospitality in the process. With more than 4,000 historic homes and architectural landmarks, Charleston, South Carolina, inspires these historically significant colors captured by Brianne Johnson Photography throughout this editorial at Reflections Venue & GardensPeach orchids, blush roses and raspberry ranunculus combine for the dreamiest summer-inspired centerpieces by Blue Posy Designs that remind us of the coast. These tables are filled with sweet treats from Uncle Willie’s Pies Bakeshop & Catering of all shapes and sizes and in practically every flavor, all plated on ornate mix-and-match dinnerware from COHOST. This model is a cheery Charleston dream in a rose-colored crepe gown from Bella Bridesmaids and big belle-like curls by The Styling Stewardess paired with simple bridal glam and the prettiest peach lip. To complete the look, flaunt this rock from L’unique Diamonds and Fine Jewelry and prepare for all eyes on you! Read on for a note from some of the talented vendors that made this cheery Charleston wedding inspiration come to life. Cheers!

Photo // Brianne Johnson Photography

From Bella Bridesmaids: “To steal this look, ask for Designer: Jenny Yoo | Style: Elle | Color/Fabric: Rose Petal Crepe de Chine”

From Kaleigh with The Styling Stewardess: “I really just wanted to make her blue eyes pop! I used a combo of warm tones and cool tones as she has neutral skin undertone. For her eyes, I used Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk eyeshadow palette ‘Exagger-Eyes.’ For her lips, I used a peachy-nude: Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Pillow Talk’ Lip Liner, Give Them Lala Beauty ‘Send Nudes’ Lip Stain and NARS lip gloss. For her hair, I wanted to update the old Hollywood look with beachy waves but keeping the face-framing shape of the traditional look.”

From Lauren with Blue Posy Designs: “I wanted to use some juicy peach tones that would really let the cherry/brighter elements pop. As soon as I decided on the floral colors, I knew I wanted to use the peach orchids. They are so unique and elevate any arrangement or bouquet. They were definitely my favorite, especially paired with the blue details of the shoot. We used two  shades of peach with some blush roses and added in some peach and raspberry ranunculus. Also used coral charm peonies as another focal flower along with the orchids.”

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