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Elegant Edwardian Wedding Inspiration at Bingham House

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Elegant Edwardian wedding inspiration plays out in these light and airy scenes around the stunning Bingham House! A sweet and feminine palette of ivory, blush, mauve and crimson carried out throughout this tablescape is just what the doctor ordered! Overgrown installations and centerpieces from Event Stems Floral featuring baby pink and white roses, dried pink pepper berries and red eucalyptus give us so much to look at, and this combination of florals makes for a truly unique bridal bouquet! A simple ivory tablecloth and shimmery champagne napkins from AM Linen Rental for a little pop coordinate perfectly with the table arrangement’s bold blooms and the opulent gilded flatware that elevates this wedding seating even further. Finished off with picture perfect macarons in shades of pink, this elegant Edwardian wedding inspiration has our backs straight and pinkies out! Scroll on to take in all the darling details for yourself. Cheers!

Photo // Gaby Pineda Photography

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How to Build a Custom Reception Table Design

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Creating a one-of-a-kind a place setting at your reception tables can seem overwhelming, especially when you start looking at the checklist of items you need to include. Chargers, plates, flatware, drinkware… not to mention the question of style or quality. Luckily the pros from POSH Couture Rentals are sharing their top tips on how to build a custom reception table design! Read on for POSH‘s advice on what to include, how to mix-n-match decor, where to add trendy pieces and more!

How to Build a Custom Reception Table Design

Photo // Charla Storey Photography

1. Make Note of What Should Be Included in a Place Setting

The foundation for any place setting begins with the linen. Begin here to layer in harmonious colors and patterns with beautiful weight and texture. Atop this, set the mood with chargers, dinner service plates, napkins, enough flatware for the meal and stemware. Keep in mind the tablescape should tie in three things: the menu, the environment (consider the season and the venue), and most importantly, personality. A place setting aims to create the all important atmosphere your heart desires. Your guest will spend the most time sitting in the same spot, so make it memorable with inspired layering. These details make guests feel special while reflecting your style and taste, and that’s money well spent.

2. Factor in Your Budget

First, always check with the venue or caterer to utilize what’s already available. Often, staples (white china, flatware, etc) are included in your contract, so the rental budget can focus on specialty pieces. With micro-weddings, you can really go far on the guest experience and stay within budget. For bigger weddings, we can create a lighter version for the extended party and heavily layered our couture place settings for the head table, to set the stars of the evening apart.

Chargers always steal the show because it ensures guests will never have an empty spot in front of them. (A personal favorite is the glamorous Clear Hand Cut Crystal Charger for its diamond like sparkle.) Bringing in unique stemware for a signature drink is another nice add on.


3. Play with Mixing Dinnerware

Our tip is simple: Mix in what speaks to you. Make a mood board and pick out the textures/patterns/colors that reflect the atmosphere you wish to create. Chances are we have something to fit the mold with over 85 china collections. Our website also offers My POSH: a place to play around with our entire inventory and save your favorite looks for a quote. Start with your linen and charger, and add layers for each course as you would accessories. Don’t be afraid to play around to find the vibe that matches your style. How do you want the guest to feel? We find that layering in vintage elements adds a soulful presence. For example, a modern bohemian bride might lean towards the Scandinavian look of coupe china mixed with the soft curves of Cutipol flatware and the warmer embrace of our Denmark Chair. If you are still overwhelmed with where to start, set up a physical or virtual appointment with us. We love an excuse to set the table.


4. Add in Some Trendy Pieces

A modern aesthetic can be created with our popular concrete or marble chargers. There is also the Scandinavian, modern boho look which lends an understated vibe with the soft curves of our creamy organic Coupe China collections. Just add the Cutipol GOA flatware to elegantly tie the look together. Individual serving pieces are also on trend, not to mention impressive. A glass dome to serve appetizers or a crystal lily to offer desserts are nice, thoughtful touches. If you’re forgoing a sit-down dinner altogether, then focus on a fun bar – think signature drinks in colorful stemware, coup champagne fountains, etc. A good rule of thumb for cocktail service is three glasses per person.

5. Don’t Forget These Important Rental Items

Napkins, all day. The linen hemstitch is a classic while current trends lean to adding both color and a unique fold or drape with the napkin. This is especially worthy for the head table, as it is the most photographed. Another big misstep is forgoing attention to service pieces. We offer everything from gorgeous vintage serving utensils to elegant copper chafing dishes and gold cake plateaus. Think of every moment, from the place setting, the cake cutting and the guest giving a toast, then add the element that meets that moment.

6. Finish the Look With the Proper Seating

To be a truly well-appointed table, don’t forget the value of a great chair – it elevates the atmosphere and keeps the guest comfortable. Our Jacquemus loving couture brides enjoy the artful elegance of a mid century modern Denmark chair or the sophisticated allure of the Mila chair. They transcend whether the event is inside or outside. On that note, if you fall in love with a heavy pattern or texture for your linen, like sequins, the Kartell ghost chairs or Villa Clear Ballroom marry the space perfectly without taking away from your initial place setting vision. Pulling up the right seat is everything.


Meet POSH Couture Rentals

We built our collections to tie into a client’s existing (or future) personal estate/heirloom china. We set ourselves apart with one-of-a-kind couture pieces that can be found nowhere else, with names like Christofle, Charles Sadek, Maria Daage and Arte Italica. We constantly refresh with trends and patterns as well, from Cutipol to Marchesa, to fit any theme (hello, leopard) for a fun shift from the traditional tabletop. We also offer the classic white catering collection to fit any menu style, be it Asian or West Texan. Our vast tiered and on-trend collections ensure you can have it all and still stay within a specific style and budget.

Thanks to Angela and Jami with POSH Couture Rentals for sharing their sage wedding advice with us! Interested in seeing more from POSH’s inventory or virtually designing your own place setting? Visit their website here or connect directly via their Brides of North Texas profile.

Now that your reception table decor is underway, why don’t we work on your florals next? Read our Dallas Wedding Florals Guide to get started!

Here’s What Each Enneagram Type Is Like As a Bride

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One of the trends we’ve loved most throughout 2020 – all the hype surrounding the Enneagram! More than a personality test, the Enneagram gives insight into not just who you are, but why you are the way that you are, and how you can improve your relationships with yourself, loved ones and your significant other. Haven’t explored the Enneagram yet? There are tons of free tests and resources available online worth checking out.

As a bride, knowing your Enneagram type can be helpful for you to recognize and anticipate stressors during the planning process and problem-solve in a way that suits you best. We had fun putting together these Enneagram Bride descriptors – enjoy!

girls on a hotel bed with balloons - each enneagram type as a bride

Photo // Dyan Elizabeth Photography

Type 9 as a Bride: The Peacekeeper

May struggle with: Letting others’ opinions carry more weight than your own. Not voicing your preferences or concerns to your vendors.

Try this: Be nice to yourself! It’s your day and you have the right to say no. Be willing to stand up for the aspects that mean the most to you.

Type 8 as a Bride: The Activist

May struggle with: Letting little things become big things. Allowing your passionate spirit to become stressful to yourself and others.

Try this: Simmer down, friend! Give someone close to you permission to keep you in check.

Type 7 as a Bride: The Life of the Party

May struggle with: Wanting to focus on the fun aspects of planning while avoiding making tough decisions. Expecting everyone to share your same level of excitement.

Try this: Meditate. Take some time to relish in the solitude. There will be plenty of time to enjoy the party later on!

Type 6 as a Bride: The Realist

May struggle with: Being confident in your own decisions. Devoting too much time thinking about other options after a choice has already been made.

Try this: Be confident in your choices and try to take compliments at face value! Once a decision has been made, move along and don’t dwell on the what-ifs.

Type 5 as a Bride: The Analyst

May struggle with: Feeling anxious during the inevitable periods of waiting. Holding unrealistic communication expectations with vendors. Stressing about the budget.

Try this: Be okay with uncertainty. ‘I don’t know’ is an acceptable answer. Don’t fret about not having everything nailed down.

Type 4 as a Bride: The Daydreamer

May struggle with: Imagining and wishing for elements beyond your budget. Fretting over aspects of the day not coming together exactly as you envisioned.

Try this: Be realistic. Don’t fantasize about your wedding day. It likely won’t be perfect and that’s okay!

Type 3 as a Bride: The Multitasker

May struggle with: Taking on too many tasks at once. Dealing with subsequent planning burnout and apathy. Wanting to get it all done yourself, and quickly.

Try this: Take a timeout. Take time to breathe, be quiet and restore balance. Ask for help and delegate.

Type 2 as a Bride: The Helper

May struggle with: Not holding friends and vendors accountable. Dismissing mistakes that need to be addressed.

Try this: Prioritize self care. Ask for help and don’t put your own needs in last place.

Type 1 as a Bride: The Inner Critic

May struggle with: Putting pressure on yourself and your wedding day to look a certain way. Critiquing and stressing over things that are small in the scheme of things.

Try this: Be nice to yourself. Ignore your inner critic and try not to fixate too much on the little things.

No matter your type, remember to take advantages of the resources Brides of North Texas has to help you! From local wedding vendors in every category a bride could need to inspiration and advice galore on our blog, we’ve got you covered!

Give THIS to Your Wedding Photographer Instead of a Shot List

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“Shot list” is a buzzword you’ll likely hear at some point during the wedding planning process and refers to a list of photos you want your photographer to capture on the big day. Not sure what to include on your list? If you’re thinking about a shot list in the traditional sense, let us shift your perspective and show you how to give your photographer something *truly* helpful to them and beneficial for everyone involved in your wedding. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t actually include specific shots! Keep reading for all the deets.

bride and groom standing close together | tips on preparing a shot list for your photographer

Photo // Outland Weddings

How to Create a Shot List for Your Wedding Photographer: The Do’s and Don’ts

Simply put, when you hire a professional wedding photographer to capture your special day, you’re paying them (and trusting them) to do a professional job. However, there are some details you can and should send your photographer that will help them capture your day in a way that most accurately tells your story and reflects who YOU are as a couple.


  • Don’t instruct your photographer to capture standard wedding events (getting ready, walking down the aisle, the kiss, first dance, cutting the cake). They’re there to capture the day as it unfolds and these events are a given.
  • Don’t give your photographer descriptions or screenshots of specific poses or shot setups to emulate. What you see on Pinterest and Instagram is meant to serve as inspiration, not something for your photographer to try and recreate or copy.
  • Don’t expect your wedding photos to look exactly like any others you’ve seen. Lighting, location, weather, and endless other factors play into how your photos will turn out. It’s your unique day, after all!


  • Make sure your photographer knows both who and what are most important to you to capture, outside of you, your fiancé and your wedding party.
  • Make sure you have a photography timeline (typically created by the photographer with input from you and your main vendors) and that your vendors are on the same page, schedule-wise.
  • Work with your photographer to create a list of the family groupings you’d like photos of.
  • Do let your photographer know if you have a desire to have your wedding photos published. There are certain types of photos many publications look for, so your photographer will need to approach certain things with a keen eye.

Let your photographer know if there are any special moments you’d like to happen, like a first look with your bridesmaids or your dad, a letter or gift exchange, touching or talking to your S.O. prior to the ceremony without seeing them – it’s totally okay for you to tell your photographer about things like this you’d like included in your day. They’ll make sure these events get captured beautifully!

Your wedding photographer does need to be made aware of special personal details to which they may not otherwise pay special attention. Are you wearing any special jewelry? Including any family heirlooms in your ceremony? Highlighting something borrowed or blue? Let them know about these items so they can be sure to capture them!

Do you have any extra-special family members or friends you’d like to make sure to get a photo with? Definitely tell your photographer! Think about your VIPs and give your photographer a heads up so they’re sure not to miss those people.

How to Make a Family Shot List for Your Wedding

The one actual checklist your wedding photographer WILL need is a list of family groupings with first names listed out for each set. Your photographer should have a template or suggestions of groupings to help you get started, but if you’re stuck, we have a few pro tips!

The family groupings usually include three segments: your family, your fiancé’s family and both families combined. Depending on the timeline of your day and whether or not you choose to do a first look, some of these groups may be captured before the ceremony and some after. To make it easier to think about who should be included, start with the biggest group (i.e. extended family with aunts, uncles and cousins) and have your groupings get smaller from there.

IMPORTANT TIP: Be sure to let your photographer know about any potentially awkward family dynamics. Divorced parents, estranged relatives, someone recently passed away – knowing any details like this ahead of time can help your photographer avoid having to ask uncomfortable questions or say the wrong thing in front of your family on the actual wedding day. Remember: your photographer knows you, but they’ve most likely never met your family!

What to Give Your Photographer Instead of a Traditional Shot List

In sum, your wedding photographer doesn’t need a checklist or collection of shots for “inspiration”. But DO let your photographer know about special items, personal details and special people they’ll want to highlight. Get specific with your family groupings list and include as much helpful information as possible.

Trust your wedding photographer to capture your day’s events as they unfold in a way that reflects their creativity and style as an artist (remember, you hired them because you liked their work) and that also reflects you, your family and your story. Your love is like no one else’s, so your wedding photo album shouldn’t be, either. Cheers to beautiful photos of the most special day!

Wedding Hair and Makeup 101: What to Know Before Booking Your Beauty Team

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When your wedding day arrives, you want to not only feel beautiful, but look your very best, too! That’s why it’s important to find a professional wedding hair and makeup team you trust to help make sure you look incredible. Most beauty teams offer both hair AND makeup, while others specialize in one or the other. Regardless of whether you book them separately or together, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind!

wedding hair and makeup

Hair + Makeup: The Styling Stewardess // Photo: Allen Tsai Photography

When to book wedding hair and makeup

If you have your heart set on a certain hairstylist or makeup artist, it’s never too early to reserve your date! Many artists book out a year in advance. Beauty companies with several stylists on their team can often accommodate multiple weddings per date, so depending on who you’re booking, you could book 3-6 months out from your big day. We don’t recommend cutting it too close, though – have someone booked by 3 months out!

What to consider when choosing a bridal hairstyle and makeup look

  • Hair length and texture – certain hairstyles work best on longer hair, fine hair or hair that holds curl extremely well, while others are best for thick or textured hair. Your stylist can help determine if the style you’re considering is realistic for your hair type.
  • Dancing – do you plan to dance the night away and get crazy on the dance floor? You’ll want a hairstyle that can withstand those moves!
  • The weather – are you having an outdoor ceremony with potential for wind or humidity? Keep that in mind when thinking about your bridal look.
  • Your dress – your hair and makeup look should not only compliment your natural beauty, but the style of your gown, as well! Whether you’re going for boho, glam or classic, you’ll want to have a cohesive aesthetic.

Trust your stylist(s) and ask for their advice when it comes to styles, color palettes and more. They’re the experts, and can offer insight you may not have considered!

Consider these details when it comes to wedding hair and makeup

  • What will your number of attendants be and who will be getting which services done? Don’t forget moms, grandmas, junior bridesmaids, house party attendants and flower girls.
  • Will you’ll want your bridesmaids to have half-up/down hairstyles or an updo? Updos often take longer and that time needs to be accounted for. some brides prefer their bridesmaids to have a uniform look when it comes to hair and makeup, others aren’t picky – either way is fine, you’ll just need to decide before it’s time to finalize hair and makeup plans and costs.
  • What time your ceremony will start and what time photos need to start? Your hair and makeup artists will need to know what time they’ll need to be finished by in order to calculate their start time.
  • If you don’t have access to your venue until a certain time and hair and makeup will need to start before then, you’ll need to have another location in mind for getting ready. A hotel is a common, convenient option – consider a home rental, too! They often offer much more space to move around natural window light than hotels, which also makes for beautiful photos!

Who pays for bridesmaids’ hair and makeup?

Generally speaking, bridesmaids are responsible for paying for their own hair and makeup, as long as they have the option to do their own. If you as the bride are requiring your bridesmaids and attendants to have their hair and makeup professionally done, it’s generally expected for you to cover the cost. Again, if you’re giving them the option to do their own hair and makeup OR have it professionally done, it’s acceptable within modern wedding etiquette to expect your attendants to pay for those services. That said, how much should you budget for wedding hair and makeup?

How much should I budget for wedding hair and makeup?

Beauty services will vary from region to region and company to company, but generally speaking, brides can expect to spend anywhere between $200 and $600 total on their wedding hair and makeup. If you’re wanting special services like airbrush makeup, false lashes or an intricate hairstyle, expect for that cost to be higher. Bridesmaids’ and other attendants’ hair and makeup costs are often slightly lower than the bride’s. Remember, you’re paying for your artists’ time, talent and product. And don’t forget you’ll need to tip for a job well done!

Do I really need to do a hair and makeup trial?

If a trial isn’t included within your bridal beauty booking, you’ll absolutely want to invest in both a hair and makeup trial so you can make sure your look is spot-on for the big day. You may discover that the hairstyle you had in mind doesn’t work as well as you thought with your particular hair type – or maybe the makeup color palette you were considering doesn’t look quite like you expected. This is the time to be honest with your stylist(s) – speak up if there’s something you don’t like! The trial is the perfect time to make adjustments or to go in another direction if you don’t feel comfortable with the look.

Pro tip: many brides have their stylists coordinate with their photographer so their hair and makeup trial can take place on the same day as their bridal session!

Ready to get wedding hair and makeup on the books? Peruse our recommendations for North Texas beauty teams ready to rock your big day!