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photo | Tracy Autem Photography


Who would have thought that two level-headed, conscientious, skeptical planners would have found their soulmates on Facebook? That is how our love story started and we are so grateful that we overcame our reservations and stepped out of our comfort zone. We thank God for that because we feel that He had a plan for us. April 2016 was a unique month for both Alan and I because we finally had a little more free time than we typically had. Alan was finishing his last month of medical school in Houston and I was preparing to move to Dallas to start Physician Assistant School at UT Southwestern. On one particular day in April, I received one of those many Facebook friend suggestions, however, this one happened to catch my eye and peak my interest which had never occurred before. I decided to add this cute guy Alan as a friend. Alan immediately accepted my friend request and then he tried to add me on Instagram, but I couldn’t remember my password to this old account. So guess what, I had a reason to message him and I did. It took a few messages between us before we exchanged numbers and started texting which led to all day facetiming. I guess it is the way of love for us millennials. A month after meeting on social media, we had our first two dates on the same day because we wanted to make the most of our time together. We even changed outfits to make the two dates official! Once we met in person, we knew immediately that what we had been feeling through our FaceTime conversations was real. We both felt something that we had never experienced before- we had met our soulmates. From that first date on, our hearts have been one. We are so blessed to have found each other because to have unconditional love, understanding, and support is what life is all about. We are looking forward to our wedding on December 31, 2018 as we bring in the New Year and celebrate a new beginning with our friends and family as husband and wife!