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Photos // Brianne Johnson Photography

Brailey + Spencer

New York City Proposal

Spencer and I met through a mutual friend. Our first official date was technically at Whataburger! Spencer and I took a trip to New York City in December of 2019. One day we went to The Met and spent the majority of the day browsing the museum. I noticed Spencer was acting a little off somehow. When we left the museum, Spencer suggested that we walk through Central Park and head to a very specific pavilion which I thought was odd. Of course, it was freezing and raining so I was complaining but went along with it anyways. We took the most roundabout way to the pavilion, which I now know was to kill time. Finally, we arrived at this beautiful pavilion overlooking a small lake with the city behind. I noticed rose petals and lights and blankets and when Spencer tried to pull me over there, I said, “Oh no! Someone’s doing something special; I don’t want to get in their way!” I finally realized it was for me. He led me to the pavilion, got down on one knee and proposed. One of the happiest days of my life.