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Evie + Drew

‘Steal Things’ was on her Bucket List

Drew and I met in Jamaica and started dating long distance from Atlanta to Houston. During this time, wishing we were together, we started creating a bucket list – things we wanted to do together, places we wanted to go, accomplishments we wanted to have. Jokingly, I added “Steal Things” to our list one night, meaning “steal his last name.” Fast forward to November 2019, we were finally both living in Atlanta and our families were in town for Thanksgiving. We decided to do one final group dinner on November 29th. Drew went ahead with his parents to grab a drink, and I waited back with my mom and brother. When we got to the restaurant, Drew was nowhere in sight! His mom directed me outside, where Drew was waiting with a gorgeous leather-bound book. Inside, he’d transcribed every item from our bucket list with corresponding photos of us checking off the items we’ve completed. Finally, I flipped to the page that said “Steal Things,” and Drew was down on one knee. I was so shocked I forgot to even look at the ring! It was the perfect proposal for us, and we got to celebrate with both families in town after. Soon after, we moved to Dallas to start our lives together.