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A ‘Cool’ NEW way to get ‘Wedding Ready!’

Plano Dermatology

We try our best to bring the latest and greatest wedding trends your way, and it’s no secret that one of the #1 stresses a bride experiences is her weight. And hey, there’s no shame in wanting to look drop dead gorgeous on the most important day of your life! So we have the skinny on a ‘cool’ new way to shed those tedious unwanted lb’s before your walk down the isle!

It’s called CoolSculpting. The gist?! A procedure that involves the freezing of fat cells so that they naturally go away without any damage to your skin. With one single visit (during your afternoon lunch break), you simply drop into Plano Dermatology (or any of their locations across DFW), and with just one session you’ll be able to see a noticeable difference within just two months! Non-invasive, quick and painless…it’s even recommended by TV’s (& Oprah’s) fav doctor, Dr. Oz! Trust us, this is a no diet, no brainer you’ll thank us for later!

Contact Plano Dermatology today to set up a consultation at 214-615-1735 or visit them online. Click here for other locations.