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Anniversary Flowers

all of our newlyweds who read this blog (and even those who have long
since wed)…this post is for you!  Perhaps you may not have known that
each anniversary milestone has a flower associated with it.  The pansy
is the time-honored first anniversary floral, and unfortunately, by
these anniversary flower rules, we all must wait patiently until our
15th for roses and much longer for beautiful orchids! Geez! We found
this all very interesting and wanted to share.  For your enjoyment,
we’ve posted some snap shots of the first five years worth of
anniversary flowers below, and we’ve listed many of the others.  So, if
you’re going to play by the rules, be sure to figure out when the
timing is right for you to receive some of your favorites and make sure
your hubby knows as well!

Anniversary flowers for Oklahoma brides

1st – pansy
2nd – cosmos
3rd – fuchsia
4th – geranium
5th – daisy
6th – calla lily
7th – jack-in-the-pulpit
8th – clematis
9th – poppy
10th – daffodil
15th – roses
20th – day lily
25th – iris
28th – orchid
30th– sweet pea
40th – nasturtium
50th – violet