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The Art of Indulgence: Couture Desserts by DFW Cake Artists

Introducing one of our most decadent editorials yet – The Art of Indulgence: a look through artful, indulgent cakes from DFW’s most talented cake artists! This seasonal wedding shoot would unfold in the creative environment of The Space on West Main where Mark and Emily Photography captured all the most alluring shots of delectable desserts baked by North Texas’s finest cake designers.

Keep scrolling for some dessert inspiration that is simply divine – plus notes from the bakers that brought each couture cake creation to life. Read on!


Creme de la Creme Cake Company

hand-painted wedding cake


English Garden

Cake Designed by Creme de la Creme Cake Company


A note from the bakers at Creme de la Creme: “I always love layered textured cake and wanted to create an Impressionist feeling for this design. We started with a blue sky background, then added the hand-painted flowers. 2D flowers were then added, pulling away from the painted flowers. The 3D sugar flowers completed the final layer of texture.”




Ashton Marie Cakes

deco wedding cake


Art Deco Glamour

Cake Designed by Ashton Marie Cakes


A note from the bakers at Ashton Marie Cakes: “This cake is very time-consuming but worth the wait. I used techniques I have learned and practiced during my cake journey, using fondant and modeling chocolate to create my overall design. This was a picture-perfect example of a labor of love.”




Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery

artistic white wedding cake


Willow & Wind

Cake Designed by Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery


A note from the bakers at Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery: “We love everything about this cake – from the size to the colors to the amazing texture details. We iced the cake in a muted taupe fondant and made a fun and fluid lace pattern covered in sanding sugar running along the front of the cake. We then added wafer paper ruffle details in a dynamic, asymmetrical pattern across the front. We topped the cake with additional wafer paper details. From top to bottom, it is a dream come true.”




Carmel Cakery LLC

rock candy art


Contemporary Sunset

Cake Designed by Carmel Cakery LLC


A note from the bakers at Carmel Cakery LLC: “The color palette represents the cool sunset over the sea. Bright yellow for the sun, warm orange for the colorful sky and deep purple for the dark starry night. The design is bold and sharp for the extraordinary couple. The crystal pieces are made out of sugar isomalt to represent the sweet life to come for the newlyweds.”




Lili's Bespoke Sweets

textured icing


Modern Elegance

Cake Designed by Lili’s Bespoke Sweets


A note from the bakers at Lili’s Bespoke Sweets:“When I think of indulgence, I think of over-the-top, extravagance. When creating this cake I wanted it to be visually pleasing but also show the mess that comes with indulgence or even over-indulgence. It’s modern, intricate, delicate and also has a little bit of that indulgent chaos going on in the different layers and textures of the sugar wafer. The flowers bring out the beauty of the cake, and the gold just puts it over the top.”




Katrina Makes Cakes

mardi gras cake


Eclectic Edge

Cake Designed by Katrina Makes Cakes


A note from the bakers at Katrina Makes Cakes: “I love any chance to use eclectic decorations to bring a fun and unique vibe to dessert, and that’s what this cake was inspired by. Black cakes really allow color to pop and allow your cake to be the center of attention.”


See more DFW cake and wedding dessert inspiration on our Insta Story @bridesofnorthtexas! Cheers!

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