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Ask the Expert – Q&A with Wedding Photographer Brittany Clark

Would film or digital photography be better? What should you bring to your bridal photoshoot? What is the one thing that will help your wedding day run more smoothly? You’ve got questions and today, we’re bringing you answers from Brittany of Brittany Clark Photography who will be sharing her insights on these and other topics. With extensive experience in wedding, engagement, bridal photography and more, she helps her clients successfully navigate this process with beautifully documented memories at the end.

Don’t miss her tips on her favorite locations in DFW for photoshoots!


Photo // Brittany Clark Photography

Describe your photography style.

I create imagery using medium format film which creates beautiful and timeless photographs. Digital imagery is still beautiful, but it simply cannot recreate the luminosity, rich color tones and softness of a film photograph. Besides the quality of the images themselves, I also love shooting with film because it allows me to slow down and truly connect with my clients. Instead of rapidly shooting on a digital camera, each image is carefully crafted and photographed with intention which means a slower-paced and all around more beautiful experience for my clients. 

Tell us what you love most about being a photographer.

As a wedding photographer, I have the honor of being apart of my clients’ biggest moments and making sure they are documented with gorgeous imagery. I love that photos have the power to take us back in time and remind us of our very best moments. I feel so much joy when I look at my own wedding photos, so I love that I have the opportunity to provide my clients with that same nostalgic joy.

What services can a bride expect from you?

I primarily shoot weddings, but I also capture engagements, bridals and portraits. From the engagement to the wedding day, I am in constant communication with my brides, and by the end of the experience, a friendship has developed. Most of my wedding clients continue to hire me for maternity, newborn and family sessions. It means so much to me to be more than a vendor to my brides!

Where are your favorite places to shoot?

I have so many favorite places to shoot in the DFW area! For those who love florals, greenery and romantic garden vibes, The Dallas Arboretum is the perfect location! For the ones who prefer an outdoor location that is quiet and intimate, I’d recommend a local lake such as White Rock Lake or Grapevine Lake. For those who feel extra creative, several local venues are available to rent by the hour and make the perfect backdrop for portraits!

Any advice on keeping the wedding day running smoothly and on schedule?

I cannot stress this enough to my clients… INVEST IN A WEDDING COORDINATOR! You will not regret it. Wedding coordinators should create a wedding timeline for you and enforce it on your wedding day. This is so important when it comes to wedding photography! Another tip I suggest to my brides is to bring all her details with her to her bridal session. This would include the invitation suite, all the rings, jewelry, shoes, veil, bouquet, etc. Doing these shots at the bridal session instead of the wedding allows me to be creative and not worry about time!

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A special thanks to Brittany for sharing her helpful advice with us today! To get in touch with Brittany Clark Photography, you can reach her directly at her Brides of North Texas profile here.