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Ask the Expert: Q&A with North Texas Wedding Planner Joche W. Events

Wedding planners like Joche Westmoreland of Joche W. Events have infinite expertise and insight about what it takes to pull off an incredible event. Lucky for us, Joche is sharing some of his best advice today! Brides, read on to find out Joche’s take on neutrals vs. colorful palettes, his one best piece of advice and more!

joche w events q&A

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What is your favorite part of being a wedding planner?

Being a wedding planner has given me the opportunity to make memorable impressions on not only the clients that hire us, but also to their families, friends and our fellow vendors. I love being able to constantly utilize my passions for and education in culinary/pastry arts and event and floral design with the analytical and logistical side of my brain to create unforgettable events for our clients.

What’s the one piece of advice you share with every bride?

Trust in us to create the best for you! I always recommend that our potential clients do their homework on Joche W. Events – search out our reviews and browse through our social media and photos. I ultimately want the wedding to be even better than our clients do, and my team and I work diligently to make that happen! When we are given the creative freedom to create the best we can for their investment, everyone wins!

Do you lean toward bright or neutral color palettes and why?

In a perfect world, I would love to work with both a brightly colored, energetic palette as well as a neutral, classic-toned event every weekend! There are so many wonderful, beautiful flowers and linens that are only available in one particular color palette or the other, and I love working with them all! I couldn’t imagine attending a concert and seeing only one color of lighting throughout the entire show. Color, be it neutral or vivid tones, exudes emotion, and I personally need to encompass myself with all of them as often as possible to keep my creative machine at its best.

What services can a bride expect from you?

Joche W. Events is known for creating and executing a cohesive design plan which includes a turnkey proposal for floral design, textiles, tableware, drapery and lighting plots, unique rental items, signature drink creations and invitation and paper suite/signage items that may be from within our own studio warehouse designed by our creative team and in collaboration with some of the industry’s best fellow vendors, making the overall process very easy and streamlined for our clients. The planning division of our company offers various customizable wedding planning packages to help alleviate much of the stress that couples and families encounter throughout the time leading up to their special day. We work with each of our brides to create beautiful event floor plans and extremely detailed pre-ceremony, ceremony and reception timelines.

What is the one thing most brides forget to book that you wish they would?

I feel that a variety of lighting can turn a beautiful wedding into a magazine-worthy event! We always recommend combinations of room accent lighting, spotlighting focal floral pieces, various heights of candlelight and specialty lighting for the dance floor! It is a pity to spend so much on design elements and not be able to see them in the event!

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So many wonderful nuggets of wisdom to keep in mind as a bride goes about planning her big day! Special thanks to Joche W. Events for sharing his expertise with us. Interested in wedding planning services? You can reach out to Joche via his Brides of North Texas vendor profile. Happy planning!