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Ask the Expert: Q&A with North Texas Wedding Planner Lindsey Zamora Events

When it comes to classic, timeless, sophisticated events, Lindsey Zamora lives and breathes for these types of weddings. Her impeccable styling skills and years’ worth of expertise in planning North Texas weddings are evident in event after beautiful event, and we’re so thrilled to have Lindsey sharing some of her best wedding planning advice with us today! Scroll on to read Lindsey’s takes on prioritizing, incorporating trends and creating a cohesive style for your big day.

lindsey zamora events q&a ask the expert

Photo // Becca Lee Photography

What is your favorite part of being a wedding planner?

I enjoy the whole planning process. I really like working and guiding my clients through it and getting to know them throughout the process. We worked really hard together to create a magical event and it’s awesome to see it all come together on the actual day!

What’s the one piece of advice you share with every bride?

The best advice I can give clients is to book a great team of vendors! Having a solid vendor team of professionals will make for a better planning experience. On the wedding day, should any issues arise, your vendors will work together to solve what comes their way without breaking a sweat. If you are an LZE client, selecting your vendor team is certainly an area that I am very involved in! Each vendor I refer has great customer service, a solid work ethic and will knock it out of the park!

How do you create a cohesive wedding day look?

I take each client through my creative and design process. We begin by creating a mood board, which will direct the overall vision. I am very involved in the design aspect of weddings and often create sketches to help my clients visualize ideas. I also work hand-in-hand with the design vendors – florist, stationery, rental companies, lighting, etc. to help guide the vision in a cohesive way.

What are your tips on prioritizing budget?

Start with a realistic budget (and make sure to take your estimated guest count into consideration). Many times, brides don’t know what vendor offerings or items actually cost, and they need a little help, so this is one of the first planning steps that I tackle when working with a new client. We talk about their initial desires/must haves, expectations and goals for their budget. I take all that information into account when creating a new, detailed budget broken down per category based on general percentages of what to expect and my knowledge in the industry of what items cost.

What current trends are your fave?

I am a sucker for minimalistic/modern designs, anything velvet, organic/loose floral and tons of greenery. However, I do feel that I follow overall shifts of mood and feel of a wedding over trends. You don’t want to incorporate all top 20+ trends into one event, otherwise it will look super dated in three years! Instead, I work with my clients to create super personalized elements that mean something to them and something they will look back on in twenty years and still love because it is “them” versus a trend.

lindsey zamora wedding planner

Lindsey Zamora Events has been in the business for years and when it comes to all things planing and styling, she’s a DFW go-to. To get in touch with Lindsey and her team, reach out directly through her vendor profile here on Brides of North Texas!