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This Light and Airy Hometown Wedding is Your Feel-Good Story of the Day

Monday, June 14th, 2021

If you’re needing a feel-good story of the day, you must read about Jessica and Vic’s light and airy hometown-centered wedding day! Made possible by the expert wedding planners at MK Event Boutique, all of the festivities of this wedding weekend took place right in the bride’s hometown neighborhood. She woke up in her childhood bedroom, walked down the road to her favorite coffee house to start her morning, got ready in her parent’s house and had their ceremony at her hometown church outside by the pond she helped lay stones at when it was being built. There’s not a more special way to have a few last moments in your hometown with your family before you move on and start a new life with your husband!

Light and airy neutrals with bunches of natural lush greenery and perfect pops of metallic gold fill their reception space at Legends Hall at The Marq Southlake. Jessica was literally glowing in her simple yet classic bridal gown from the Bridal Boutique – the perfect gown to wear for a warn, sunny October wedding day! With the couple’s love for dance, Royal Dukes Band was able to play a huge part in one of the couple’s favorite memories. For the last song of the night, they played “Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks, and while being unprompted, all of Jessica and Vic’s guests formed a giant circle around them and started swaying and singing while they slow danced in the middle – truly the perfect end to a perfect day! Scroll to see all of the details of this light and airy wedding day and to read about the bride’s favorite vendor. Cheers to the Meyers!

Photo // Kylie Crump Photography

From the bride about her dream wedding maker: “Annie Edgar at MK Event Boutique! Annie is truly incredible, I really don’t know how she does it. In the year of COVID with some tough decisions to make or not-so-great news to deliver, she was up front and honest with us, but did everything in her power to help us make the wedding happen as close to originally planned as possible. I loved her energy, kindness, and humor. She truly made the process so much more fun!”

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Old World Industrial Vibes Radiate off of this Authentic, Personalized Affair

Friday, June 11th, 2021

Old world and industrial vibes radiate off of this authentic affair! Christine and Garrett wanted their romantic autumn wedding to truly be personalized to them – fun, classic and full of lots of good laughs – and we don’t think their big day could have been a better representation of them as a couple. Planned and executed to absolute perfection by Celebrate Dallas, this wedding even included details that they had never seen at any other wedding – including everyone in their wedding party walking down the aisle with their significant other! Out of all the authentic, personalized details that fill this day, our favorite has to be their “I will always love you my friend” neon sign – they always say how amazing it is to have a lifelong best friend in one another! DJ Jason Esquire played a big part in creating one of this couple’s favorite memories by playing “Only You” by Parson James, the song that they heard the day they found their rings, for their first dance. After dancing the night away, the newlyweds retreated to their luxury room The Adolphus Hotel to prepare for the honeymoonin’! Scroll to see all the romantic and old world vibes that radiate from this industrial affair. Cheers to the Myers!

Photos // Payge Stevens Photography

From the bride: “Celebrate Dallas knew how much stress I had already endured that year with my dad, as he had been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, and she went above and beyond to make me feel calm. She made the day perfect and a lot of brides say the day is perfect but it TRULY was.”

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The First Steps to Take After Your Wedding Day

Wednesday, May 19th, 2021

The most perfect day of your life has come and gone, now what should you do to start off your married life? There are a few essential steps you’ll need to take once you’re back from honeymoonin’ with your new spouse to help the transition go as smoothly possible. From legally changing your name to returning items off of your registry to submitting your perfect day to our Brides of North Texas, we’ve got all the deets on the steps to take after your wedding day!

The First Steps to Take After Your Wedding Day

Photo // Rachel Elaine Photography

1. Send out thank you cards

Completing your thank you cards may seem like a daunting task, but we can assure you it’s not as bad as it may seem! Writing thank you cards can be fun if you incorporate fun stationary, a pretty pen with colorful ink or even add your own personal touch with playful stickers. Once you get these letters written and give yourself a check off the big to-do, we can guarantee you are going to feel less stressed, accomplished and most importantly, happy! The sooner you can sit down and crank out thank you cards after your wedding, the better. We recommend no later than three months after your wedding day as a deadline for getting them all sent out! Make sure to be as detailed or sentimental as possible, as this will show your guests how much you appreciated their gift and for attending your celebration. If you’re needing some stationery to get you going, you can find our top pics in our Amazon shop under Paperie!

Read our full guide on thank you cards here!


2. Preserve your dress and bouquet

The dress and bouquet are some of the most cherished items from your wedding day, so why part with them if you don’t necessarily need to? There are several ways to preserve your wedding dress and bouquet that will keep them looking brand new and also help preserve your memories of your special day!

Taking or sending your dress to a preservationist is the easiest way to preserve your dress, but is also a pretty pricy option. For a DIY route to preserve your dress yourself, first, take it to get professionally cleaned within six weeks of your wedding, and immediately if it is silk. Do your research on the best local cleaners – we recommend asking local bridal boutiques who they would recommend. Once it’s back from the cleaners, handle your dress with extreme care, as to not get any new stains on it! From here, you can either seal, box or bag your dress. Sealing your dress involves vacuum sealing it in a bag. While this might seem like the best option, sealing your dress could cause permanent creases, yellowing, molding and mildewing of your gown that you’re trying to avoid! Boxing your gown involves simply folding your gown, wrapping it in white acid-free tissue paper, and then placing your gown in an acid-free box. With this option, it is advised to re-fold your gown once every two to three years to prevent permanent creasing! Finally, if you decide to bag your dress, make sure it is hanging on a padded hanger by the loops inside the dress that are closest to the strongest seam. Bag it in a cotton or acid-free plastic bag, NOT regular plastic. This is a good option for the short-term, as hanging your dress for a long period of time is not ideal.

Once your wedding is over, you’ll need to act fast to preserve your flowers while they’re still as fresh as can be! Pressing your flowers is a trendy option we always love to see our brides do with their bouquets. For the best results, make sure you do research on your flowers before starting, as you’ll need to know how each flower will react to getting pressed! Once they’re pressed, the options are limitless for all you can do. Adding them to a photo album or surrounding a photo in a clear class frame are two unique and sentimental options! Another option to preserve your flowers is by drying them and placing them in a clear box to always have to look at. By drying out your flowers, they’ll retain their original shape, color and perfume.

Read our guide on preserving your bridal gown and bouquet here.


3. Legally change your name

Luckily, for Texas brides, the state will accept a valid marriage certificate as proof for a name change. Once that piece of paper is signed on your wedding day, it’s time to use your new name – congratulations! Now, what comes next?

Are you simply going for a last name change, or do you want a hyphenation or middle name change? This decision determines the necessary steps needing to be taken after your wedding day. We always suggest to brides to make multiple copies of your marriage license to give to any vendors, like insurance companies and any others that may require it. If you’re moving, this is also the perfect time to update your address everywhere, too.

Top 20 places you should update your new name:

  1. Your social security card (click here to get more information!)
  2. Driver’s license
  3. Bank accounts
  4. IRS (click here to get more information!)
  5. Voter registration (click here to get your voter registration application)
  6. Passport (click here for detailed information)
  7. Post office (click here to get more information!)
  8. Credit cards
  9. Insurance companies
  10. Doctors’ offices
  11. Car title and/or mortgage/landlord
  12. School/university
  13. Professional or educational associations, clubs and organizations
  14. Attorney’s offices
  15. Airlines
  16. Electric and utility companies
  17. Phone, cable and internet companies
  18. Financial institutions
  19. Online shopping sites
  20. Social media accounts

Read our comprehensive guide to changing your name here.


4. Send friends & family your updated address

While your close friends and immediate family may know about you getting married, there’s a lot of people that won’t — and it’s important to get the word out there! Making a cute “it’s official” post and celebrating your new marriage is one of the sweetest ways to make the news known – it’ll get people’s attention and give you an excuse to post more wedding photos, which is always a bonus! Sharing your updated contact information through your phone is just the nudge people will need to change your name and update your address in their phone (here’s a quick tutorial on how to do just that). If you’re an old-school bride who loved getting snail mail, you could opt to send out an official announcement – it’s just like a wedding announcement, but for your new address and name!

5. Return duplicate registry items

As thankful as you are for all the registry items you received throughout your wedding journey, it’s easy to say that you only need one shiny new air fryer in your life, not two or three. Was there one registry item you really wanted but weren’t gifted? Here’s your opportunity to get that gift for you and your new spouse!

When returning items from places you registered with, make sure you are familiar with the return policy. Will the store accept your item without a receipt? Do they have a time-oriented return window? While Walmart and Target, along with Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond, will all accept returns without a receipt, there are restrictions that apply at each. Researching every store is key before walking in and being turned away because you don’t have the proper means needed to make a return. Become very familiar with each store’s return policy, then confidently return your items with as little hassle as possible!

*Tips for buying gifts for future couples: stick to the registry, and always give a gift with the receipt attached! The more you can do to help the couple return your gift if needed, the better.*


6. Review your vendors

Did you have the dream team of vendors helping you with your wedding? Was there a vendor you wished you would have looked a little closer into? Let the world know! Most wedding vendors have websites where you can leave reviews about the services they provided for your big day. If not, hyping up your vendors on social media by liking and commenting on their posts is like a review in itself! Reviewing your vendor is one of the best ways you can thank them or critique them, and by doing so, you’ll also be helping out all of the future couples that could potentially use them. If you used a Brides of North Texas vendor, you can easily find their website and socials on their vendor profiles!

7. Order a wedding photo album & prints

There’s no better way to remember your wedding day than by printing out all of the beautiful photos! It’s no secret that good quality photos of your day was a big investment, and printing them out could actually give you the biggest bang for your buck. Printing your photos and placing them in an album tells your wedding day story in a unique way that you can personally lay out, from getting ready to the grand exit and everything between. There’s just something so emotional and intimate about flipping through hard copies of photos instead of scrolling through an online gallery. Also, the internet isn’t forever! In the event your computer crashes or websites get deleted, having print phots and albums is the best backup. Plus, albums make the sweetest family heirloom for generations to come!

8. Submit your wedding to us!

We’re on the search for the prettiest weddings in North Texas to grace the pages of our magazines, and we would love your special day to be one of them. After all the months of planning and preparing for your big day, you definitely deserve to show it off – bragging rights are definitely encouraged here! Head to our Vows that Wow link on our site to submit your wedding to us today!

For more detailed information on changing your name, preserving your gown & bouquet, and sending thank you cards, visit our blog!

This Soft Dusty Blue Wedding has Undeniable English Garden Flair

Tuesday, May 4th, 2021

This soft dusty blue wedding has undeniable English garden flair in every element! After years worth of planning her dream day, Lexi could not have been more ready to marry her high school sweetheart, Garrett, in a dusty blue and champagne wedding that truly represented her personality throughout. As a lover of all the details and a collector of ginger jars, Lexi wanted to incorporate her personal pieces throughout her day, as well as gold accents and white lines from Posh Couture Rentals that truly brought their reception space to life. Over-the-top, beautiful bunches of soft ivory and blush blooms with lush, overflowing greenery from R. Love Floral adorn everything in this scene, bringing in even more of that elegant garden feel. Lexi couldn’t have been more stunning, as her elegant bridal gown from the Bridal Boutique with a sweetheart neckline and off-the-shoulder sleeves was the perfect choice to wear for a sunny summer wedding. Her eight bridesmaids looked as beautiful as ever in light blush dressed from Bella Bridesmaids that perfectly matched the soft pop of pink throughout. Ending the night on a sweet note, Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery created a gorgeous five-tier edible masterpiece, featuring the couple’s custom monogram and a few bunches of their gorgeous florals. Making up the bride’s ride-or-die vendor list, Sami Kathryn Photography and R. Love Floral were there every step of the way through changed plans and cancellations due to covid – it’s safe to say Lexi’s gives them a huge chunk of credit for making her dream day a reality! Scroll to see all the stunning dusty blue details that make up this English Garden wedding, all captured by Sami Kathryn Photography and on film by Reverent Wedding Films. Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Greer!

Photo // Sami Kathyrn Photography

From the bride: “My favorite moment of the day was seeing Garrett during our first look. It has been such a long journey to get where we are today, and it was so special to have that moment, just the two of us, to reflect on the adventures we have been through. I think oftentimes, brides, including myself, get too wrapped up in the wedding details, that we often forget the reason we are actually there – to marry our person! It was such an intimate moment and I will truly never forget all of those butterflies I felt in that moment!”

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Bridesmaids & Body Positivity: How Picking their Gown Makes a Difference

Friday, April 2nd, 2021

As you begin to think about the attire your bridesmaids will be wearing beside you on your big day, have you considered how what they will be wearing will shape their body positivity? Giving your girls the creative freedom to pick their own gown does so much more than just help you (and them) not break the bank, it also gives them a chance to showcase their own preferred style, let their own personality shine through and embrace their individuality. It’s amazing how something as simple as a gown style, fabric color or dress length makes all the difference in the confidence of your bridesmaids – and the more confident they are, the better off they’ll be in celebrating you! Scroll to read how letting your bridesmaids pick their own gown makes a difference in their body positivity. Cheers!

Bridesmaids & Body Positivity: How Picking their Gown Makes a Difference

Photo // Carsyn Abrams Photography

Different dresses to match different body types

Everyone has a different body type and shape that is better showcased in one gown style over the other! Acknowledging that each of your bridesmaids has a different body type is a good starting point for helping them determine what type of gown they should wear for your celebration – one bridesmaid might love a strapless gown, while the other may love one with sleeves. A floor-length gown may look great on one of your girls, while another might love a short or high-low style. Asking these questions right from the beginning shows you are genuinely interested in the well-being of your girls and the gown styles that suite their body shape for better or for worse!

Work with skin tones and hair colors

Just like each girl has a different body type, each of your bridesmaids also has different skin tones and hair colors that go better with different colored dresses! Something as simple as taking your color palette into consideration and asking each girl how comfortable they will be with wearing a shade of a certain color makes all the difference. Your fair-skinned bridesmaid might not like to wear tan, white, cream or light blush because it makes them feel washed out or blend too well with their skin. One of your girls with red hair might not want to wear a bright pink dress. It all depends on your girls and their level of comfort with the colors you’re wanting to pursue!

Use a Bridal Consultant

A bridal consultant will be game for playing mix-and-match with you and your #bridetribe to get the most cohesive (and flattering) look across your bridal party. Local bridal salons come equipped with a collection of designer bridesmaid dresses that typically have a natural capsule-style line, as bridesmaids dresses typically debut in color-coordinating collections by season, with multiple neckline, bodice and skirt styles in the same color or fabric type. A consultant will easily be able to reference these looks and give you side-by-side visuals via gowns in store or via swatches, saving you the hours and hours of endlessly scrolling through your favorite online clothing stores and sending Pins back and forth. Shop locally in our favorite bridal salons here!

Happy bridesmaids, happy bride!

A mix of eclectic, yet cohesive, bridesmaids dresses is trending now more than ever – we absolutely love when we see them in weddings! Letting your bridesmaids pick out their own dresses allows a group of women with different bodies, style preferences and budgets to choose a look they truly love – embracing their own individuality in a beautiful way! It’s honestly in your best interest that your bridesmaids look and feel their best – if your bridesmaids can tell that you have their best interest in mind, they are more likely to have your best interest in mind throughout your whole wedding process. It’s all about creating a positive environment not just for you but also your bridesmaids – and it all starts from the second you ask them to stand up there with you! Plus, giving your bridesmaids a little trust that they’ll find the gown that’s right for them while respecting your desired colors takes a little bit of stress off of you – a win-win!

Look good, feel good: confidence is key!

The confidence of your bridesmaids is what makes them, them! Letting your bridesmaids choose their own gown lets them showcase their own preferred style and lets their own personality shine through. While you’ll know the majority of the people you’re standing in front of on your big day, your bridesmaids may not. It takes a lot of confidence to stand by your side in front of a lot of people they don’t know, so the more confident they are, the better they’ll be able to celebrate you! Wearing clothes that make you feel good about yourself in all aspects is a must – would you have chosen your wedding dress if you weren’t confident in it? But, also, confidence is SO much more than just the gown, hair, makeup and shoes – it’s what truly makes your girls beautiful, so make sure that their confidence shines in the gowns they wear!

You’re ready to find the bridal party attire perfect for each of your individual bridesmaids! Head to our local attire vendors’ page for locations on finding the perfect attire for your big day. Cheers!

Day-Of Wedding Accessories for Each Type of Bride

Friday, February 26th, 2021

Whether you’re a bride who loves all things boho, minimalist, eclectic or anything between, these bridal accessories for each and every type of bride are sure to suit your perfect style, no matter what that may be! Stunningly chic pairs of shoes, statement earrings and dainty clutches are just a few of the oh-so chic and trendy accessory pieces featured below. Scroll to find your perfect bridal style and all of the matching wedding accessories to go with it – all available through our LiketoKnow.It!

The Classic Bride

Classic brides have a timeless style that just radiates elegance and class! Nothing says classic style more than pearls, ivory and satin, which is why these accessories for the classic bride couldn’t be more suiting to wear on the day of a classic wedding.

1. Badgley Mischka Cher Pumps | 2. Personalized Faux Leather Pouch | 3. Imitation Pearl & Crystal Circle Barrette | 4. Pave Imitation Pearl Huggie Hoop Earrings  | 5. 14K Gold Arch Short Pearl Earrings | 6. Jewel Clasp Minaudiere | 7.  Porto Bow | 8. Badgley Mischka Carter Beaded Pump | 9. Camila Imitation Pearl & Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings


The Cool Vibes Bride

The bride that radiates cool vibes needs equally as cool accessories that give off that same vibe, and maybe even a little more! From unique textures to fun and funky shapes, these accessories for the cool bride will be all the talk on your wedding day.

1. Mr. Big Slide Sandal | 2. Vince Camuto Harlo Nylon Clutch | 3. Large O Barrette | 4. Giovanna Earrings | 5. Surface Necklace | 6. Chill Vegan Leather Frame Clutch | 7. Web 52mm Sunglasses | 8. Viva Mules | 9. Lobby Drop Earrings

The Ballroom Bride

Stately and extravagant are all elements any ballroom bride needs, and these pieces more than deliver on that! Diamonds are an easy and extremely elegant piece to add to any wedding day attire, that’s why any ballroom bride needs these pieces to top-off her perfect wedding day look.

1. Badgley Mischka Haze Point Toe Pumps | 2. Loren Cuff | 3. Paige Headband | 4. GAS Bijoux Bo Sofia Strass Earrings | 5.  Imitation Pearl Clutch | 6. Angela Flip Clip | 7. Kenneth Jay Lane Round CZ Tennis Bracelet | 8. Rosalind Crystal Sandals | 9. Nora Imitation Pearl Drop Earrings


The Boho Bride

1. Sandria Bootie | 2. The Bride Straw Clutch | 3. Nix Small Shard Shaky Earrings | 4. Nolita Ring Handle Leather Clutch | 5. Azul Profile Hoop Earrings | 6. Beaded Handband | 7. Delicate Tiered Cubic Zirconia Pendant Necklace | 8. Kiele Slide Sandal | 9. Glam Slam Starburst Ear Cuff

Quintessential boho elements are feathers, snakeskin and a wide-brim hat, and any bride having a boho day will want to be rocking all of these accessory pieces! Think leather booties, a chunky gold headband and earrings with hanging fringe!


The Minimalist Bride

Sometimes less is more, and if there’s one thing we know about minimalist brides, going minimal can really make a huge statement! All of these accessory pieces add an extra touch of bridal glam, without being too out there – a small addition to the minimalist look.

1. Ariella Sandal | 2. LAUDE the Label Hair Pin | 3. Shimmer Cultured Pearl Double Chain Bracelet | 4. 14K Gold Arch Earrings | 5. Long Jacket | 6. Electric Picks Bond Hoop Earrings | 7. Geometric Faux Leather Minaudiere | 8. Graciana Pump | 9. Sam Necklace


The Edgy Bride

Edgy brides are fearless and ambitious when it comes to wedding style and accessories taste, and we think these pieces embody that edgy feel in the perfect way! Black, gold, glitter and rhinestones set the edgy bridal style apart from the rest, elevating any bridal look to easily be moody and romantic.

1. Elliot Booties | 2. Monogramme Quilted Calfskin Zip Pouch | 3. Electric Earrings | 4. Michaela Curb Chain Collar Necklace | 5. Mesh Rhinestone Disco Earrings | 6. Corsa Chunky Chain Cardholder | 7. Vera Drop Earrings | 8. Studd Bootie | 9. Melting Choker


The Eclectic Bride

Eclectic brides are the ones who can pull off anything – literally anything – which is why these eclectic and unique pieces couldn’t suite the eclectic bridal style more! Full of unique shapes and textures, all of these pieces are ones we can’t wait to see our eclectic brides rock walking down the aisle or partying the night away. Try a beaded pearl clutch, a turban head wrap, a chunky gold layered necklace or a patterned clutch –  or combine multiple pieces together for the ultimate eclectic look!

1. Hennie Block Heel Mule | 2. We Dream in Colour Quad Drop Earrings | 3. Santi Ivory Pearl Clutch  | 4. Ios & Rho Genuine Pearl Mismatched Earrings | 5. MaryJane Claverol Tennant Turban | 6. Deepa by Deepa Gurnani Arabella Earrings | 7. Santi Pearl Clutch  | 8. Spears Studded Slide Sandal | 9. Aurelie Layered Necklace

Find more shoppable content here, or jump straight to our LiketoKnow.It!

Recapping our Spring/Summer 2021 Mag Release Brunch!

Wednesday, February 24th, 2021

Connecting with our North Texas wedding community is something we always look forward to, especially when it involves flipping through the oh-so stunning glossy new pages of our Brides of North Texas Spring/Summer 2021 magazine! There’s nothing like a socially distanced brunch, and we truly couldn’t wait to show off all of the innovation and creation displayed by all of our amazing vendors stuffed into the new issue. It’s safe to say we have the best community surrounding us, as we couldn’t have made it through this production season without each and every one of them – they deserved this spectacular celebration! With a few sanitation areas, social distancing practices and personal catering dishes, we were lucky enough to have all the usual details of a normal release event while also being covid-friendly. Scroll to take a look at all of the beautiful details of our Brides of North Texas Spring/Summer 2021 mag release brunch!

Photos // Marissa Merritt Photography

Recapping our Spring/Summer 2021 Mag Release Brunch!

The bright white walls, rustic ambiance and open floor plan of the BRIK Special Events Venue was the absolute perfect space for our socially-distanced brunch celebration! Comfy-cozy velvet lounges stacked with the fluffiest eclectic pillows from Loot Rentals made for a stylish spot for our vendors to kick back and flip through all the pretty details of the shiny new mag. Sleek satin gold linens from POSH Couture Rentals adorned every tablescape, along with fresh bunches of blooms from Camellia Farm Floral in a muted pastel winter palette, bringing in a bit of color to this oh-so cheerful day! This celebration was definitely not lacking on the eats, as Magdalena’s put together scrumptious personal catering boxes of hummus and pita, charcuterie bites, mini quiche and a serving of lemon vinaigrette bowtie pasta – can you say yum? We honestly can’t stop thinking about the wonderful spread of sweets from Uncle Willie’s Pies – and yes, we did take one of each of the fudge brownies, triple berry shortcakes, peach cobblers, chocolate mousses and sweet potato pies. Nightowl Coffee Cart was there to fix all of our caffeine needs, and no brunch is complete without champs and rosé from Bubbles and Brews Brews Dallas! Between chatting with all of our amazing vendors and snacking on all the eats, we took some of the best snaps with Capture Co.‘s photo booth and Satin Pavement‘s boho-chic backdrop, documenting the love that we’ll forever have for our vendor community (check out the virtual photo booth here!). Throughout all the events of the day, DJ Jason Esquire played the best tunes to set the mood for the celebration! A huge thank you to Marissa Merritt Photography for flawlessly capturing all of the details of our release brunch – we couldn’t love all of the photos more – and to The Sinclair Hotel for hosting our team the night before. Cheers!

Ready to get your own copy of the new Spring/Summer 2021 issue? Order online here!

7 Ways to Stay Healthy in 2021

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

We’ll be honest, 2020 was a year of unexpected struggles and quarantining at home…but 2021 is a completely different story! This year, with the help of our lovely friends over at Bells and Barbells Wedding Fitness, we’re making 2021 the year of health and fitness. It’s never too late to make some New Year’s resolutions, as everyone works at a different pace to better themselves. From drinking lots of water to finding the right diet for you and your needs, taking small steps to get healthier has never been more easy. Read below about seven ways you can stay healthy in 2021 from Bells and Barbells Wedding Fitness owner and lead trainer, Kat Bahlburg, and don’t forget to check them out for all of your pre-wedding fitness and health needs. Cheers!

(guest post by Katherine Bahlburg of Bells & Barbells Wedding Fitness)

7 Ways to Stay Healthy in 2021

Photo // April Mea Creative

1. Find a Structured Program

The benefit of having a structured wedding fitness program means you’ll be more motivated, more accountable, less likely to miss a workout and less stressed – plus, you’re more likely to meet your goals faster. A lot of time with the uncertainty of 2021 or 2020, just having something that is structured can have so many positive things around it. More and more people are working from home and getting stuck in a rut of snacking all the time and being lazy. When you know you have to see a trainer or go to that structured workout at a specific time, you’ll begin to eat better and get excited more, giving you motivation to leave the house. You get out of the house, you feel better – it’s as simple as that! It not only helps your physical attributes and goals, but your mental health as well.

2. Find the Right Exercise Movements

To be honest, all exercise movements are key because it’s all individual – some brides build muscle quicker in the upper body, while some do in the lower. This is why a structured program is an absolute game changer! With exercise movements, always remember it’s not always about heavier weight and faster movements; it’s about proper form, activating the right muscles, and finding the perfect combination that fits you individually. Another thing is making sure that your program is well-rounded. You always want to make sure that you’ve got mobility, cardio, strength, full-body and targeted exercise. It’s so important to have a balance!

3. Plan a Well-Rounded Exercise Routine

This is a big reason why girls will be wondering why they feel “skinny fat,” where they still carry weight around their midline because their body is under stress. The body needs to balance itself out! Going back to structured programming – dedicating a day to strength, cardio or mobility – is super important. Balance is always key in making sure that the structured program is working for you. One thing that’s super cool about how we operate is even when we meet a bride and design a workout program, our design and creation doesn’t just stop there – we work to constantly improve it. We test measurements to we see what’s working and what’s not, and we’re very quick to modify things. That’s a big reason why our girls see so many results and they love having somebody there that’s helping them learn these new things!

4. Get Started on Dieting

One of the biggest rules of thumb: it’s a process of elimination. Our dietician likes to recommend each week taking out dairy and gluten – things that can typically cause irritation or bloating in order to go super clean. Then the following week, we introduce the items back one at a time, either adding gluten or dairy back and seeing if you are feeling bloated or sick in any way. If you’re not digesting it well, it’s probably not a good idea for you to keep it in your diet. If you don’t notice anything, you’re probably good to go!  This is something a structured fitness and nutrition plan will help guide you though so you can get where you want to be faster, while also learning at the same time, too.

5. Find the Right Diet for You

Fad diets are not sustainable. People will be like “but I lost so much weight,” but a lot of it is taking out a whole entire food group. Not everything is going to be a perfect fit for everyone – that goes for intermittent fasting or other “trendy” diet fads. Everyone is individualized. You really need to get down to the nitty gritty and pay attention to how your body is feeling, and the elimination method will definitely help with this. Focus on balance and focus on eating with intention!

6. Take Vitamins

It’s not always about taking supplements (like fish oil or folic acid for women, which are also good), but also seeking out foods that contain those items as well, because getting them from the source is always the best! Whenever a bride signs up with us, they get a booklet that breaks down veggies, fruits, meat, eggs, dairy – all sorts of stuff that you’ll see commonly in the grocery store – and we list out all the things that you get in those different items. Turmeric is really great for anti-inflammatory, Vitamin C and Elderberry are a really big thing right now (there’s more vitamin C in bell peppers than in oranges!), we definitely always recommend green tea, and cucumbers help with the detox process in your liver. Knowing about these foods and more will help in fueling your body in a healthy way!

7. Drink LOTS of Water!

“Water is life, be the fish, be that little guppy,” – words we tell all of our brides! There are so many benefits to drinking water: it cleanses your body, clears your skin and helps your digestive system. Another important thing to remember is where your water source is coming from. Drinking from the tap is not always the best idea, so we suggest either buying alkaline water or investing in a water purifier. We also suggest doing water challenges with your friends and family to see who can drink the most water in a day – it’s a great way to hold yourself accountable in the fitness journey to your big day!

Thank you to Bells and Barbells Wedding Fitness for tips on staying healthy in 2021! Visit Bells and Barbells’ Brides of North Texas vendor profile here, where you can learn all about their wedding-prep fitness services, personal training plans and customized nutrition services OR click here to book a 15 minute complementary discover call with one of Bells & Barbells‘ wedding fitness specialists.

This Classic Floral-Filled Affair is Pretty in Pink

Thursday, February 18th, 2021

This classic, floral-filled affair is pretty in all the shades of pink! After having to push their dream wedding day back because of COVID-19, Jamie and Harrison’s pink celebration couldn’t have been more worth the wait, as every single detail was so beautiful, their guests still compliment them to this day about it all. A clean and sleek custom white invitation suite from Illustrated Weddings by Lola Lorena with stunning gold details and perfect calligraphy made for impeccable additions to detail shots, captured expertly by Stephanie Brazzle Photography. Jamie’s six bridesmaids looked as beautiful as ever standing by her side in their bridesmaids gowns from Bella Bridesmaids in the absolute perfect shade of pale pink, adding an additional shade to this pink-filled celebration! Can we talk about these florals? Lush blooms from Something Pretty Floral adorn every detail of the space with eclectic colored roses in blush, coral, peach and fuchsia – to say we’re obsessed is an understatement. Jamie and Harrison had the best night possible eating, drinking and dancing the night away on the dance floor with moody, romantic lighting from LeForce Entertainment that set the ambiance for the whole evening. Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery’s flawless, five-tiered wedding cake with textured white frosting and bunches of the couple’s bright and bold blooms couldn’t have made for a sweeter ending to this oh-so romantic day. Scroll to see all the shades of pink that filled this classic affair, as well as the couple’s furry four-legged friends, Kylo and Obi, all captured by the amazing Stephanie Brazzle Photography! Cheers to the Goads!

Photo // Stephanie Brazzle Photography

From the bride: “My photographer, Stephanie Brazzle, is amazing! She felt like a friend that was at our wedding and just happened to be taking pictures. All of our pictures came back, and I can’t stop looking at them! She perfectly captured what was the most perfect day, and I am so grateful for her!”

Find this wedding and more in our NEW Spring/Summer 2021 issue of the Brides of North Texas, and get even more wedding inspiration here!

Blooming Beauty: A Whimsical Collection of Sleek and Sophisticated Gowns

Wednesday, February 17th, 2021

The most anticipated day has finally arrived: the reveal of Blooming Beauty, one (yes, one of two!) of our Spring/Summer 2021 fashion editorials, featuring a whimsical collection of feminine and sophisticated bridal gowns! Set against the modern farmhouse exterior of The Milestone Aubrey Mansion & Morgan Creek Barn, the crisp, white-washed walls of this elegant venue made for the idea backdrop for bright and bold blooms from Lizzie Bee’s Flower Shoppe to really pop and bring a playful, spunky feel to this scene. Boho vases and wooden decor from Loot Rentals complement hybrid delphinium, cheery sunflowers, buttery tulips and a variety of roses, giving us a mock “floral bar” scene blooming with sweet summertime shades and texture you can almost feel through your screens. Our gorgeous model bride graces each scene with her lovely presence in four whimsical sleek and sophisticated bridal gowns from our favorite local bridal boutiques and statement fine jewelry from The True Gem. Bridal glam looks ranging from soft, airy and simplistic to bold, dramatic and colorful, AshleyDrew Artistry truly outdid herself by customizing each glam makeup look to fit each gown perfectly. Playing on the “effortlessly perfect” aesthetic and our model’s natural beauty, Grand Slam Glam brought in spunk and whimsical volume to the scene, showcasing four beautiful bridal hairstyles featuring some of their favorite things – ponytails, headbands and statement hair accessories.

We haven’t stopped scrolling through all of the stunning photos by Pharris Photos & Philms, and don’t even get us started on this editorial in film – you’re going to want to watch every second of it! Scroll to see the full whimsical collection of sleek and sophisticated bridal gowns from our Blooming Beauty editorial featured in the new Spring/Summer 2021 issue of The Brides of North Texas. Cheers!

Photo // Pharris Photos & Philms

Video // Pharris Photos & Philms

Look 1: Lulu’s Bridal – Ti Adora

Look 2: WED Bridal Boutique – Lis Simon

Look 3: Grace Loves Lace – Grace Loves Lace

Look 4: Patsy’s, A Bridal Boutique – Beccar (gown) | Toni Federici (veil)

Find this editorial along with more in our NEW Spring/Summer 2021 issue of the Brides of North Texas – order your copy online here!