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Bea + Dexter

Photos: Mary Talamantes Photography


Bea + Dexter

Family Photo Shoot Turned Proposal

 A little backstory: During our dating phase, Dexter asked me what my stipulations are if and when he proposes. I said, “make sure someone takes a picture of us and that my nails are done.”

Around Christmastime in 2020, Dexter surprised me with a family photo session with a photographer. The photographer was kind enough to send a styling board in an email thread to me. Being the “FBI agent” that I am, I scroll down and read through the ENTIRE thread. On one of the emails, Dex says, “Can we maybe set up a call today? Need to share some news!” Shamefully enough, I immediately suspect a proposal. To reel myself back from delusion, I call two of my friends. Little did I know, one of them already knew and told her fiancé to warn Dex that I was indeed onto him.

Dex sets up a ruse with his mom where she calls him. While on speaker, she accidentally “slips up” by asking if he had told me about the surprise trip to New York yet. My heart sank when I realized there wasn’t going to be a proposal, but I was extremely excited to go to New York. To save what little dignity I had left, I confess to Dex that I read the thread and genuinely thought he was going to propose. A couple of days later, that same friend asked me to go get our nails done. Naively enough, I didn’t think anything of it.

On December 23, as we are posing and hugging for the camera per the photographer’s request, Dex pushes me off and pulls something out of his pocket. I look down and see a small black box. He then kneels down and asks, “Will you marry me?”