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Bre’Ana Byrd & Craighton Hale


Experience all the moody bohemian details in Bre’Ana Byrd and Craighton Hale’s wedding at Magnolia Grace Ranch. The Terracotta color palette and pampas grass accents make our bohemian hearts swoon. Bre’Ana and Craighton first met when Craighton crashed Bre’Ana’s 24th birthday party. Luckily for Craighton, Bre’Ana let him stay, and the two talked for a bit but left the night not knowing each other’s name or what would come next. A couple of weeks later, the two ran into each other, and Craighton asked if Bre’Ana would like to study with him. Quickly the two became study buddies and great friends. However, their connection was too strong, and they couldn’t be “just friends,” so they started dating. A year later, Craighton asked Bre’Ana to be his wife. But due to the pandemic, the couple had to wait two years before saying “I do” with their family and friends. However, we are so excited to share their long-awaited moody bohemian wedding!


There are so many unique details in Bre’Ana and Craighton’s wedding that caught our attention. First, Craighton had a walkout song to “Right Above It” by Little Wayne as he walked down the aisle. So fun! The couple honored Bre’Ana’s late grandmother by making their exit with her favorite song, “Sir Duke” by Stevie Wonder. Guests threw flower petals Bre’Ana had saved from bouquets that Craighton had given her over the years. So emotional and beautiful! Finally, during the reception, the couple had a co-ed bouquet toss. Bre’Ana jokes it was fun seeing boys and girls fight over her bouquet. We love that Bre’Ana and Craighton created a day full of love with personalized details. The newlyweds danced the night away with guests before making a grand sparkler exit. We love all the details and beautiful images in this moody bohemian wedding, and we know you will too! Keep scrolling to see all the photos and a special note from the bride. Cheers!



From the bride, “The biggest thing I learned from planning a wedding is that there will always be something you didn’t account for, and when those things come up, not to sweat it. If it’ll make you happy, you should do it – and it is absolutely worth your money.”

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