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Bridal Beauty Tips from Darling by Elle


Every bride wants to look her best when the big day finally arrives, so we’re teaming up with local beauty experts to get the inside scoop on all things bridal beauty. We recently sat down with makeup artist Elle Wappes of Darling by Elle to get her expert advice. Check out her helpful tips below and stay tuned to the blog as we share more beauty tips from local experts!

What are the advantages of doing a make-up trial run before the big day?
I always recommend doing a trial for your makeup and hair before your big day. This will allow us time to figure out which products work on you best, and you’ll be able to look at your hair and makeup for a full day and decide if you want to change anything. (TIP: I also always recommend doing your trial and bridal portraits on the same day. Then you will be able to see how your makeup and hair photographs which really makes a huge difference!)

What advice do you have for a bride trying to find the right look for her day?
Think about you personality; make sure your look is reflecting who you are. (Ex. If you never wear makeup and walk down the aisle with a smokey eye you won’t feel or look like yourself). Also consider your eye color and face shape and what will enhance your features the best. Pinterest is a great tool when brainstorming, but if your having a hard time recognizing looks that will fit you best then no worries, we can always research together during your trial!

What beauty product(s) should every bride have with her at all times?
The lipstick your wearing for your wedding, touch up powder, hairspray and a few bobby pins!

What beauty trends do you predict for the fall?
Lots of braids, curls, bold statement lips, soft skin and eyes.

What’s your favorite shade of lipstick?
My go-to shades for bridal are usually any of the MAC Viva Glams. It’s a good rang of reds, pinks and berries that look good on any skin tone!

Do you recommend false lashes?
Always! There are so many different styles of lashes that can customize your look. But the real benefit of lashes is the definition and attention it brings to your eyes in pictures.

How can a bride keep her make-up looking fresh and flawless throughout her big day?
Have your makeup done last, bring touch up powder and setting spray, and don’t stress! Stay relaxed and hydrated during your special day!

Any other helpful beauty tips for brides-to-be?
Relax, drink lots of water and get on a good skin regimen!