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Buying Your First Home with The Joseph Berkes Group


We know that buying your first home as newlyweds can feel overwhelming, and that’s where the knowledge and expertise of The Joseph Berkes Group can prove to be priceless. Their team of highly experienced agents have been representing and living alongside homebuyers and sellers in our community for decades. Whether it be residential, farm and ranch, lake or urban living, their agents are attuned to the local real estate markets and are positioned to serve any and all client needs, including first time home buyers! We sat down with the experts of The Joseph Berkes Group to ask some questions that might be on the minds of engaged and newlywed couples – read on:

Q. What are the most important considerations for newlyweds purchasing their first home?
A. Finding out how much you can afford and what area you would like to live in are the first items on the list we suggest clients determine. But there are so many important things to take into consideration when purchasing your first home, this is why we suggest working with an experienced realtor that sells a lot in the area you would like to live. This isn’t the time to use inexperienced agents or relatives that live out of town. A good agent  will help you prioritize the items you are looking for whether it be a large backyard, location to downtown, school district, etc… You are paying a realtor for their experience, hard work and connections, both in the neighborhood you’d like to live and to other realtors in that area.  Lastly, we want to make sure you feel at home in your new home.

Q. What are the benefits of using a realtor to assist in the process?
A. The benefits of using a realtor in the home buying process are endless, especially for first timers. We are not only going to help you find a good home in a great location, we will also guide you through the whole process and help ensure smooth sailing from start to finish. We will help coach you through any issues that may arise, whether it be with a lender, inspection report or negotiation of the terms of contract. We are your advocate the entire time and you end up satisfied and with a wealth of knowledge you may not have had previously.

Q. What are some common mistakes newlyweds should avoid when purchasing a home?
A. A common mistake some first time home buyers make is purchasing a home for emotional reasons. There is no need to rush into the purchase of a home. Buying a home is an extremely important investment decision, but the process should also be really fun. We help you make sure the property you buy checks as many of your boxes as possible. We also recommend using local lenders with a local underwriting department. We are grateful to have wonderful local lenders who really do make the process of purchasing enjoyable.

Q. What can engaged and serious couples do now to prepare for home buying in the future?
A. Start saving for a down payment and get pre-approved by a local lender so you are aware of what you can afford and ready to go when you start the house hunt. We also suggest forming a relationship with a local realtor who knows  the market well and can prepare you for your first home purchase. Lastly, discuss expectations with each other. As newlyweds you are still learning to communicate effectively as a married couple, so it’s important to talk openly with one another about your expectations for your new home. Understanding what each of you wants individually and what you want as a couple will help you narrow the focus of your search.