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Celebrating Five Years with Two Texas Couples

We are so happy to be celebrating our 5th Anniversary this year at Brides of North Texas, and thought it would be so fun to catch up with two couples from our inaugural issue! These two wedded duos announced their gorgeous weddings in our very first issue and today are going strong – growing in love and growing in numbers! Meet the Winstons and the Troops, perfectly captured by Tracy Autem Photography!


Five years are but a drop in the bucket for John and Heather Winston, who before begetting hitched knew each other 11 years and dated six and a half of those before they officially became Mr. and Mrs. Winston. Run into John and Heather Winston today, and you will find the same happy and in-love couple as you would have found five years ago. Living in Wylie, Texas, the couple has transformed the house they bought right before they were married into a home of their own, complete with their precious pooch! John and Heather are set to tackle the next half of their wedded decade and have proven they have the longevity to make it through the years…and then some!


High school sweethearts Tim and Ashlee Troop began their journey in ninth grade, unaware they were starting a relationship that would outlast high school, college and beyond! Ashlee and Tim are still a Texas twosome now living in Addison. The past five years have been spent creating their new home to be a sanctuary where they can rest and spend time together as a family. Just recently Tim and Ashlee added another person to the Troop – their son, Colton! The upcoming years look equally promising, with hopes to expand the Troops and build on their family of three. Ashlee and Tim look forward to all the future will bring as they prepare to scale life’s next round of milestones!