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Kaitlyn Taylor Weds Bret Wurzbach | Charming Rustic Wedding at The White Sparrow Barn

Kaitlyn and Bret were married in the most charming rustic wedding at the lovely White Sparrow Barn in the quaint town of Quinlan, Texas. The white-washed barn with gorgeous chandeliers and high ceilings was the perfect space for their ceremony and reception. The couple was so thankful for their photographer, Gray Door Photography, who captured the entire process and made it so special!

Photos // Gray Door Photography

Kaitlyn and Bret went to the same church and happened to be Aggies, but didn’t meet until a Super Bowl party. Soon after, he asked her on a date that happened to be a rehearsal dinner in a different city. Rather than drive a long distance with a stranger, Bret asked Kaitlyn to join him for dinner the night before the rehearsal dinner. They shared delicious Thai food and talked. Afterward, he surprised photography- loving Kaitlyn with a Polaroid and they drove around Dallas taking photos. They both knew they had something special after one date!

Planning on a day of errands with her girlfriends, Kaitlyn was lounging in sweatpants. When her friend arrived, she thought it was odd she insisted she get ready. As they were driving, Kaitlyn spotted Bret in the park. He guided her to a blanket with candles and rose petals. He then got down on one knee, told Kaitlyn he loved her and asked her to marry him. She screamed yes and tackled him! Afterward, the couple celebrated over dinner and an engagement party with family and friends.

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