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This Covid Couple Chose to Celebrate Their Love Despite Circumstances

When a couple gets married, they choose to love each other despite the circumstances that come their way. Morgan and Trevor displayed a genuine love that will last even before the day they said “I do.” With the pandemic changing their plans, this Covid couple decided to focus their day on what mattered most: celebrating love and each other. Morgan and Trevor’s story started when they met through mutual friends after church. After dating for a while, they knew that each other were the one! With family and friends being a huge part of each of their lives, they deeply desired for their people to be apart of their wedding day. With the pandemic at it’s peak, they had to alter their large wedding to an intimate day with their immediate family. With nine people in attendance and 500 over zoom, this couple felt celebrated by their loved ones across the country.

Even though this day looked different than the couple had planned, they knew that their love would be the focus of the evening. After tying the knot, the couple had a champagne toast honoring the lifetime that Morgan and Trevor would share together. They even got to have their first dance with each other as a married couple. The day was still so special and Pharris Photos & Philms captured all the moments so they will remember it forever. Cheers to the happy couple!

Photos // Pharris Photos & Philms

From the bride about what she learned: “Getting our wedding photos back, I nearly broke down in tears. Until that moment, I realized I hadn’t “felt” married, but that made it real. My advice to other brides is even if you can’t have a full reception, get your photos, dance to your songs and celebrate with your family. It will make all the difference.”

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