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Ask the Expert – Q&A with Dallas Florist Billie Ball & Co.

Katie Arani, owner and lead designer of Billie Ball & Co., has always had a passion for illustrating and designing. Her striking floral arrangements with their earthy flare are such a crowd pleaser. From bridal bouquets to floral installations, Billie Ball & Co. can do it all. Check out what Katie had to say as we sat down and talked all things flowers!

billie ball wedding florist

Photo // Shannon Skloss Photography

How can a bride get the most bang for her buck with florals?

Determine a few key areas to really focus the majority of your floral design budget. The wedding guests will be at the reception for the majority of the day, so I love highlighting an architectural feature that is unique to the space. Maybe it’s a grand staircase or mantle. It’s also nice to create variation with the centerpieces. They don’t all have to be tall and grand. Just a few lush centerpieces highlighting your flowers thoughtfully placed around the room will add variation and drama, while you can go with simpler options like taper candles or bud vases for the other tables. 

Where are your favorite places to include florals in the wedding decor?

I love a good suspended floral installation. There is something so magical about a cloud of flowers floating in the air. I really go for any design that looks like it naturally overtook the space over time. Like a flowering vine that crawls up a staircase or wall, or wild, sprouting flowers to accent a doorway or window. It really feels like the outdoors are growing in.

Where are the best resources for brides looking for floral inspo?

Think outside of the Pinterest box! Most of the images you find on Pinterest have been there for months, sometimes years, so by the time they end up on your board, they can feel dated and overdone. Try exploring new color palettes you find in paintings, wallpaper, boutique window displays. You might even find something that’s never been done before!

What floral trends are you loving?

Monochromatic color palettes are a very bold choice I’m loving right now. I’m also a big fan of using dried and dyed materials in my designs. I love working with dried protea, dried palms, and bleached ruscus is a favorite of mine right now. 

Any advice for brides selecting their blooms?

If a specific flower is sentimental to you, make sure you communicate that to your florist. If the scent of Gardenia reminds you fondly of your grandmother’s garden growing up, let’s make sure you carry her memory with you on your wedding day. Other than your favorite must-have blooms, I usually suggest letting your florist guide you when selecting which varieties to use. We know what fairs best in the conditions and climate your flowers will be in, and we can point yoI u in the right direction. 

Where are the best/easiest places for brides to repurpose their flowers?

I’m a huge fan of re-purposing! Of course, every venue is different when it comes to the flow of the space and what can be re-arranged. Your florist will have advice on what will work best for your wedding. I love re-purposing aisle chair floral for the chairs at the head table. We also use the reception centerpieces at the ceremony often and then transfer them to the guest tables during cocktail hour. Sometimes an arch backdrop can even double as a fun photo booth backdrop! 

What has been a favorite floral design you’ve created?

This is a tough one – I’d have to say a large headpiece I made entirely out of living flowers and greenery for a local musician to wear on her new album cover. That one was hard to part with, but you better believe I took plenty of selfies with it before! I would love to create more statement headpieces for bold and brave brides in the future! 

A special thank you to Katie Arani of Billie Ball & Co. for her expert insights on wedding florals. To contact her directly, you can reach her through her Brides of North Texas vendor page.