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Day-After Photoshoot

Bludoor Photography, Day after Wedding Photos 

Day-after wedding photoshoots continue to grow in popularity and when you see how cool these shots captured by BluDoor Studios are, it’s easy to see why. ‘Day-after’ photoshoots, referring to the ‘Day-after’ the wedding, allow the couple to relax and enjoy their time together creating memorable moments and amazing pictures to cherish for years to come, without the stress or anxiety that naturally comes on your big day. Whether it’s actually the day after the wedding, weeks, months or even years, choose a spot that’s meaningful and colorful. These shots were taken at the posh NYLO Dallas-Las Colinas Hotel. We love the pops of color, interesting artwork and luxe set-up in the background of each shot. To check out more amazing photography by BluDoor Studios click here! Cheers!