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How to Bring Your Dream Wedding to Life with House of Tales

Every couple would love to have a dream wedding and even though they all might look different, they have the same idea — to tell the couple’s story and reflect who they are through all the details of the day. This is where House of Tales Events founder and creative director, Maya Jareou, shines! She pulls from her world travels and experience to tell her client’s stories through every little detail that she designs. Today, she’s giving us a behind the scenes look at how she brings dream weddings to life!

Photos // Jen Symes Photography

Their Planning Process

“I listen  to my client’s story, visions and dreams. Then we go back to the drawing board and start creating a unique wedding design that reflects the client’s true vision and personality. I always introduce my flare for creative ideas by bringing color and textured swatches, decor items, inspiration, etc. After the couple approves the mood board, then the final step is the reveal of life design prototypes to showcase a glimpse of our design life to our client.”

One Charger, Many Looks

“It really stems from my rule of thumb for design, playing with different design elements, textures, colors that I then tie together all with one common and simple element, to complete and enhance the finished look. It was no different here. I focused on one classic and universal element – ‘the gold rammed charger’ – and then cultivated it into four different designs, that brings four different emotions. I truly wanted to capture the bride’s four stages of emotions when she is planning her wedding in these looks, more than anything else.

We have the excitement and thrills of announcing engagements, and that shows in the jewels and vibrant colored look, followed by capturing the emotions of happiness, positivity to start their planning journey, by adding yellows and mustard elements in the 2nd look. Our 3rd look I wanted to translate the pure and serene love, that the bride feels with her mom and girls when she puts her white wedding dress on for the first time, with whites, ivory and champagne colors in the designed look. I then wanted to capture our finale look by transient the romantic and dreamy emotions of the wedding day, by adding the mauves, blushes and pinks as the final stage of the journey.”

Why They Do What They Do

“Where do I begin? I’m passionate about people and their stories. I absolutely love seeing the reactions of my couple’s faces when they see my mood board comes to life on their wedding day. That emotion is a pure joy of mine and honesty is the core drive for me at the end.”

Their Source of Inspiration

“My main inspiration comes from travel, experience, different cultures, food, fashion, music, languages, historical castles, palaces, especially Versaille, linen textures, shapes, colors, nature, people and anything that has an emotion to it.”

What Couples Can Expect

“Devotion, eye for details, a full team of professional creative partners, creative mind, 10+ years experience in event production, ethics, punctuality, problem-solving skills, not to mention friendship, and laughter.”

Thank you for Maya Jareou, founder and creative director at House of Tales Events, for sharing a behind the scenes look at how they bring dream weddings to life! If you would like to learn more about working with House of Tales Events on your big day, you can contact Maya directly through her Brides of North Texas vendor profile.

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