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Emerald Bridal Lounge — Come As You Are

Every bride dreams of her wedding day gown. Whether you’re looking for something classic, bohemian or modern, the experts at Emerald Bridal Lounge want to help you find your perfect dress. Along with their large selection, they also have helpful tips on what to expect when deciding on your dress. Keep reading to learn more about the boutique and their expert advice!

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The Emerald Bridal Vision

Sabina, the owner of Emerald Bridal Lounge, opened her shop with inclusivity in mind. She knows each and every bride is unique, and she hopes to celebrate diversity through her selection of gowns. Sabina and her team achieve this through offering plus-size dresses, various colors and a plethora of styles. Gowns range from $1199-$2800, averaging $1700. 

In addition to their wide selection, Sabina and the team are committed to creating an atmosphere of warmth, celebration and inclusivity. Their ultimate goal is to help you feel beautiful, worthy and loved, no matter what!

An appointment at Emerald Bridal Lounge includes a personal stylist, a private and luxurious try-on space and mimosas! Whether you come alone or with loved ones, with a clear vision or no idea what you want, the team will be ready to assist you and help make your bridal dreams come true. All in all, the experts at Emerald Bridal believe that no matter where you are in your journey, you deserve to be celebrated just as you are.

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What to Expect When Deciding on Your Dress

Shopping for your wedding dress is something you’ve probably dreamed about but have little-to-no experience doing. Not to worry, below you’ll find Emerald Bridal’s guide on what to expect when choosing your dream gown!

Four Dresses

During your appointment, your stylist will likely pull four dresses to begin the try-on process. The first will be something that looks exactly like your pinterest board inspiration. The second will push you out of your comfort zone — usually a curveball dress or the stylist’s pick! 

Third, expect something flattering based on your body type and the stylist’s expertise. The fourth and final dress will be a validation dress. This could be a “hard no” dress to validate your feelings regarding a certain style or something that’s exactly what you are asking for based on the dresses already tried on.

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Get Ready

This is a big day, which means you’ll want to prepare yourself both physically and mentally. This is even more important if you have any nerves regarding the appointment. Be sure to eat a good meal and stay hydrated. Whatever makes you feel like your best self, indulge in that. If that means a full face of makeup and hair done, then do it!

Also, be sure to get plenty of beauty rest the night before. This will not only help you feel your best but give you more energy and patience for the appointment. Last but not least, come with people that bring out the best in you! Choose friends and family members that are uplifting, encouraging, supportive and unbiased.

Expect Emotions and Lean Into Them 

If you begin to feel emotional during the process, don’t fret! It’s completely normal to feel a little extra during such a special time. That said, it’s also perfectly okay to feel less emotional than you expect. Don’t force yourself to feel a certain way, and simply take the feelings as they come. Trust your gut and intuition, and be yourself. 

Finding your dress can happen at any moment, so be ready! It only takes one. When the moment arrives, be open to what may come. Every bride’s moment looks different, so don’t pressure yourself to cry if no tears come. On the other hand, if you unexpectedly weep, lean into it and take your time. Moments happen naturally and often when you least expect it!

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Helpful Mindsets 

There are a couple things to remember before you begin your appointment. First, keep an open mind. You may have a vision of your gown, but you might walk away with something completely different. That’s okay! Often, a bride will leave with something she had no idea she was going to love. The same could happen with you!

Next, know your limits. Dress fatigue can happen if you’ve tried on too many gowns — it’s called seeing the sea of white. Essentially, everything starts to look the same, making your decision more difficult. Along with trying on many gowns, dress fatigue can happen from going to too many shops or listening to too many opinions. To avoid this, remember that this is your dress on your wedding day. Trust your gut when you feel you’ve found the one!

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The experts at Emerald Bridal Lounger want your time with them to feel as special as your wedding itself. No matter your background, they are committed to providing you with the ultimate experience! Learn more on their vendor profile here.

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