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Document your life from engagement to wedding day with journals from Elum


This idea is so sweet it gave us goose bumps! After the proposal, the future bride and groom start journals recording their thoughts/feelings/emotions from the day of proposal up until the big day arrives. On the wedding day, they exchange the journals as their gifts to one another. This unique idea is sure to pull at the emotional strings and make for a memorable gift! You can have custom journals made or purchase some like the ones designed by Elum above. Elum products can be found locally at Needle In A Haystack in Dallas, Swoozie’s in Dallas and Southlake, The Write Selection in Dallas, and P.S. The Letter in Fort Worth. For another cute and related gift, check out  “Sweetie Stats” from www.uncommongoods.com — so cute! The journal features pages that store information on your significant other including old pets, wish lists, likes and dislikes, allergies and more!  Get the 411 on your loved one and you’ll never cook the wrong meal or buy the wrong size shirt again!