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Five Haute Wedding Trends from Celebrity Wedding Planner Donnie Brown Weddings & Events

In the latest issue of Brides of North Texas, celebrity wedding planner Donnie Brown Weddings and Events gave us the inside look at five haute wedding trends every bride should consider for her big day! Take a look!
Mixologists are busy working on new and inventive cocktail options for weddings. The color, the flavor, the unusual mix of liquors, fruits, and food aromatics can bring an exciting twist to an otherwise ordinary wedding bar. Don’t be afraid to have your planner bring in a good wedding mixologist for a tasting to test the options. Photo | Perez Photography

Chefs are constantly coming up with new ways to showcase food at weddings. Recently we have seen a resurgence in limited menu ordering at the table and European style service. We have seen themed stations and other varieties of unique food variations. But let’s not forget the cocktail hour. While your guests are drinking for an hour, food is a must to keep them from getting too inebriated too quickly. And we want the first food your guests receive to hold up to the feeling of the rest of the event, so look into some artistic canapes— a wonderful element for your guest experience. Photo | Jeff Brummett Visuals, City Club Fort Worth
Why not show some skin in a tasteful way on your wedding day. Sexy is in. Matronly is not. But as we all know, too much lace can be overwhelming. So find a gown that is tailor fitted with sheer organza embellished with lace appliques. It is current, sophisticated, and extremely sexy and elegant.
In the past we used garden chairs, then chair covers…both are out. Today most weddings utilize chiavari chairs as they have become affordable to the masses. They are far better than covering a house banquet chair with all that additional fabric. They add something architectural to your carefully crafted ambiance. But even more interesting is the new Chameleon Chair by Classic Party Rentals. These high back, comfortable, steel-framed chairs come in a huge variety of colors, textures and combinations, allowing you to create your own custom look. They are more expensive, but are definitely worth the cost. Photo | Edmonson Weddings

If you want to utilize pastels in your wedding, pair them with richer tones. Monochromatic weddings can be incredibly beautiful. They add an air of romance and sophistication to your important event. Photo | Edmonson Weddings