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Saheli Chakrabarty Weds Sean Roddy | Garden Party Brunch Wedding

The Dallas Arboretum was the dreamiest setting for Saheli and Sean’s garden party brunch wedding captured by Courtney Hanson Photography. We absolutely adore Saheli’s super fun bridal style including her gorgeous hair and makeup by Brittany Jones – so perfect for a cheery morning soiree!

Photos // Courtney Hanson Photography

Saheli and Sean’s paths first crossed during their first year of law school at the University of Pittsburgh. During the last few days of winter break before their second semester, he stopped by Starbucks where she was reading. Sean asked if he could sit with Saheli and they ended up talking for an hour. Six months later, they started dating.

Four years later, the couple survived law school, the bar exam, dating long-distance, and multiple Pittsburgh winters. Sean crafted the perfect night out that included theater tickets and a speakeasy in Downtown Pittsburgh. After the play, the pair stepped out into the cool summer night to discover Saheli could barely walk in her uncomfortable – albeit stylish – heels. In lieu of the speakeasy, they walked to her apartment. On the front stoop of her building under the stars and moonlight, Sean stopped Saheli and looked into her eyes. Despite breaking the romantic gaze with pleas of proposing elsewhere, he persisted. Saheli said yes. The couple has laughed about the moment since.

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