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Ready to Get Fit and De-Stress from Wedding Planning? This May Be For You

Is getting healthy, fit or de-stressing on your wedding planning list? If so, we may have just the thing for you today! Isabelle Preston of Pure Barre Coppell is sharing her top recommendations on how to reach your goals and make it fun with help from Pure Barre.

Ready to Get Fit and De-Stress from Wedding Planning? Pure Barre Coppell May Be For You

Photo // Pure Barre, LLC.

Where should a bride start her wedding fitness plan?

Find a workout regimen that helps you de-stress and focus on yourself. The great thing about Pure Barre is that it is for every fitness level and body type! Clients typically see results within 10 classes.  The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be feeling wedding dress ready!

What type of workout is a barre class?

Pure Barre is a musically driven, total body workout focused on low-impact, high intensity movements designed to strengthen and tone muscles. Some benefits are: increased core strength, enhanced flexibility and balance and improved mind-body connection.

How can a bride make the most of her workouts between classes?

Fuel your body, stretch your muscles and get plenty of rest!

What goals and timeline would you suggest for brides getting started?

Pure Barre Coppell offers a 3 and 6 month bridal package to best suit each bride’s needs. Challenge yourself with all 3 of our class formats for effective cross-training!

Classic: small isometric movements, low impact

Empower: cardio, HIIT style, bigger, powerful movements

Reform: Core and resistance training, great for toning

What tips do you have for staying on track during a fitness plan?

Use the Pure Barre app to set a weekly goal, schedule classes and track your progress. Bring a friend – workouts are better with a buddy! Make yourself and your fitness a priority and have fun!

Thank you to Isabelle Preston of Pure Barre Coppell for sharing her awesome tips and ideas for getting wedding-dress ready! If you’re looking for expert help reaching your heal goals for your wedding, or life in general, you can contact Isabelle directly through their Brides of North Texas vendor page.

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