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Gloss Luxury Event Rentals, Wedding Rentals in Dallas, Fort Worth Wedding Rentals 

We just had to share these stunning rentals from Gloss Luxury Event Rentals. Furniture and furnishings from Gloss can transform any reception area to a party! Check out the metallic finish on the table above. This table would be perfect for a guest book area, or just to glam up the space during your reception. Pair it with this luxe screen divider that adds some privacy and dimension to the space! We just love the patterned silver finish, so elegant and modern. Use colorful pillows, like these pink and black cushions to make the space seem cozy and playful. And finish off the look with these white chairs! The complete look is sure to get noticed and make all of your guests feel special. Check out more of Gloss Luxury Event Rentals by clicking here!