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Groom To Perfection

Texas groom's tuxedo, groom's Tag Heuer watch from Bachendorf's, cufflinks

While our main focus is usually the lovely bride to be, we can’t forget about the strapping grooms! We hear so much about the search for the perfect dress, but don’t forget to make sure your groom is dressed in style! Whether he decides to wear a tux and bowtie or if he’d rather sport a more casual suit and tie, make sure to pay attention to the details! When you’re picking out the tie, vest or shirt colors it might be handy to have a swatch from the bridesmaids’ dresses. There are so many shades to mix and match! We know you probably have your jewelry planned out, but be sure to give your groom some bling too! What groom wouldn’t love flashing this watch from Tag Heuer — it might be the perfect wedding gift from the bride! Find Tag Heuer locally at Bachendorf’s in Dallas. And don’t forget the cufflinks — he’ll look snazzy with these monogrammed designs. Dress your groom to perfection! Check out the great selection of tuxes at Culwell & Son!