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Lauren + Dane

Photos: Lorena Burns Photography and Films


Lauren + Dane

He Got Her Friends Involved

Dane secretly planned a total surprise engagement on 9/11/21. Lauren woke up that Saturday morning to her matron of honor and best friend, Danielle, and Danielle’s husband, Levi, screaming SURPRISE. This was unusual because 1) Danielle lives in Indiana, and 2) Lauren had just gotten back from a weekend long Labor Day vacation with her, Levi, and other friends. Lauren knew something was going on but had no idea what was planned.

Dane, Lauren, Danielle, and Levi went down to the Deep Ellum Arts Festival to spend the day. In the meantime, Kelsey, Lauren’s maid of honor, and another one of Lauren’s friends, Jane, went to work like elves setting up the perfect proposal for when they arrived home. Balloons, confetti, champagne, cupcakes and, of course, THE RING all were perfectly placed for when Lauren and Dane arrived home. Close friends hid in the house waiting quietly for the big moment.

Dane opened the door and sitting there was the ring. All Lauren saw was a big balloon installation that said, “She Said Yes,” so you can imagine how shocked Lauren’s face was when she walked in. Dane was so nervous, the only words he was able to come up with were, “Will you?” It took Lauren a few moments to realize what was happening. All of their friends came out from hiding, patiently waiting for Lauren to say yes. Once Lauren realized what was happening, she was thrilled and of course said YES!

We spent the rest of the day and evening celebrating with all of our closest friends. As if 9/11 wasn’t already a day for remembrance, Dane wanted to ensure Lauren remembered this day forever! It’s a day we will both cherish and the start of the rest of our lives together.