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A Look Inside Piazza in the Village & Piazza on the Green

Both classic and elegant while channeling European vibes, Piazza in the Village and Piazza on the Green are two exquisite and unique wedding venues located in the heart of central Texas. Adorned with custom-made crystal chandeliers, stunning architecture and world class cuisine, both properties have made the Piazza name a sought after destination for any DFW bride.  Just over 40 miles apart, brides can expect superior customer service and state of the art technology from each location complete with live web broadcasting of your ceremony to your out of town family and friends. Both properties have a beautiful chapel, two unique ballrooms to accommodate any size soiree and spacious bride and groom suites for pre-ceremony pampering!

Photo 1: Edmondson Photography, Photo 2-3: Fairy Tale Photography, Photo 5: Lynn Photography, Photo 7-8: Tracy Autem & Lightly Photography