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Looks of Love Winner Announced!


Brides of North Texas Looks of Love, Sarah Kate, Photographer Happy Valentines Day! We have been on pins and needles in anticipation of announcing our Looks of Love winner! Kelly and Stephen’s story just stole our hearts, and we’ll be treating them to dinner to celebrate! Their adorable pictures were taken by Sarah Kate, Photographer. We’ll be sharing some more of our favorite Looks of Love entries throughout February so check back to see more couples in love! Read on to find out just how this couple met in Southeast Asia! Cheers!

During Stephen’s last night in the U.S. to celebrate the holidays with family and friends, his Mother asked him if he thought there was any chance he would meet a nice girl in Thailand. Instantly, he shook his head and said, “No, that is impossible.” He didn’t just say that, he believed that. The next day, he caught a couple of flights and found himself in the lounge in the Tokyo airport checking his email. The only email that stood out to him was one from his older sister, Audrey; it sounded urgent. She told him about a “cute” and “fun” girl named Kelly that was the best friend of her roommate at A&M, and that she was rooting around Southeast Asia and might appreciate seeing another American face. After a day or two of being back in Bangkok, Stephen sent a text message to Kelly with just the knowledge of two things, her first name and her phone number. She responded and said she was on her way back from Cambodia and would be open for doing dinner. Before catching the sky train to meet at her hotel, Stephen remembered to give her a detailed description of his appearance to help her recognize him: white shirt, dark hair. In turn, she gave him an even more detailed description: brown hair. Stephen’s wait in the hotel lobby ended with his first sight of Kelly; she was indeed the prettiest girl he had ever seen. The two left the hotel, had a wonderful dinner, and took a taxi ride out of the city to an infamous road called Khaosan Road, where they walked, talked, laughed and ate fried grasshoppers. Realizing that the night (3:00 a.m.) had to end at some point, they returned to Kelly’s hotel, and said their goodbyes. And the rest is history! Photography by: Sarah Kate, Photographer.