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Overloaded Cakes: Decadent Cakes from DFW Pastry Chefs

What a treat we have for you today: these overloaded cakes from DFW pastry chefs are delightfully decadent and oh-so-sweet! Photographed by Deven Ashley Photography at Dallas’ House of DIRT venue, each one of these jaw-dropping cakes is a unique, original creation from one of DFW’s top wedding cake bakeries. Abounding with florals, fruit, candied creations, icing and more, these overloaded cakes prove that on occasion, more is really more. Take a look below at these gorgeous gourmet concoctions and the bakers’ inspiration behind them, and to see more from these talented bakers, check out our Local Vendors page!

Photos // Deven Ashley Photography

overloaded cakes

The Butterfly Cake Factory

“My favorite part of this design was the hand-sketched floral. I was completely in awe of Alli K Design’s black and white flowers and knew I’d have to incorporate them somehow. When I found out about the concept for this issue, I wanted to do something different than what had been trending on a Pinterest. Our round, white fondant covered cake is topped with torched meringue and French macarons. It is adorned with sugar flowers, gold sails and finished with hand-sketched flowers.” – Brittany Ducray of The Butterfly Cake Factory

overloaded cakes

C. Marie’s Sweets

“Cool clean lines, raw sugar crystals and geometric shapes inspired this cake. We love winter’s ice and bright white along with the royalty of gold. Any cake can be chocolate when covered in porcelain fondant!” – Christine Shulman and Amy Pittman-Heglund of C. Marie’s Sweets

overloaded cakes

HoneyLove Cakery

“This semi-naked cake is garnished with fresh blueberries and candied lemons, playing off the flavor of its scrumptious lemon blueberry recipe. This is our favorite flavor to expose because the blueberries add a creative touch to the design.” – Nicole Foster of HoneyLove Cakery

overloaded cakes

Creme de la Creme Cake Company

“Simple, elegant decadent chocolate with edible gold leaf flakes and gorgeous fresh flowers and mixed fresh fruit — this bridal cake is a little unexpected with the chocolate truffle background, but the beautiful flowers and fruit keep to that traditional nod as well.” – Jamie Holder of Creme de la Creme Cake Company

overloaded cakes

Delicious Cakes

“I named the cake ‘Not so Bashful’ because it’s a semi-naked cake. This design is very popular for venues with rustic décor. The cake is a rich moist yellow cake with a hint of vanilla flavoring. What I love most about this cake is that it is simple but eloquent and the flowers bring in a splash of the bride’s colors.” – Butch Stivers of Delicious Cakes

overloaded cakes

Loft22 Cakes

“I decided to do a white explosion of white chocolate with meringue and crystal clear rock candy. To enhance the design with a bit more color and textures, there are added elements of nectar slices, cookies and even mint candies.” – Tareka Lofton of Loft22 Cakes

overloaded cakes

Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery

“Our cake design is a three-tier round with a taller middle tier to give it a more modern silhouette. It is our vanilla cake with a blackberry and cream cheese filling, and we mixed in fresh blackberry into the frosting on the middle tier as well. To balance out the rich fall hues of this cake, we did a wine-colored chocolate, ganache drizzle on the top and bottom tiers along with sugar flowers, French macarons and abstract pieces of marbled chocolate.” – Heidi Allison of Sugar Bee Sweets

overloaded cakes

Tart Bakery

“For this look, nothing seemed more natural than to have our berry vanilla cake overflowing with all of our favorite cake garnishes: fresh florals and berries, macarons, meringue kisses, double drip and of course… gold popcorn.” – Sam Major of Tart Bakery

overloaded cakes

Highland Park Village’s Bird Bakery

“We can create almost any design, but for this cake, we chose a classic smooth finish, topped with cascading fresh flowers. More than ever, brides are loving naked cakes, simple spatula work and smooth finishes, topped with peonies, ranunculus or garden roses. I love this cake because it’s classic, gorgeous, makes a statement and like everything at BIRD Bakery, tastes absolutely delicious!” – Elizabeth Chambers of Bird Bakery

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