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8 Expert Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer from Pharris Photography & Philms

8 Expert Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photography team will be responsible for documenting your most special event and be part of every intimate moment of the day, so it’s important to find the right team for the job. To get the inside scoop on how to find the perfect wedding photographer for you, we’ve reached out to the husband and wife duo, Josh and Kariss of Pharris Photography & Philms, to lend their expertise. We’ve asked them all the burning questions brides have as they start this process, so before you book a photographer check out this helpful Q&A!

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How do you know if a wedding photographer is right for you?

When vetting your photographer options, we suggest you ask yourself the following questions to ensure you are making the right choice. Some things to consider are, “Do you get along with the photographer? Do you like their work? Do they have good reviews on wedding sites? Does their style match yours?” When asking these questions, you can help narrow the pick and eventually find the perfect match!

How can you tell if you will get along well?

To better understand the photographer’s personality, meet with the them in person or over the phone. Knowing that you connect with your photographer will make sure that you and your partner are more relaxed throughout the experience. This will bring out a more genuine and personal side to the photos. You need to remember they will be following you and your bridal party around throughout your special day, so you want to make sure you enjoy their company!

What should couples know before they start looking for their photographer?

A few critical factors, for any couple, to assist in finding the right photographer is knowing your budget, the style you are looking for, what you want in a photographer, and what you want in their photography package (hours, albums, etc.). By knowing exactly what you want, this will help with your process of elimination when deciding what photographer to go with.

What are some characteristics couples should be looking for in their wedding photographer?

When looking for a photographer or photography team, or in our case, a photography husband and wife duo, you want to look for friendliness when communicating with their clients and peers, patience when planning and booking, creativity that can be shown via their website and social media platforms, and timeliness. If your photographer has all of these traits, you can guarantee a great wedding day!

What is the most important thing that people overlook when looking for a wedding photographer?

Most brides try to conserve their budget by lessening their photographer/videographer budget. We can’t stress enough that the photography is all you have left of the wedding. With that being said, that’s the one place you shouldn’t cut back on as these photos will help preserve the memories that will last a lifetime.

When interviewing photographers, what should couples be asking about?

There are a few questions that you should make sure to ask any photographer. Firstly you should ask to see a full gallery; photographers use their website as an online portfolio so they showcase the best of the best. By asking to see a full gallery, you will know that your photos will be of the same quality. Secondly, you should ask how the photographer approaches the wedding day as a whole. By doing so you can envision how the day will go based on how they work. Lastly, ask how the photographers back up their files. This is a major question that often gets overlooked, as everyone is quick to book without thinking longterm. Having these questions answered will help take pressure off of making the right decision for the perfect photographer.

How necessary is a test run with the photographer?

A test run in the form of an engagement session is crucial! It’s a sneak peak into what your wedding day will look like. Doing a test run will show you how you and your photographer get along and how the photographer runs a session. Once you do a test run you will know how you vibe with your photographer and they will know exactly how you want your wedding day captured.

What is the sure-fire way to know you’ve found the right photographer for you?

When you know you know, but there are a few things to keep in mind that will make the decision effortless; if their packages align with your needs, you get along with the photographer(s) as people, their style matches what you are looking for in your wedding, and they have good reviews. That being said, the right photographer will always know how to make you and your partner shine in front of the camera!

Special thanks to Josh and Kariss Pharris of Pharris Photography & Philms for sharing their insights with us today! You can contact this husband and wife team directly via their online profile on Brides of North Texas here.