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Plantation Relaxation: Montpelier Plantation & Beach – Nevis Island

Brides of North Texas honeymoon hotspot Montpelier Plantation Nevis Island

Get ready for romance and relaxation at Montpelier Plantation & Beach! This sixty-acre estate sits 750 up the hills of Nevis Islands, just south of the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. Enjoy the sea views from one of Montpelier’s 19 rooms, as well as their private beach, swimming pool, tennis court, extensive wine cellars and two dining rooms.The lush rainforest and gorgeous beaches give the option to unwind…or zip line! North Texas Honeymooners Ida and Bradley suggest taking the SkySafari zip line through rainforest for an romantic adventure! The luxe location, hotel accomodations, spa services, friendly staff and amazing activities of the Montpelier Plantation on Nevis Island all deserve a perfect 10 according to Ida and Bradley! Check out more details from Ida and Bradley’s trip in the latest issue of Brides of North Texas!