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Jessica Seffens Weds James Speed | Romantic Rainy Wedding by Chic Fleur Weddings & Events

The amazing team at Chic Fleur Weddings & Events made sure a chance of rain wouldn’t keep Jessica and James from their dream of an outdoor backyard celebration! Their romantic rainy wedding was pure gorgeousness with elegant arrangements from Something Pretty Floral adorning the picturesque setting. Cheers to Jessica and James!

Photos // Christi Martin Photography

James kept asking a mutual friend to get Jessica’s number after the two had met briefly. Shortly after, the pair went out for drinks around the end of the year. James asked Jessica out on New Year’s Eve and they shared their first kiss! Not long after, he had her over for dinner at his house where he had her favorite wine, delicious grilled steaks and even handcrafted her favorite dessert – crème brûlée. The couple quickly eased into a relationship and have been together ever since!

After almost five years of dating, Jessica and James planned a trip to Las Vegas with their families under the guise of the group getting to know one another. James secured a stellar corner booth in a cocktail bar overlooking the lively strip. Over glasses of champagne, the couple reminisced on past trips when James began telling Jessica how much he loves her. He dropped to one knee and pulled the ring out of his suit jacket, and she excitedly said yes! Jessica and James then met up with their families who gave them a standing ovation as they entered the restaurant.