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Brittanie Barbero Weds Evan McGee | Rustic Lavender Wedding at The Milestone

Brittanie and Evan were wed in a rustic lavender wedding at The Milestone – Aubrey Mansion & Barn and we adore the contrast of the rich wood backdrop mixed with crystal chandeliers, soft florals and romantic ambience. Cheers to the happy couple!

Photos // Erin Turner Photo

Brittanie and Evan met as coaches for Lipscomb Academy. They first crossed paths at Cofer Field and tried to not seem interested in one another. One day after practice, Evan grabbed food where Brittanie usually ate, which led to them spending more time together. On a rooftop on Halloween night, Evan asked Brittanie to be his girlfriend and they have been together ever since.

The couple planned to spend Christmas break separately as her family was in Dallas and his was in Denver. Not thinking anything was suspicious, Brittanie’s mother planned dinner at a fancy steakhouse a few days before Christmas. When Brittanie walked into the restaurant, she immediately spotted Evan! Being gullible and thinking Evan joining her for dinner was the grand surprise, he blew her away when he invited her to a pond in her neighborhood. Amidst yellow flowers and candles, Evan sang to Brittanie a song he wrote and then proposed!

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