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Six Clean Space North Texas Wedding Venues

If you’re looking for that perfect, clean space to really express your style for your wedding, then look no further. We have collected six of our favorite North Texas wedding venues with white walls, open floor plans and little-to-no decorations for our brides who have a vision to produce! With these six venues, we feel any bride will be able to express her sense of style. Happy planning

Sixty Five Hundred – With the blank canvas that is provided at Sixty Five Hundred, it gives you the opportunity to have an intimate, simple setting or the large, extravagant wedding of your dreams. As a refurbished warehouse in central Dallas, Sixty Five Hundred provides a rustic yet modern feel that is sure to go with any type of design.

Photo: Allen Tsai Photography

Vouv Dallas – As one of the newest event venues in the DFW area, Vouv is located in the heart of Dallas. Vouv gives any bride the perfect clean space to express any style. With it’s flexible floor plan, it will give you all the space you could need to create the most memorable and exciting wedding day for you and your guests. They also offer a separate ceremony room, a spacious lobby for cocktail hour and a separate ballroom for your event.

Photo: Kiss Me for Eternity Photography by Thisby Grace & Co

The Empire Room – With ample indoor and outdoor space for entertaining your wedding guests, The Empire Room provides you with a clean space that you can mold to be whatever you would like. The Empire Room is located in the Design District of Dallas, which will provide your wedding guests with a trendy, modern vibe as they are celebrating your special day.

Photo: Apryl Ann Photography

Nuvo Room – Nuvo Room is a unique, modern event venue located in North Dallas. With it’s stunning, blank, all-white canvas, the Nuvo Room can be designed to provide you with your ideal wedding day. With it’s all-white backdrop, the Nuvo Room allows you to have the color scheme and theme of your choice. Nuvo Room even provides custom lighting to “paint” the room any color of your choice.

Venue Forty50 – With it’s rustic, modern elegance and it’s flexible layout, Venue Forty50 is the perfect space for a wedding of any size. This venue has two separate floors and a multitude of windows that will provide you and your guests with an unforgettable wedding day. Venue Forty50 also features a charming outdoor space complete with a custom bar, a patio heater and a fireplace.

Bass Performance Hall – McDavid Studio – Located in the heart of downtown Fort Worth, Bass Performance Hall provides a breathtaking wedding location. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer Instagram-worthy images of downtown and a state-of-the-art sound system guarantees you won’t miss a word or beat. This room’s gorgeous kaleidoscope-like lighting will beautifully accent your special occasion.With a nostalgic and enchanting backdrop for any wedding, Bass Performance Hall is truly perfect for a bride-to-be with any style preference.

Photo: Coburn Photography