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Socially Responsible Eco-Friendly Jewels from The True Gem

We’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about moissanite lately, so we were absolutely thrilled to discover The True Gem located right here in DFW. Read on to learn more about moissanite and The True Gem!

Q: Tell us a little about The True Gem.
A: We are jewelry lovers with a passion for responsibly sourced gemstones and diamonds that are not only affordable, but beautiful! We don’t believe in compromising these principles and this applies to every aspect of the jewelry making process. We are committed to creating beautiful yet sustainable jewelry that is made right here by our local artisans of recycled metals and a variety of gemstones you can be proud to wear!

Ultimately, we want our jewelry to represent true and lasting love. To us, this means making hard decisions so that we can truthfully stand for human rights, sustainability and quality at every level of production. We love the jewelry industry and we strive to create a product without compromise, a business that honors life and land, and a community that satisfies our customers’ insistence on truth and consistency.

Q: What exactly is moissanite? How is it different than a diamond?
A: Moissanite was first discovered in a meteor crater in Arizona in 1893 by a man named Moissan. More recently, very large naturally occurring moissanite crystals have been found in Israel. It is not a diamond, nor a fake diamond. It’s just a different, naturally occurring or lab-grown stone.

Chemically, moissanite is completely different from a diamond. But it looks like a diamond. It feels like a diamond. Its thermal qualities are difficult to distinguish from those of a diamond.  And best of all, a moissanite actually out-performs a diamond in terms of optics, and is still durable and scratch resistant enough to be worn every day and last a lifetime.

Q: Is moissanite ethnically sourced?
A: No earth was moved nor human disrespected in the production of this sparkly rock. The beauty of this lab grown gem is more than just the optical fascination.  With a clear conscience, moissanite is perfectly suited to represent your love story without being associated with any other narrative.

Q: Moissanite is so gorgeous – it must be super expensive right?
A: Actually no! We realize that getting engaged is about more than just the ring. This is sometimes the first step in building a life together and it sure feels amazing not having to compromise on ethics, beauty or your financial goals.

Q: Do you offer other gems besides moissanite?
A: We do! Custom one-of-a-kind pieces will always be a huge part of what we do. Since we offer everything, our goal is to offer our customers what they most want, and what is fitting to their unique situation. We like to provide information and a wide range of options and ideas, and expect that you will let us know what is best for you. We think that The True Gem rings, with their recycled 18k gold or Platinum metal look smashing dressed up in new ethically sourced diamonds, heirloom diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, moissanites, rubys, emeralds, sapphires, spinels…. We could go on, but you get the idea. We want to make it your ring!

Q: Where can we shop?
A: Our Dallas studio is by appointment only – email us at [email protected] or call 214.253.2991. Browse our shop online where our rings are shown with moissanite center stones and can be made with responsibly sourced gemstones, diamonds or a stone that you already own! We also offer custom design services and modifications. Please contact us for pricing and availability.