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Melissa Snow Weds Will Klausing | Southwest Boho Wedding Captured by Tyler + Lindsey

Verona Villa was the venue Melissa and Will chose for their southwest boho wedding, and all the succulents and cacti give their day such a cool vibe that was perfectly captured by DFW wedding photographer and videographer Tyler + Lindsey. Check out this fun gallery!

Photos // Tyler + Lindsey

Melissa was friends with Will’s sister in college but she never met or even heard of him. One day he randomly asked to be her friend on Facebook and followed her on Instagram. After about a month of liking all of her posts, Melissa wondered why he never messaged her so she messaged him. They talked all night and had their first meeting in person at Oktoberfest in Addison. The pair felt like they had known each other for years and were so comfortable from the beginning.

For Melissa’s birthday, she and Will went over to her parents’ house to open gifts. She received a luggage set that her mom insisted she open immediately to see all the pieces that came inside. One piece contained a letter from Will expressing his love for Melissa. At the end of the note, Will proposed while his mom listened in on the phone. The next weekend both families celebrated the newly engaged couple at an engagement party.

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