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Bridal Buzz | Specialty Vendors You’ll Want for Your Wedding

As seen in our brand new Fall/Winter 2022 issue, these specialty vendors offer unique services for North Texas couples looking to take their wedding day up a notch. From live music to rad fireworks shows, custom coffee drinks for your guests and mobile photo booth trucks, these four bridal vendors are at the top of their game. Why have an ordinary wedding when you could have an extraordinary celebration? Read on to learn more about these specialty vendors and how they can take your wedding to the next level!


Marquise Productions, LLC

There’s something so incredibly contagious about the energy that a live performance can bring to the scene, none so much as Marquise Productions, LLC! As a professional saxophone player for over 21 years, Marquise brings chemistry and talent to the room that you won’t find anywhere else. Committed to delivering excellence and unforgettable tunes in an engaging way, Marquise Productions, LLC livens up any style of wedding with his expert musicianship in any and all genres of music!

Photo // Sami Kathryn Photography

Palm and Pine Photo Truck

Palm and Pine Photo Truck is more than just a photo booth; it’s that extra “wow” factor that your guests won’t stop talking about! Bringing an elevated approach to the classic photo booth experience, Palm and Pine’s husband and wife team created a booth that embodies carefully curated, modern details and brings a little bit of island life to the heart of Texas. If a picture is worth a thousand words, after you finish taking pictures with Palm and Pine, you’ll have enough to write a novel!

Photo // Alexandra Velasco Photography


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Night Owl Coffee Cart

More caffeine, please! We’re big fans of anything that will help keep us up late and on the dance floor at your weddings (espresso martini, anyone?), and Night Owl Coffee Cart is just the ticket. From luxe craft coffee to indulgent cocktails — try the Chai Old Fashioned — Night Owl serves up a hip, interactive beverage experience for North Texas weddings and events. Owned by the outgoing and innovative Corbin Bahcall, this cart and coffee lounge setup is the perfect splurge for your guests. They’ll love the touch of hospitality! Not only will they be energized to celebrate just a little longer, they’ll be entertained watching Corbin and his team create yummy handcrafted drinks. Pro tip: Be the hostess with the mostest by bringing in Night Owl for your bridesmaids brunch, bridal showers and bachelorette weekend festivities!

Photo // Laning Photography


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