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Stationery Spotlight with Needle in a Haystack

We sat down with local stationery experts from Needle in a Haystack to get the inside scoop on wedding stationery from luxe invites to sweet thank you notes. Get some helpful tips from their Q&A with Brides of North Texas below.

How early should a bride order her wedding invitations?

The earlier the better, but most brides will order invitations at least four months before their wedding.   You need to think about production time for the invitations (about two to four weeks depending on the company), time for the calligrapher and time to assemble (stamp, stuff and mail).  

When should a bride and groom send out their wedding invitations?

Wedding invitations are sent out six weeks before the wedding. If it’s a destination wedding, invitations can be sent out as early as eight weeks before the wedding.

What are the advantages of sending out Save the Dates?

Is it something every bride should do?

Save the dates are sent at least four months before the wedding. They advise guests of your wedding plans and allow them to take your wedding date into consideration when scheduling their own plans. If your wedding is during a holiday, summer or even a destination wedding, a save the date is essential to ensure your guests will be able to attend.

Is it best to play it safe and order extras in case the guest list grows? How many extra?

Yes! It’s always best to order more than your confirmed wedding list. The bride or the groom or either of their parents will run into someone that they now must invite. Cost of ordering 25 more is much lower than the cost of a reorder of 25. You may think you have your list cut, but there’s always a few that you’ll add last minute, or invitations may come back to you since your guest changed addresses.  To be safe, you should order 10-15% extra.  We also advise ordering extra envelopes (inner and outer) to allow for addressing errors. 

How soon should the newlyweds send out Thank You notes after the big day? Give one tip on proper etiquette of writing/sending Thank You notes.

Thank you notes after the wedding should be sent as soon as possible. Your thank you note will seem more sincere if sent in a timely manner. When writing thank you notes before the wedding, remember to always use stationery that has your maiden name on it. After the wedding, you can use your new name/monogram. Brides are always excited to see their new monogram on stationery and can’t wait to use it.
Letterpressed stationery from Haute Papier. I like to show brides this grand box when ordering stationery before and after the wedding. You have four different formats for your stationery. So you can have one set with just your maiden name on it. One set with your fiancé’s name on it. One set with your new monogram (for after the wedding). One set with Mr. and Mrs. (for after the wedding).   In the end, you get a little bit of everything!

What trends are you noticing in the wedding stationery world?

1) Eye-catching liners. Brides will have a simple invitation but the liner will have the pop of color or pizzazz. Custom personalized liners with the monogram on it, glitter, Japanese paper and geometric shapes are really big.  
2) Laser cut invitations. Brides are asking for custom invitations and laser cut is an excellent way to go. We have a few laser cut invitations in the store that are used for Bridal Showers and Luncheons, and then wedding invitations are through the albums.  
3) Wax seals. Wax seals are making a comeback! Enclosing your invitation with a wax seal on the envelope gives it a hand-made, fine-detail look.

With so many stationery options, where should the bride begin her search for the perfect invite?

The best way to begin looking for the perfect invitation is to go to a fine stationery store (like Needle in a Haystack) and browse through the wedding albums. Their experienced staff will be a great resource in your search. Take pictures or take notes of ones that you like so you can go back to them and see how you feel about it after going through others. If you have an idea in mind, magazine cutouts or Pinterest inspirations, bring them with you. Your stationer will interpret your vision and offer ideas and guidance on its design as well as address issues of etiquette and wording. 

What is the most unique wedding invitation you’ve created this year?

One of our brides wanted something different, elegant, and unique. We went with Delicate Pen from NYC. Hand calligraphy on all parts of the order with a beautiful floral design. The bride received wonderful compliments on her stunningly elegant invitations.