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Stunning Custom-Designed Wedding Jewelry from Shapiro Diamonds











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Genuine craftsmanship and authentic design are exceptionally rare to find in the fine jewelry design industry. There is one Dallas jewelry team, however, that was founded on these principles and continues to deliver this promise 15 years later.
In the lobby of Lincoln Center, lies Shapiro Diamonds, a gorgeous diamond showroom and custom design studio, where husband and wife duo Kendra and Lance Shapiro design and create exceptional pieces of hand-made diamond jewelry. The couple specializes in custom-designed diamond rings and ready-to-wear jewelry pieces that have a timeless and elegant look. Each piece is brilliantly-finished with ideal-cut diamonds and gemstones that are not only unique, but also reflect the passion and care that goes into each and every piece.  What makes a Shapiro Diamonds piece so extraordinary? Designers leverage both Computer Aided Design technology and old-world craftsmanship to create gorgeous diamond rings, wedding bands and jewelry pieces.
Since the beginning, Shapiro Diamonds has prided itself on selecting the most brilliant diamonds in the marketplace and the implementation of old-world manufacturing techniques. In order to achieve the standard of quality and precision that the company values so greatly, every single diamond is hand-selected and hand-matched by Diamond Expert Lance Shapiro. The pieces are then designed and hand-crafted by Designer Kendra Shapiro. Kendra works through the initial stages of design ideas, to sketches, to CAD renderings to wax modeling with her clients as the vision of their dream diamond ring comes to life. “The experience of creation is often inspiring and transformative. I’m inspired by my clients’ visions and ideas and am constantly amazed by the beauty of the pieces we create together.”
Each Shapiro Diamonds piece is crafted in Dallas using traditional and high-end jewelry techniques to cast the metal, individually set each diamond and complete the finished look.  Additional design elements are added, such as hand-engraving, milgrain etching, and brush-finishing, which highlight the designer’s attention to detail.
This diamond and design duo  pride themselves on this specific, customized approach, which treats each stone like a canvas for creativity and allows the customer to be engaged in the ring design process, resulting in a true, one-of-a-kind piece. Call Lance and Kendra today at 972.239.2122 to begin designing your one-of-a-kind diamond ring or custom wedding band today!


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