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Find Alix and Kelly bridesmaids' dresses locally at Bella Bridesmaid in DallasFind Lula Kate bridesmaids dresses at Bella Bridesmaid in Dallas, Texas 

Find a style you love and a color to match! For a wedding with deep jewel tones, this empire-style dress by Alix and Kelly is too cute! We especially love the hidden pockets and we think you’re maids will love them too! For pastel colors, find this adorable LulaKate dress at Bella Bridesmaid in Dallas — it also comes in more vibrant hues! Don’t give up too quickly if you see a dress you love, but a color you don’t when you’re browsing the store. Be sure to ask about all of the available colors! We’re sure you’ll find a look your maids will love! Find Alix and Kelly locally at Bella Bridesmaid in Dallas.