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Everything You Need to Know About North Texas Wedding Rentals

by Kaitlyn

If you think of your wedding day like a blank canvas, wedding rentals are the brush strokes that bring the entire day to life and make it a work of art that feels like YOU! From your ceremony space to reception space and literally everywhere in between, chances are, you’ll be using rented items to make spaces function the way you need them to and look gorgeous to boot. So which wedding rentals will you need for your day?


Of course, this depends on your vision, your venue and your budget – the possibilities are truly endless! Below, we’re covering the basic wedding rentals to give you an idea of what types of items you can rent and where you’ll definitely want to allocate some of your budget. Plus, we’re sharing important questions to ask your rental company! Scroll on!


North Texas wedding rentals | Loot Rentals

Rentals: Loot Rentals | Venue: Lazy S Hacienda | Photo: Molly Murphy Photography


North Texas Wedding Rentals

Lounge Areas

Think couches, chairs, ottomans, poufs, coffee tables, and side tables. Lounge areas give your guests a designated space to relax, mingle, sip cocktails and take it all in! Be sure to accommodate for any necessary or upgraded chairs + tables (dining tables, cocktail tables, dessert tables) not included by your venue.


Special Ceremony Furniture

Does your ceremony require a special seating area or an altar that wows? Often, your rental company can accommodate these needs and help you create a spectacular and functional ceremony space. Find North Texas wedding rentals from vendors below that offer stylish and top trending furniture for your big day décor needs:


wedding rentals - tables, chairs and more

Rentals: Posh Couture Rentals | Venue: The Nest at Ruth Farms | Photo: Sarah Lanette Photography


Wedding Tabletop Decor Rentals Dallas

Tabletop decor rentals are the items that take your wedding tables from boring to WOW. If your budget doesn’t allow for upgraded linens or custom place settings on every table, consider splurging for just the head table or sweetheart table.



This includes table covering linens, napkins, runners, and any drapery you might want around your wedding. Don’t be afraid to make it as ethereal as your personal style desires!


Place Settings

When designing your wedding, you’ll want to rent items like china, chargers, plates, flatware, and glassware – this is where you can mix and match your dream color scheme to create the perfect, inviting spot to make each and every guest feel special!


From linens to lovely glassware, find the trendiest wedding tabletop rentals from these North Texas vendors:


North Texas wedding stage rentals | Time Matters Entertainment

Stage Rental: Time Matters Entertainment | Photo: Lightly Photography


The Big Things

Dallas Stage Rentals

If live music or a band is a part of your wedding day plans or you plan on giving heartfelt toasts that deserve to be revered, Dallas stage rentals may be of use! Your rental company can help you determine the appropriate square footage for a North Texas stage rental based on your available venue space, how many people make up your wedding entertainment, and what kind of impact you want your big day to make. Find Dallas stage rentals from these vetted North Texas wedding vendors:


Specialty Wedding Rentals

North Texas wedding photo booth rentals

Photo Booth Rental: Palm and Pine Photo Truck | Photo: Nicole Endress Photography


North Texas Photo Booth Rentals

The specialty wedding rentals category encompasses stages, bars, specialty dance floors, backdrops, photobooths, and balloon installations. Photo booths are one of the cutest ways to entertain your guests while offering a sweet memento at the end of it all for everyone to remember the night by. Use your wedding vibe to determine what style of North Texas photo booths might suit your celebration best. Browse top local pros below!



North Texas wedding balloon decor rentals | Pink on the Weekend

Balloon Installation: Pink on the Weekend | Photo: Onikeh Brown Photography


Dallas Balloon Installations

Artful balloon installations add whimsy and fun to any affair, and can be utilized in party spaces long before the big day! Think bridal shower balloon clusters in dreamy color palettes and your soon-t0-be last name. There are endless ways to incorporate this dreamy décor into your wedding plans. Find all the very best info on local wedding balloon garlands below!




North Texas wedding lighting rentals | DJ Adam Morgan

Lighting: DJ Adam Morgan | Photo: Hannah Way Photography


North Texas Lighting Rentals

Chandeliers, spotlights, color wash lights, LED lights, string lights, lamps – Most likely, your reception area will require multiple types of special lighting. You’ll want to consult with a professional lighting rental company (sometimes separate from rental companies) to decide which type of lights will best serve your space.




North Texas wedding rentals | COHOST

Rentals: COHOST


The Little Things

Don’t forget the final touches that help complete your day! Small details and décor can help make your special event uniquely you.


Small Decor

Spruce up your tabletops and the corners around your celebration with vases, candle holders, mirrors and more!


Pop the bubbly and serve the cake!

Find vendors who rent out champagne flutes, serving utensils, and cake stands. If you’re feeling extra fancy, we recommend pouring a champagne tower for guests to imbibe in!




North Texas wedding rentals | Satin Pavement

Rentals: Satin Pavement | Photo: Onikeh Brown Photography


Questions to Ask Your Wedding Rental Company

How much do I need of each item? An experienced, professional rental company can help you estimate the perfect quantities based on your expected guest count.

What are the fees? Be aware of any fees for setup, delivery, damage deposits and charges for damaged/lost items. Make sure you know which fees are included within your cost and which fees are incidental/extra.

How is delivery and setup handled? Are there special instructions to operate anything you won’t be setting up?

Are the items I’m viewing in your catalog or warehouse samples or the actual rental items?

You’ll also want to consult with your venue before meeting with the rental company to be aware of what’s included with your venue rental package.


Explore these Dallas rental companies to find the wedding rentals that will transform your vision into a reality! Plus follow along on Instagram @bridesofnorthtx to see trending wedding rentals weekly!

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